Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

The niece ...sitting in front of the tree and admiring her pressies BEFORE mass.( Christmas Eve 2010)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

IPAD fever

The 4 year old niece...with her ipad

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm not happy

Picture of the original restaurant. Note the warm colours
Why do restaurants expand? Why to keep up with the growing number of customers. Easy. This is the problem. The last lucky cosy find of a restaurant has now moved venue and expanded. The issue I have with this new place is just about everything about it. We'll start with the lighting. Clinical fluorescent lights greet you. The floor is tiled and the walls white wash. the seating arrangement is like any other Japanese fast food joints with a carousel playing the main part of the place. To the sides, there were rooms but sadly lacking in warmth. The lady at the front recognised us and showed us to our seats. The waitress was obviously spanking new. She mistook coca cola for ocha. When the bento sets arrived they looked ( and tasted) different. So NO, this supposed move for better business has THIS customer very unhappy. In stark contrast to the previous place which had lovely cosy booths and a definite cosy feel to it. I shall have to think twice about visit 2.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Additional reading material this christmas break...

Nice let's hope it doesn't disappoint.
I'm not sure about this book. It's a selection of short stories and I've read the first 3 in one seating whilst having dinner two evenings back. I think the build-up of the stories is good but there's something not quite right with some of the endings which leaves you feeling like you've yet to hear the punch line of a joke. Archer's last book " Paths of glory" was brilliant. Enjoyed it so much I reread some bits directlt after I finished the book. I'm pretty sure this won't happen with this latest novel. More to the meantime...I shall immerse self in the antics of Mrs Ames and Mrs Evans.

This is the last working day for 2010 for me:) 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interesting things to share

Found!!!! At Borders  the Gardens.

A delightfully intricate fridge magnet
The first picture is of a book. ( pretty obvious I know) For the uninitiated Bloomsbury publishes old books. I first saw this a few months back on another book blog and thought "oh this will be nice to read". And promptly forgot all about it. As I walked into Borders last Sunday and gravitated to the chic lit shelf out of sheer habit, I certainly didn't expect to find this book waiting for me. Last copy mind you. So that made my day. That and my new handbag which is 1/4 the size of my old bag. Happy days!

Oh, I forgot to describe ( and explain ) the second picture. No reason. It's just a lovely fridge magnet and I didn't want this post to be only about BOOKs.

Monday, December 13, 2010

patience is a virture

Picture taken of the office. Just after handing in the logbook
Nothing is official as yet, but I will say that I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it looks pretty much like there will be no obligatory exit viva in the offing. Official news come. In the meantime, allow me ( lest you think I'm one of those ghastly ungrateful bastards you abhore) to say that I am both grateful and humbled by this.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The moment

a close-up of the testimonial SEALED so I have no idea what's written
Perhaps because it's been on my to-do-list for months ( March to be exact) I feel a great big load off my shoulders this evening seeing as I shall finally send the relevant documents to the NSR. No fanfare, just a huge huge sigh of relief and a special thanks to those of you who helped me along the way one way or the other.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Crosswords, originally uploaded by Jessica Whittle Photography.

It prevents you from getting Alzheimer's Disease:)

Boys over Flowers

Kissing Star, originally uploaded by ★.stellar.★.
So this is what I've learnt from the net. BOF is based on the japanese comic manga written by Yoko Kamio. " Hana Yori Dango"is taken from a famous Japanese expression "dumplings over flowers" which refers to people who attend Hanami, who head for the vendor booths selling food rather than enjoy the beauty of the flowers. So that explains the rather bizarre title and dare I say bad grammar. It bugged me quite a bit. So I'm glad I got that sorted out in my head.

The Korean version was aired from March 2009 to May 2009 with a total of 25 episodes. ( Includes an extra one ) I got my DVD set three weeks back.( So now you know how outdated my korean drama selections are)

Because the original line is targeted to high school girls we shouldn't cringe at the cheesy story line. You may wonder what the picture is about: It's a token of love from Gu Jun Pyo to Geum Jan Di called the " Kissing Star".

Monday, December 06, 2010


Little violin., originally uploaded by dohreme.

I love my violin. It's a handmade full size violin which when played lovingly responds tenfold. Lately, it's been misbehaving and I suspect ( and the teacher agrees) that its due to the nasty metallic "E" string. So songs which feature the E is painful to listen to and I sound bad. So things to do this weekend would be 1. change violin strings 2. Buy a new metronome ( the present one has died from a great fall a few months back) To add on the wishlist together with Jeffrey Archer's latest novel, the IPAD....would be the complete songbook of "boys over flower".

