Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lovely Saturday!

Picture from mum's garden ( dun ask what this is I have no idea)
It looks like a nice calm Saturday morning. I'm hoping for a non-sunny day to suit the lethargic feeling :) as we gallop towards the end of January, I'm trying to keep that to-do-list down to a length of one small page. Chores...they multiply as fast as dirty laundry!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!

It's the 3rd day of Chinese New Year!! I've been ill for 2 out of the 5 days I've been back home. Worst luck! Been hit by one of those cholera-like bug nesting in the nasty sushi-bits at the lunch buffet on Thursday. This has put a damper on my Sushi-mini-obsession for a bit. It'll be quite a while before I can brave nibble any sushi without first thinking of those hourly toilet-visits, cramp-like abdominal twists preceeding each visit and the hit of nausea in a background of lethargy.

It's brilliant to be home. I've been re-reading my Agatha Christie books. Spurred on by my listening to the Agatha Christie whoddunit audiobooks I got from the brother for christmas. So here's the list of books I'm raced through in my limited time at home.
1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd ( I cheated and read the first chapter...and the last interesting bits where he sums things up. Poirot I mean)
2.Cat Among Pigeons. ( Read most of it....lovely book. Clearly the top three Christie books)
3.A Pocket Full of Rye.
4.Why Didn't They Ask Evans.( only read the last bit..I prefer the movie version)
5.Murder in Mesopotamia( Yes...nice book. I read every word of it until late in the night)
6.Dead Man's Folly ( Again...I prefer the movie version I watched some years back..)
7.By the Pricking of My Thumbs. Which is my current reading material this morning. Am at page 92.

What's particularly lovely about the last book is I've clearly forgotten the story line completely for now. And am reading this book..for the FIRST time. You see, sometimes it's nice to have a rotten memory.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Korean drama....the obsession is ressurected!

Okay I've caved into temptation and bought myself a "new" series to watch. I'm sure you die-hard korean drama fans reading this would pooh pooh this as new. It's new for me having taken a sabbatical from Korean dramas in 2011. And so here I am being lured back into this and enjoying the moment very much. A great way to end the day. Excuse me...I'm going to sit on my chair with me legs on the ottoman and enjoy some drama now.

Rose water

Picture taken from here 
I smell of roses now. And what I plan to do next is layer the smell with some rose water body lotion. Are you jealous yet? I expect to reap the rewards of rose water very soon...and they include; rejuvenating skin and getting rid of wrinkles:)

Nasi lemak!

Picture from writingcompulsion 
WNN cooked on Sunday. And as a direct result of it, I started Monday morning at work with home-cooked nasi lemak. She brought a boiled egg and cucumbers as well. Fancy that! AJ and I tucked into the mini-feast. The smell of santan extended beyond the pantry and attracted some of the office staff. We didn't share:) Next on the cooking agenda.....hmm I wonder what!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

No macbook air this evening

I was served by three very different people at the i-store this evening. The first boy was keen. When I asked him a question, he said he would check and then promptly disappeared to SERVE another person at the counter. After which time we were left staring at the macbooks and waiting to be served. There were two other folks in the store. The second was a young boy who was polite but obviously very new. The last was an upstart who thought he was better than the other two, when in actual fact he ended up rubbing me the wrong way. He explained some basic things in a condescending manner. The whole experience was a bit unpleasant so I left without buying my macbookair. It's been a while since I was last treated like I wasn't good enough to be in such a shop. *uurgh*

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stratified analysis

Image taken from ECHR blog
Now if you happen to have a slight confusion with numbers and if you also happen to have this defect from the earliest age possible, you 'ld be able to sympathise with me right this moment. My evenings in the last week has been spent staring at articles describing numbers and why they mean what they do in that analysis and why we should do this and not that. And how to adjust for this and not that and maybe this may work. Confusing? You bet!! Humbling to find oneself struggling with something basic.

