Monday, June 25, 2007

Where I spent Saturday morning

I've found the cure for Monday blues. Read it somewhere in an older issue of New Idea ( aussie mag ) a small columm for useful tips and cures. One of the main reasons why we feel sluggish on Mondays is our rythnm is all wrong. We tire ourselves out Friday and sleep later than usual, and as a result we wake a good hour later than usual. And we do things which are so very different from the usual weekday routine.( who can blame us ). And on Sunday...when the body is just about to drop down a gear or two, we're rudely awaken to the fast paced routine of Monday.

My way around to wake up the same time regardless. On Saturday I peeled eyes opened at the ungodly hour of 6:45am. And on sunday I peeled them eyes opened at 7:00am. And on Monday morning...I wasn't half as crabby as I was last week. Problem solved.

Our department held its family day at the Desa Waterpark last Saturday. It rained heavily the night before which meant sunny skies the next morning. Not much shade so most of us were huddled under a few canopies having breakfast before going into the sun. I'm now a full two shades darker than what I was Friday. Directly after the event, I was as red as a lobster and I looked pretty much like an overiped tomato. ( round facies helps make this metaphor accurate ). I felt like I was sitting two inches from a fireplace. Drank copiously with no toilet visits at all. Which goes to show just how dehydrated the poor body was.

If you are looking for a decent place to bring the family for a bit of watery fun, Desa Waterpark may be the answer. The wave pool was tiring. It's pretty hard to get into a bouncy object and enjoy the wave. First you need pretty good upper arm strength to heave yourself out of the water until you're half out of the water...and the next thing to do is..manouevre self into a safe position to avoid being tipped back into the water. Whereby, the entire tedious process is repeated.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Green ROse,

I've been bitten by the KOREAN drama serial fad. What started as a saturday morning lie-in two weeks back...has grown into an obsession with finishing the series ASAP. What did I do? Well, the obvious solution was to head out and buy the complete series. I did that last week and finished all 23 episodes in 4 days.

Green rose is currently aired on the Malaysian TV channel. ( I forget which one ). It is a tale of revenge ( NICE ) and a bit of romance. You get to see parts of Korea as well as China. The first episode was sugary sweet and slightly nauseating with the usual boy meets girl...they fall in love..and smiles all around. But things start hotting up when a murder occurs and the boy is framed for it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The uphill battle

Okay, so violin playing isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Yes yes, others have said it looked difficult. But I nursed a secret wish I would find it easy and be playing in the MPO by say next year. Not so apparently. The notes are still sloppy and as the lessons progress, I now find the right arm ( previously well behaved ) refusing to follow orders. I refuse to be beaten by a piece of stick with horsehair stuck on both ends. Practise, practise...makes perfect.

Book 2 seems slow-going.