The KL motor show 2010

Vespa on show

The folks I had to wade thru to get to the other side

Yes yes, the MAIN attraction wasn't just the cars
Day 2 of the motor show. As you can see from the pictures above, the crowd did not dent the unwavering "support" of men in appreciating the various chassis on show. *ahem*. I got terribly tired after we completed the survey of the first hall. Apart from the Vespas on show, I saw little else of interest. The remaining minutes were not pleasant. There are those who enjoy motor shows, and there are those dragged to them shows for one reason or another. Motor shows should be a pleasant experience. This was not. I left in a temper.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Scarf obsession

Hot Desert Flower Scarf, originally uploaded by KnittingGuru.

What a pity we live in the tropics. You can't walk about wearing a woolly scarf. The two main reasons being 1. you'ld develop one of those nasty heat-induced itch with 2 .5 minutes. 2. You'dl get stares and silent sniggers if you walk long enough with this contraption. Otherwise this beauty would be around my neck this afternoon. I've chosen instead more sensible fashionable light-weight scarfs.

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Even dogs love the iPad, originally uploaded by EliasJordan.

I need to get one before this happens:)

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Taming Your Stress, originally uploaded by michaeljosh.

Possible cure for stress...edina's style
1. Buy some korean fashion clothes, the weirder the better and wear them for tea with friends. ( warn them first before meeting)
2. Do a pedicure and a manicure and pick the ugliest colour ..just for the heck of it.
3. Get yourself frozen yoghurt from Coffee Bean. It's YUM!
4. Buy an ipad before breakfast not because you need it but because it's the new fangled crazed and you NEED to have it.

"iPaid too much"

"iPaid too much", originally uploaded by modenadude.

Absolutely hilarious picture I found on flickr by typing "ipad" and hitting the search button. Cute:) Obviously someone thought they parted with too much money. Just because this picture is up doesn't mean I won't be buying one. Maybe Saturday morning before breakfast:)


Logbook, originally uploaded by silentbobh88.

I have just completed my logbook. ( My version of completion anyway) I spent a good part of Wednesday doing it. Mostly frustrated with the excel which refused to convert adequately when I opened it on the pc. And then I got into this very bizarre ( mostly likely possessed by temporary insanity ) to copy excel to microsoft word. Therein started the jolly time of getting the margins in-line. I ended up printing out a shoddy version of my work which was depressing. Anyway, problem rectified. Yes I BROUGHT it back home to be sorted. *yawn* Logbooks are painful to complete and I derive no satisfaction from it at ALL.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What I'm reading this month

An old version of the book
Am at page ONE of this book. Reading material for this month.( I suspect I'll finish it by the week..must learn to ration ) Just finished Henrietta sees it through which was brilliant. I shall have to re-read that soon just to enjoy the story a bit more. I wish Jeffrey Archer's latest book was cheaper. Priced at a horrendous price of over 90 ringgit and in hardcover I shall have to think hard. Hate hard cover books because it doesn't fit the shelf very well. Plus it's rather heavy when you rest it on your tummy to read.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guess what I may be buying

Weeny shopping cart
I read on facebook ( which is where you can be assured of the latest gossip both near home and across the seas) that the ipad has INDEED arrive in Malaysia. *wooHOO* Now the next great decision is, whether I want the gadget because everybody else seems to want it too, or because I really really like it. RUmour is I may be getting one under the christmas tree but having been duped last year with the promise of an iphone and finding instead a handbag, lip palate and shower gel...I 'm wiser this time around.

Monday, November 29, 2010

What I've learnt this evening

Picture taken from iheartkoreanbeauty
Bought this mask in Seoul a few months back. Not all of them. Just the rice water mask. Was attracted to the name. ( yes shallow of me I admit). This evening, I decided to live dangerously and put the rice water mask on. And then I proceeded to google the benefits. What did I find?
1. It can lighten your skin. ( I wanted it to dry the gawd-awful pimple on my chin actually)
2. You can make it yourself...and here are sites teaching you in detail.

So I'm hoping the disgusting looking pimple all pustule-like would be lighter in colour. And hopefully smaller. Folks stared at it a lot today. Most annoying.

