Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marmite on desk

Marmite on desk, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

What do you have on your desk? I really should move my marmite back home. It's been used as a bookend for some months. Although the initial reason for bringing it was to have it as breakfast some mornings.

Taken with the samsung S2

Taken with the samsung S2, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
The glitch on the S2 has been fixed. In a rather barbaric sorta way. The whole phone had to be reformatted. Grateful I had the foresight to download all my pictures ( 1440) onto the imac.

Here's one of the many pictures I took with the S2. Since we're on the topic ( I yam anyway) on notebooks with little squares...I got all excited when I found a shot I took of my own. Don't you just love the little squares already??

Friday, January 25, 2013

Peplum dress

I bought a peplum dress yesterday. Black mirror bird it's called. And I love it. An overskirt which adds edginess to the look also ( very important) covers any potential tummy bulges. NO spanx needed!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is it wrong to like this?

Hands up...cos I'm desperate to know....if anyone else out there likes this type of notebooks! I certainly do!

Birthday Bag

Birthday Bag, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Yes I got another Longchamp bag. My first for 2013. And gift from mum. It's bag to the small size for me. And now that I rarely carry the ipad about and my G11 stays at home most days....the bag can fit most of my things easily.

My faithful old kaya-green-longchamp is the same size. But when I compare the handles....the leather has stretched and the handle of the old looks longer. Just goes to show how I have abused the poor ole bag:)

British India

image, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
The best British India outlet to visit is at Solaris Dutamas. Quiet ( because everyone else is more intererested in Ben's big grocers) and the staff they employ are lovely. They're polite and helpful. And I really mean helpful. Once in the fitting room, they would still go on looking for stuff for you in the right size....even things you wouldn't actually pick for yourself...Love this place.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The wonky phone!

Telephone, originally uploaded by plenty.r..

You cannot live with just the one phone when for the last few months you have been spoilt with the ease of using two phones. The samsung galaxy has been acting up. This annoying message keeps popping up " your internal memory space is almost full" ( not the exact words)

I slept late on sunday trying very hard to solve this. I managed to transfer one thousand pics from the phone to the imac. Meh! Problem was not solved this way. By which time I was sleepy and went to bed.

Googling the forum was initially informative but after reading around things got confusing. You can download an ap called appstosd which I did. But I couldnt transfer most of my programmes to the SD. Further reading told me I had a to "root" the phone. The same sites never bothered with details of how one shojld ROOT the phone.

And so here I yam....stuck with the same message and with the dread that my messages may not all get through to me. Help!

Harrods Bag

Harrods Bag, originally uploaded by ludozegna.
WNN got me just such a bag. ( The birthday celebration continues on...) A great fit to the dietetics questions I was lugging to and fro from home and work. Sadly I've marked them all and they will no longer make the journey home with me. Quick! I need to think of what to put in this new bag of mine when I bring it to work tomorrow....decisions! decisions!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adda's present to me

Adda's present to me, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

First let me describe my Monday. We had a long clinic session and as a result I am still recovering from it this morning. There is something draining about going through many patients on a monday morning and sorting out things on the pc when your body is still on weekend mode. What have I learnt? Mondays are usually crap. I should prepare for it and at the very least sleep early.

Anyway I had a LOVELY surprise waiting for me in the room. AJ gave me these ( in a lovely box and ribbon around it too which isn't seen in this picture ) for my birthday. They're not any ole books but ones with square lines which I absolutely adore. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get these books? Very!! I love my present(s). Thank you AJ.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


hand-punched confetti, originally uploaded by fumbleweeds.
I shall jog the hope of getting an "Extra Confetti" Medal on nike+.

YOu get that when you run on your birthday:) Woohooo!!

( Author's correction: It's actually called Extra Frosting!!!  updated 25th Jan 2013)

Mynah in the family

Bird cage 3, originally uploaded by canyoupixelthis.

This year the niece decided she would rather be friends with the bird ( Mee-Nah) rather than the sugar glider. ( Ah-Goo)  (I am not responsible for the ridiculous names given to the two pets my father owns.)  I gather Ah-Goo showed his unhappiness at being handled roughly by scratching her hands badly. The poor bird on the other hand couldn't do more than chirp away. 

Mee-nah had to endure numerous baths in a day. She was forced to watch very boring cartoons with the niece. And she got chased and squeezed quite a bit during the two week stay. I think Mee-Nah ( unlike everyone else in the family )  wasn't sorry to see the niece leave. 

Update (Mee-Nah is slowly recuperating and has been growing her missing feathers slowly)

Broderie Anglais

By chance whilst jogging yesterday and listening to the radio, I heard the announcement of major road closure this Sunday. Very fortunate!!! Two consecutuve years  ( I cannot remember which years exactly but it id happen ) I almost missed Sunday mass thanks to the main roads being closed causing a jam which spreaded right out like medusa to the peripheral roads. So( smug look) this year I did the smart move of heading to St John's Cathedral for sunset mass this evening. You're wondering where the broderie anglais story comes it comes...wait for it...