Enough its back to the grind for me:(

Friday, January 13, 2012

macbook air

I think this is a gorgeous piece of machine which will bring most people a lot of joy.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy THursday

Pictures of smurf....on Christmas eve....opening present session.
Motto for more organized. Now I wonder how long this will last....Lecture slides, review a CT thorax this afternoon, trace some biopsies done yesterday, bedside teaching, end of semester questions to be given to the academic staff, wade through some files to find that darn elusive file I'm missing....

Haircut AGAIN

Image from graphicsbeam
I know I raved about my last haircut quite a bit. I was wrong. It lasted 2.3 days. After that, I had this perpetual " I just woke up from sleep" look which was a bit annoying. I'm sure most folks felt I should just get a brush and brush the hair. But I had another haircut...just 3 weeks from the last. The new guy has done an OKAY job. I'm happy...but it's only day I'm going to wait a while before I sing him praises.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Current Game Obsession for Jan 2012

And so now...I am playing three games concurrently which means having to wake up 30 minutes earlier to collect points before brushing teeth or run the risk of being late for work.(ouch). The reviews of Snoopy's street fair have been varying but let me tell you why it's appealing. The graphics are clear (not fuzzy) and nice...true to the original peanuts illustration. You get to collect points/XP quite frequently depending on what you've purchased. And if you're able to sit beside your ipad and click continuosly ( Ahem) for are then rewarded by gaining enough XP to move up a level. Compare this to smurf village hich demands a higher level of patience.

That snoopy! He's just so cute. If you tap on his house, you'll then see him buzzing from whichever part of the screen he happens to be in....right to the house and sleeping in the roof just like in the cartoons. Snoopy jumps and dances when he collects certain gifts too. Now that's so cute you wish he would do it more often. I'm still trying to figure how to add some friends onto this game. In the meantime if you haven't tried this free downloadable game, give it a shot....

I declare I have received no funding from the inventors of Snoopy's Street Fair!


Image from here
I used to write nicely. Really! Today when I got someone to read my book, the sentences were read out in a disjointed manner. And when I read it myself, I saw just how difficult it can be to read words which aren't spelt in full and with little squiggles suggestive of a something! So tomorrow I'm going to form my letters nice!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2nd week of the 2012

Image taken from Bookshelves.

I love the fact it the mornings are still nice and dark. It lulls me into this sense that I'm leaving for work earlier than what it really is. It's now 6:55am and still pitch dark outside. ( Not that I'm anyway close to being ready to leave the house now)

I'm planning to get rid of some of my storybooks. You know, the disaster buys over the last few years. The books that I never got pass the first few chapters and yet have doggedly hung onto to in the feeble hope of completing them some day. Out they go. And no new books yet. I will attempt to be more selective .

Currently reading " A very funny thing happened" by Anthony Buckeridge. Bought at the second hand bookstore in Dec 2011. ( Before the resolution to buy less books.)A review of which will follow some time soon.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

My dear blog followers ( I'm not sure how many there are..)

Thank you for following this blog. I 'm sorry for the long silence. The blasted flu finally got me in the last 2 weeks of the year rendering me lethargic, irritable ( yes really) and basically zonked out completely. It ( the flu) cheated me out of 50% of my Christmas break. I'm back to work....just as I'm well enough to enjoy life. *bleah*

I  love here's a kind of everything list summing up what's happen since the last entry

1. I shared the Christmas opening present session with an annoying bird ( the 5 year old niece named it tweety). Birds have not much of an they pooh all over any time. That was the MAIN reason why I hated it so much. It's pictured above. The annoying creature. I had to clean up after it.


We played make-believe cooking with the visiting 5-year-old niece. ( This was intermittenly between episodes of fever for both self and niece) She cooked make-believe claypot chicken-rice which was yummie.

3. We got an inflatable pool(again). But this time...we had a battery operated pump to do the work.
4. The weather was brilliantly cool. We slept with windows wide fan nor air condition needed.
5. I watched Ugly Betty season one episode one.
6. I 've decidede to retire at age 60. (booHOO)