Friday, July 31, 2009

Thai Mango Salad...less spicy

There is this little restaurant placed strategically between the Gardens and Midvalley megamall which does a good job out of this mango salad. The service is perhaps a little slow but only because they were FULL. The dishes were served in stages. The first half of the meal, we got to eat the kangkung and this.....the tomyam was served in a big bowl. I'm thinking, perhaps they thought we were a really communal family...cos we had to ask TWICE for smaller bowls. But the food more than made up for all this ( very minor) hiccups.

*I've only just realised, have posted three entries in the one day. Oh


This brings a whole new meaning to the word "mugshot". At a recent do, we got this done for free. I am the one in glasses...and I must say the likeness is really good. Of course it helps that the four of us wore outfits with different patterns which came out well in black and white. Where is the mug now? It's hanging along with the two other mugs....just begging to be used.

Japanese biscuits...from err..Japan

These are most certainly quite suspiciously funereal:) A gift from a friend who recently visited Japan.( Thanks!) What are they you may well ask....they are in actual fact japanese crackers. I haven't figured out whether those disturbingly haunting heads are edible. They're still in the packaging,only because it's been a pretty busy two these crackers will have to wait..

Look what I found....

The prequel to Anne of Green Gables....found it in the local TIME bookstore. I've seen it before in another bookstore...where I don't qualify for 10% discount. So on this counter...are the 4 things I brought home with me this evening. The book, the errrrm hershey's chocolate and the two potted plants:) The plants have wilted. I think being in an air-conditioned environment didn't suit them one bit. That and the fact I clean forgot to water they ( hopefully) have been brought the hope of palming them off onto mum.( who has decidedly greener fingers than I).

Today was exceptionally speedy. Only because not one single minute of the working day was spent in idle tasks. But as a result, my entire body feels lethargic. And I'm sluggish. And it's not H1N1....

At our doorstep and beyond

Ladies and gentleman, it's official. We have H1N1 in our midst nobody can deny it unless they're deaf and blind and possibly mad. And so this has ( for some of us ) become our latest fashion accessory. If the level of safety is proportional to the uncomfortableness of this contraption, then it would be incredibly fool-proof.

Try wearing it for an hour. And I'ld be pleasantly surprised if you don't slum down in a corner somewhere from lack of oxygen. The mitigation period is over. And so we now treat them in various hospitals around the country. The suspected are no longer shipped to designated hospitals. That being the current situation, we now need to equip ourselves with stock of tamiflu as well as some common sense to tackle this potential epidemic.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad dies

Yasmin Ahmad 's death is a great loss to us Malaysians. In a multinational, multicultural country where racial tensions from bygone years are sometimes difficult for some to forget let alone forgive, Yasmin explored such issues and by doing so allowed us, her audience to dare dream of a better Malaysia.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 more weeks...Oh boy!!

There's two more weeks before the exam. Oh boy oh boy. It's been a while since I've been ill-prepared for any exam and it serves me right. Been detracted with a myriad of things. Wish me luck..

Health...where art thou?

I'm sick of feeling sick. Pure and simple. There's no appetite. Your nose gets all gooey and everything smells the same ie there is no smell actually. ( I sprayed a good 5 squirts of perfume this morning..and still didn't smell anything, although I'm sure other folks smelt something alright.) The annoying thing is this, just when you're lured into this safety zone, where you feel okay, I'm well, the body does it's weird achy feeling. And your energy level takes a downward spiral. And you get crabby. I'm miserable...and I really really want to feel well again.

Picture is of the niece taken 3 years ago...when her parents still new to this didn't realise the bub was cold until they bung up the heater and she finally stopped crying. These kids!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is IT!!!

Today marks ONE week of being sick, with a hacking cough productive of greenish salty goo every morning, and evening and night as well. The voice wasn't a problem initially until midweek where it got to a stage my voice sounded suspiciously like a 12-year old boy's voice cracking during puberty. The aches and pains weren't present at all. And the fever was sorted out with a daily dose of paracetamol. Sadly, there is no happy ending this evening. I'm still ill. Not sick as a dog kind of ill.....but under the weather. And there is NO VOICE. I can't communicate unless it's via email/sms/mime. Frustrating! So please be grateful for your voices. It is VERY nice to be able to speak and be heard. I shall be over the moon when the voice returns. In the meantime, I've taken Monday off lie in bed and rest. As a final desperate step, I am starting on a course of antibiotics and DIFFLAM throat spray.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Voice-less and grumpy

It's half nine in the morning. I can't practise my aural exercies. Which means a disappointed teacher come Monday evening. Aaaargh! I'm going to shut up the whole day. And see whether the voice comes back.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mid week

I want my voice back please!! So if anyone finds it loitering about the shopping centers, send it right back to its rightful owner, who currently is making do with a toad as a voice-box and is feeling horrendously miserable. The no-voice issue if only superseded by the nagging suspicion that this might bring on ( shudder) an asthma attack.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The colour of my phlegm

My goodness we are, day three of my upper respiratory tract infection ( URTI ). Are we any better? Hells bell NO! The phlegm is the colour of the above picture. My apologies to the seri-muka-lovers out there reading this. But honest to goodness. I kid you not, this morning's phlegm was as above.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Paracetamol the wonder drug

I awoke with aching muscles, and the sorethroat from the night before had become more sore overnight. Feeling sorry for self, I made my way to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I had rusty colour sputum. Always wondered why people called it rusty. Now I know first hand. Because it looks just like the color, should you ever have the need to dip a rusty nail into a beaker of clear water. Miracles!! After swallowing two panadols ( that was difficult) I sat down in front of the computer......

3 hours later..I'm well. I've done two cycles of laundry, hoovered the floor and parts of the furniture which looked and felt dusty...showered and washed the hair. And at 9:30am with the Saturday morning sun shining right into the hall, I'm able to enjoy the weekend minus the aching limbs.

Friday, July 03, 2009

I have a sore thoat:(

Hand-washing is very important. Because of a slight lapse on my part, possibly 1 week ago, I now have a very very sore throat. The one so bad, you wish you could spit all your saliva out instead of swallowing it. That's right! I am officially under the weather. Sick sick sick sick:(

Picture from anna.mckibben's photostream

Read this....


Ms Monsoon does not bake. And yet she features cupcakes on her facebook account. A debut novel from Monsoon that explores the joys of cupcaking from a can't-bake individual. Monsoon is a cup-aholic. From failed banana-cake-baking to instant noodle fare the mental and physical challenges are well tackled with a touch of innocent humour.

( This is a make-believe post...because it's friday morning....and the weekend starts in a few hours..making me a very happy individual)

Thursday, July 02, 2009


This picture was taken last Saturday at Joe's kopitiam in Plaza Damas. There was wii-fii there so I managed ( once again ) to surf the net with the ipod-touch. Review: The keypad isn't as user-friendly as it should be. ( Or perhaps my fingers aren't used to hitting just that small weeny place). As a result, a "quick" status update on facebook took 4 attempts. Not good!!
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