After mass, I decided to pick something up from KLCC for mum. Naturally it wasn't enought just to walk into Isetan and pick the stuff up....I decided to find that elusive ecco shop. ( which I did but that's another story)

I bought a top from Gap made out of  Broderie Anglais material.This material is great for hot weather. The many mini holes give great ventilation...without giving too much away. This new top will replace my previous top for violin class. Because the teacher says I'm always hot and bothered during scales and sight-reading.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Currently re-reading

Miss Read's "Over the gate". I cannot remember most of it so I'm treating it like a new book.

I remember...

Notes, originally uploaded by Fish Stalker.
When I first started my regular violin classes I bought a stand, a mute ( now still missing yes folks I can't find it ) a shoulder rest , a very good bow, a violin tuner, a violin case AND a strapless black long dress I called " my performance dress". I wanted to have a mini soiree with close dear friends in attendance as I dazzle them with lovely music made by me. The dress has never been worn. I haven't had the courage to perform properly in front of a small group of people. Maybe this year....(yah)

For breakfast

Very English!, originally uploaded by Sunshine Hanan.

Today I am eating wholemeal bread ( korean bakery ) blueberry preserve jam ( crabtree and evelyn) snow ( for a smooth spread) and home-made coffee for breakfast. My calorie count a whopping 353 calories.

To put things in perspective. Plain ole rice...per serving is 252 calories. So there...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


IMG_8697, originally uploaded by penelopepink1979.
I read New Idea, Hello, Woman's Day and occasionally when I'm at Nail Boutique ( doing the obvious pedicure and maciure) I read Cleo, Her World etc.

Now you may not know this, but I've been drawn to Jo Malone's scented candles as it's nearly always featured in Hello magazine in the pages towards the end after the recipes ( which I do read despite not cooking these days)

So finally Jo Malone has arrived in Malaysia. Their store is at Pavillion where the Tangs used to be. WHoooopeee. I found it on Sunday and the girl ( Shikin I think her name was ) was friendly and helpful and I layered many perfumes to test and got very excited with the different smells.

I want!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Curry Puffs

Beef Curry Puffs, originally uploaded by ShireenBakes'.

I've been calorie counting with this brilliant new ap and it's been keeping me very aware of what crap I've been stuffing into self. A good example would be today.We had a meeting this afternoon. Which meant food served for us to eat. My usual quota would be at least two curry puffs and depending on the length of the meeting possibly three.

1 curry puff = 190 calories
1 slice of chiffon cake 97 calories

Our total intake for the day 1200 calories.
And we wonder why we never lose weight.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Flowers from mum's garden

Flowers from mum's garden, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
This picture was taken the year before last. During the Christmas break when it was very nice and sunny and we got out the paddle pool and I blew like a trumpet for many many minutes risking pneumothorax and other undesirable illness just so we could bob about in the water.

Here are some things the 6 year old niece said. ( This year)
1. Why can't papa afford to live in Malaysia?
2. When I grow up and work and can choose where I work I will get married and live in Malaysia
3. Let's play the "versus" game..."B" V S "G" ( translation in context of badminton between her dad and I...boy versus girl) Whilst her mum looks on.
4. Her ambulance siren goes NEE NOOH rather than Mee Mooh
5. In reply to her father's statement that he will attempt to jog to lose weight...she said " Mah khor ( that's me ) jogs and she doesn't lose weight. RRrrrrr
6. When she misbehaved and her papa and I decided to ignore her " MAma...your husband and his sister are bullweeing me "

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sweating tomato, originally uploaded by yoshy!.
I look like this tomato right now. Red and sweaty. Did my second 5 km for today. I really must do something about running 10km in a stretch.

Time for a shower a quick change into jim jams and ONE hour of violin practice without my mute. ( Neighbours...I apologise in advance but I have a certain level to achieve and FAST)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shovel list!

shoe-string sands, originally uploaded by make it yours.
Okay I'm sure you thinking what is a "shovel list"? Borrowed by Marian Keye's latest ( see two posts before this) it's a list of things you hate. Here's one for today...shoe laces that come undone while you are running at full speed on the treadmill and cannot stop.

Mask for softer whiter skin!

I look pretty much like this currently having peeled off the wrapping and gingerly opened the white mushy tissue soaked with soya Q10 and everything else that promises to make my wrinkles go away. ( Easy cos I don't have wrinkles yet) This is prophylaxis I think.It's now ( the mushy tissue) stuck on my face so I can't do much apart from surf the net.

The mystery of Mercy Close

jan22 22/365, originally uploaded by Girlypie..

I used to be a great fan of Marian Keyes. Then the last two books were difficult to complete so I went off her for a year. Due to the rather stupid resolution not to buy any new books until I've read ALL my books...I found self re-reading Keyes and liking her all over again.

Her latest creation is very nice. Fast pace with Irish humour thrown in at regular intervals. Speaking of Irish authors....Cecelia Ahern's latest book wasn't so nice.

Practice Mute

Practice Mute, originally uploaded by Refracted Moments™.

I've misplaced my mute. And after the long christmas break every day that passes makes it less likely that I should remember where I put it. In the meantime...I have two possible options
1. Buy a new one.
1a. Plastic
2. look again

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Thosai, originally uploaded by Georgette Tan.
This post is related to the previous one. Just a quick mention 1 thosai is equivalent to 91 calories. I had 182 calories for dinner.

