Monday, February 18, 2008

Tokyo in Winter

I had this wonderful opportunity to Visit Japan a few weeks back. The only drawback was the cold temperatures awaiting us there. This picture was taken in Ginza, which is an upmarket area in Tokyo where all the lovely expensive shops are. I bought socks there. It was freezing and my tights didn't seem to be working so well after 2:00pm in the afternoon.

We must have looked like tourist, cos we got interviewed by a local japanese TV channel. Quizzed about shopping and what we'd bought. Frightfully embarrasing to explain to them the only purchase of the day were SOCKS...and when they wanted to see them..I stuck my legs out in front. Yes about 20 minutes before being interviewed and 1 minute after buying them socks, I had ( literally ) sat at the side of the road to wear my knee lenght socks over my tights....for warmer legs.

Whoever says Japanese are short people lied. As you may be appreciate in this picture.. they're all taller than me