To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern, originally uploaded by photoaf.

My secret wish that all complain letters come in as interesting a package as the one in this picture. Today has been a busy day. The irony is I got home by 6pm despite the rain. I guess the motto " don't think just DO" works well. Thinking and trying to plan your day takes up time. Best to just get off the chair and do some stuff:)

Things I found interesting at KOpi Bean:)

Red Velvet Coffee Bean Version

Nice for breakfast

Nice and simple Christmas Mug
Pictures taken at Coffee Bean. The only one of the above I wouldn't try is the red velvet cupcakes, having tried their red velvet cake before, I am almost certain it will be sweet and yucky. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's Go Shopping

Let's Go Shopping, originally uploaded by suburbansider.

Unfortunately today will be a "rest" day. No money will be spent ....

Little mushroom

Little mushroom #1, originally uploaded by Laurent Peugniez.

This picture is for WNN who sadly does not read this blog. I love the composition and (yes yes ) the clarity. Photography classes for 2011.

A little bit of therapy

Pedicure ...Balinese style. ( picture of feet in of the body came along as well you know)

testing the steadiness of my hands...with a few shots this evening

Christmas Mug from Starbucks

Sushi at our "now" favourite Japanese restaurant

Macro mode come alive. Check out the little weeny orange bits.
It was a restful Saturday for now. Absolutely refused to shower until late in the afternoon. Choosing instead to potter about the place and just enjoy the fact that I can indeed ( if I choose) do NOTHING intellectually stimulating the entire morning and not have to feel bad about it.  As a matter of fact, despite all efforts of having a brainless morning, I slipped some reading in between an intense violin practise session. Feel mighty smug about that as well. It's nice to be productive. And what's more important, it's very nice to feel rested. 

Current obsession : getting the music score ( without paying of course ) of the songs from "boys over flower". Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's not fashion it's passion

A very interesting dress. Sadly it won't be seen on my body anytime soon. In order to look good in this, you would have to have a body resembling that hanger you see it hanging from.

A spot of christmas shopping

Christmas presents with a VERY sorry looking plant 

Merry Christmas....

A lovely little something...nicely gift-wrapped
Some of the pictures taken during a quick stop-over at Midvalley this evening. Nothing much to write about except that it rained terribly the whole morning which made the brain sluggish.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Coffee No Sugar Please Oh And A Little Bit Of Milk

I had a bloody terrible morning. By terrible I mean one of those days where you are slow and everything seems to take longer. And it would be just the time you'd meet a selection of crabby people who insist on trying your patience. I wasn't very nice this morning. Just so you know, most folks were nice to me despite my crabbiness:) People are NICE

We will be away from work tomorrow. Attending an OBA workshop. Don't flap it's not the OBE the queen gives our during her birthday celebration. OBA stands for one best answer ( should be OBBA one bloody best answer) which will hopefully replace the format for the subsequent exams to come. More work for us:)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Belated Birthday Dinner celeb

Mummy...updating self re William and Kate

After the joint birthday celebration last weekend, we decided to have a nice dinner ( with peking duck) this Sunday. Mum wastes no time in catching up on the latest goss before dinner. The father attempted to read the only reading material available the aussie "New Idea". He lasted 1 minute before the magazine was chucked to one side and he decided to stare around him aimlessly instead.

Possible stool for Fibrate's little bub

There's a pair. ( I've misplaced one ...)

Little weeny footstools

solaris dutamas
Found this at what looked like a charity bazaar this morning. Turns out it was not a charity thingy but a flea market. Loads of delicious goodies to look, touch, feel, wear over yourself ( no fitting room provided) and buy. I was mighty tempted to get one of these. I don't need one at all. So eventually the practical side of me won. But before I could get all smug about self restrain and all that ....I parted with RM20 for a pink pinaforte type T-shirt which I now think may be tricky to pull off.

Prince Hours ( Completed)

Korean drama serials are brilliant. My experience has been that it usually starts off with you hating the actors for not being as brilliant as your previous series. Everybody looks ugly. The storyline appears murky ( and not half as exciting as the one before) and this comparison goes on until at least the end of the 2nd disc. At that point, you would have had your new favourite character, the story line has possibly gotten interesting and there's some mini crisis which impending doom for at least 2 of the characters. 