Things I did today

BIBLE, originally uploaded by ryerye7.
The obvious thing would be the one related to this picture. Which is bible class the first for this year. I missed the last 3 ( okay make that 4 since I shouldn't lie too much)

Next on the list is calorie counting. Depressing. My HOU showed me this app on iphone which counts the calories of things you eat.

Something like nike+ and getting nikefuel. Anyway, looking at the calorie count of most things I eat was depressing. I'l rather take a drug to increase my metabolic rate ( thyroxine I hear you say?) then look at dishes and see number of calories.

The other things which I plan to do ( haven't done it yet) is get that hour long violin practise for the day. ( mini-resolution to appease my poor teacher)

I jogged ( since it's quite obvious the joys of jogging I shan't bore you with details.)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

To help me in my Violin Exam

Am taking grade 7 violin exam this year. Oh boy! It sounds scary even as I type it out. WHy? Because this means loads of regular dedicated practice to achieve a reasonable standard to be able to walk in and play and hope to pass.

One hour of practice five days a week?

Someone wrote 195 hours.
Let's get started on hour number one...( right after my jog on the treadmill) Yes I'm trying to collect another medal...DOUBLE shot

Longchamp bag cupcakes!!

Longchamp bag cupcakes set 1, originally uploaded by Cupkeiks.
This picture is so cute...I want this for my birthday:) I got 4 more bags from Hongkong. It's an addiction I know:) Decided to buy a big foldable longchamp luggage bag.

Here i what I like about La pliage
1. It's foldable ( hence the name)
2. The colours are vast
3. I think its classless
4. It comes in different sizes big enough for bible/ipad/ipod/macbook in whatever combination and permutation. So tell me..what's not to like about it...really!!!

Early bird Medal from NIke+

Bird Mug, originally uploaded by tashamck.
Today is an important day. ( Not in history generally but for me). I got the Early Bird Medal on Nike+ app. Okay explanations......
If you like collecting things and hoarding stuff and you also think you should exercise, may I strongly ( and I mean it ) recommend you buy an ipod nano ( if you already have an iphone that would suffice) and get the ap nike+.

As you jog it gives you a voice feedback when you're hit the half way point...and when you press on one button anytime during the will tell you how much you have achieved ....pace and how many more km to your goal. ( You set your goal at the start of the run)

As you sync this with your nike+ account ( which you must create to get all the fun) you get to compare youself to others in the nike+ you see your achievements in a chart form, cumulative kms and speed....AND you get to win trophies:)

I got the Early Bird Medal this morning. How do you get it? By running between 3-6am for five times!!!

Posh meal

IMG_3435, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Yes, this was one of the many meals in Hongkong ( Circa dec 2012) I can't remember what the name of the restaurant is...wait it will come back to me....okay here it is: Habitu Restarante the Garden. Fine dining!

I chose fish and this was it. The portion was just right. And the fish was done the way I like it. ( But as I generally hate fish I cannot claim to be a gourmet and give an adequate description) It came with this sauce which looked like jam. So I mashed it about a bit for effect. ( And too get that taste of JAM with fish) and this was the result.

Just as we had sat down to order...I nicked someone's wifi and hit the review action on this ap called foursquare where you may "check-in" to your location. And it gives people's comments on theplace.
And here's what I read " I must congratulate self on picking what is possibly the worst restaurant in Hongkong"said someone on foursquare.

Horrors! We had two options. Sit and hope for the best, or stand up and leave. We chose the former. The waiter who served us had a face like death and looked like he may turn hurt us should we do something to upset him. Obviously standing up to leave after ordering would be rude by anyone's standard.

The food truthfully was good:) Not raving good but tasty and served well. Pity there were no smiles to accompany the serving of food.

Not returning any time soon. But if you happen to read unfavourable reviews...they aren't true.

Habitu Restaurant
Lee Gardens Two, 28 Yun Ping Road,
Causeway Bay, Hongkong, China.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A belated Merry Christmas and a Blessed New year 2013

My 2-week long Christmas break was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate for 2013. No work ( despite efforts of bringing laptop back but then I knew this would happen) was done and certainly nothing remotely academic.

This is a picture of my latest painting effort ( mum calls it cheating) painting with numbers. Nothing to pooh-pooh. It is quite therapeutic and challenging. I dare you to get all the little bits coloured without going into the next available space. ( picture taken 80% finished)

I am trying to remember what is the most striking thing about 2012. What I remember is a sense of loss. I saw two friends lose a parent each.  A dear friend lost a very young niece at the brink of adulthood. There was a loss of two colleagues ( one much older and in another establishment and another slightly older and she was briefly a patient of mine) I also think of the loss of one of many authors I love reading; Maeve Binchey.

But I also remember good friends whom I have made over the years and kind people who have touched me in various degrees.

This new year ( being older and wiser ) I would like to be calmer and be able to gently appreciate life, family and friends without whom life would be rather empty.

Happy New Year 2013 to all who read this blog. Sorry for the big gap I was too busy enjoying my holiday!!)