I'm currently at that stage where you feel sad ( and I bit cheated ) because the story has ended. There's nearly always a slight dissatisfaction with the ending. Main gripe is it's too short and they cramp 3 years in one episode. I've just completed Prince Hours ( see earlier blog entry for picture of main characters) about 30 minutes ago. My back hurts from lying on the floor throughout the last DVD with minimal movement.

So a quick description of the latest DVD experience.
1. Yongsunggeong was a FOOL in episode 1,2,3,4,etc etc until the 12 episode thereabout. He started acting sensible and less whiny.
2. Moonsungeong's character ( I rooted for him to be crown prince ) is a sad one. You start off hating him thinking he's got the upper hand. as the story unfolds further, your sympathy grows for this poor soul.
3. Court Lady Yang Sung Yi isn't as pretty as the last heroine. But she has the obligatory sharp korean nose. Didn't like her very much until possibly the LAST episode where she appeared polished and more subdued. The shorter hair made a difference too:)
4. Grand prince and the grand princess were both brilliant. You're meant to hate them and oh boy the casting for these two roles were brilliant. I hated them both consistently throughout.
5. The queen had very odd headgears in disc 3+4. Some love affair with a half korean half austrian professor was corney. ( I think that should have been deleted) The corney professor spoke only English but was apparently able to understand korean. 
6.The queen mother was very nice although she got a little testy and snobbish at the end insisting of baniching the court lady because she was a commoner and getting too familiar with the two princes. ( bleah)

That's about it. Next week I start a new dvd set.... 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rules for a perfect life

Bought this afternoon!!!
Am currently reading this. Page 1.5.....distracted by korean drama:) Such is life.

Friday, November 19, 2010


picture from bridalexpochicago
Finally, an engagement is announced. The only downside is William giving his mum's engagement ring to Kate. Beauty ( or lack of it ) aside, the ring hardly conjures moments of happiness so perhaps this wasn't such a thoughtful gesture on William's part. But as I shan't be the one wearing the ring....and obviously Kate has no problems with this judging from the wide smile on her face.( see picture above)...I  wish them both a long lasting marriage.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black bean sauce noodles

Add caption

Jajangmyeon. If you are fortunate enough to go to Korea please taste this and drop me a comment. I would want it to taste nice and salty. Eating it looks rather messy. The episodes which feature characters slurping their black bean noodles look suspiciously clean. I wonder how many takes they do in reality.

A day off work

A very grand view with glorious sunshines. Solaris Dutamas.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day off work. Woke up spontaneous at half seven. ( Yes annoying isn't it? the one day I can sleep in and my body fights sleep). Due to the work hours I rarely see much sunshine....which made this lovely sunny morning trigger a spot of headache. It was one of those nagging ones which ebbs when you're spending money( thankfully ) but goes up a couple of notches when you're resting.( distressing). 
Currently watching this korean drama
I'm not sure whether I've mentioned this before, but this series was pretty hard-going the first 1.5 DVDs. Mainly because the main character acted like a fool and he's only just decided to be more "regal" and sensible two episodes back. The leading lady ( I'm assuming it's going to the Court Lady Yan ) isn't as pretty as the last heroine from "The Princess Hours". So THAT took a lot of getting used to. She and the Prince ( who used to deliver black bean noodles ) behaved stiffly and really clawed each other at nearly every encounter. Very juvenile! Acting skills could have been bunged up a bit too. 

Black bean noodles seem to have played an important role in both the series I've watched so far. I'm going to assume it's big in Korea. Probably like our maggi goreng:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two birthdays:)

4th ee poh's ice-cream birthday cake
Chronologically, we celebrated mummy's birthday first but 4th ee poh gets her birthday mentioned first. This is because she celebrated her 94th birthday on Sunday. The electric pink birthday cake had ice-cream layers which was yummie.

WE celebrated mummy's birthday with chocolate cake( which she said was gorgeous) and a single red velvet cupcake. To remind us of the very interesting red velvet session we had during my last trip home. Happy Birthday to the two ladies who share many inspiring qualities. I'm so proud to be in the same family as the two of you. God Bless always.
Mummy's chocolate cake

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yay....last copy at KLCC's Kinokuniya Kuala Lumpur

Picture taken from Random Jottings
Got my hands on the last copy of this book. And am feeling mighty SMUG about it. No prizes for guessing what I'm currently reading. Completed "the wedding planner" this am. Ironing/hoovering/violin practise....and READING!!!