Sunday, April 29, 2012

Melaka series part 1

I like Melaka for many reasons. I like history ( mainly because I got better marks in this subject compared to others ) and I like stories. I worked in Melaka for 12 months many years ago. Today I made a working trip there and had loads of time to spare to walk about Jonker Street mainly looking for kasut Manik for mum. Red she wanted, Covered up...and small beads. They do not come cheap. We went to J Manik which was recommended by someone we know. The price was RM 600++++ but it was comfortable and apparently you can come back to get the soles and heels re-done should you choose to change for some reason or other. It's all leather says the lady and as I tucked my feet into a pair of black kasut manik, it didn't hurt half as much as the ones from the shop before this. No pictures she I couldn't take any picture in the shop. Shame really. is the picture of the shop. We settled for a red pair, small beads with a 2.5 inch heel. To be sent in a month to mum!

As for me, I settled for a completely different type of footwear.
Heliotrope coloured terumpah for me

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flying chillies deserves a post!

When a door closes...

My new phone:)
My trusty old HTC has pipped and rung for the last time. At about 3:42pm yesterday the battery decided it had had enough of serving me a died quicky and promptly refusing even a squeak with some on off gestures. Well now I know how much I rely on the contacts, it was just about this time when I had to run some errands on the phone. It was terrible having to readjust to being phone-less. And so after struggling for an hour I decided to get a new phone. It's working pretty well at the moment and I'm enjoying the first flush of romance with this new machine.

For the observant reader out there, you may have noted my brown teddy at the top on this phone. It sits in the ear-plug hole and it purely decorative.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Look what i FOUND!

At Isetan Lot 10
I got all excited when I saw this T-shirt. Unfortunately I did not look at all fabulous in it.

A pleasant surprise!

Currently stashed on my messy desk!
An incredibly sweet person gave me this today in clinic...and made my day! I've yet to figure how it works. So its currently sitting beside my little cardboard cat ( you can just about make out its face)  and my strawberry flavoured lipton teabag. I shall experiment tomorrow and annoy folks with the chirping sound.

It was a busy Monday and my trip to KLCC after work, to get a spare battery for my handphone was futile. The man politely told me this is an OLD model and they do not carry this in the shop. Boo! So now I will think of possible handphones to buy as a replacement. Samsung or HTC!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being tourisy

I was spotted taking many shots in the vicinity of this Greek Ice Cream Shop and so the owner of the shop offered us some free samples. Yum! It was yummy!

The selection !!
So we headed to the counter to pick the flavour. I chose persimmon because that box looked half full. The man at the counter gave me a spoonful to taste before I got my full DOLLOP of the real thing.
Persimmon for me
It was very nice I'm coming back for more.

Cape cod

Lovely color!
 I did a spot of window shopping this afternoon. Okay, that's a lie. I shopped this afternoon. There! I said it. Found this lovely blur dress at Cape Cod. It was lovely except a size too big and the V neck was dangerously low. So no, I didn't buy it ( Overall effect was a podgy person looking suspisciously preggers) Ewwwe
Wrong color wrong size
I brought this other color into the fitting room but didn't bother trying it. On the up side..I'm actually a size THREE. Who would have thought? Obviously some glitch in the system but hey hey I'm happy

Sunny Sunday

My new scarf....taken with the sun streaming in
I bought a scarf yesterday and am dying to use it today. It's been raining most days so this morning sun is mush appreciated. I walked into the room and just had to snap a picture of the sunny morning.
Very nice coffee
Had coffee this morning not at coffee bean or starbucks. But at Old town cafe. Hands up those of you who agree the coffee at starbucks is watered down?

Lazy lazy

How many calories does washing the car burn?
I got the car washed this morning. That's right I'm lazy so I got some other folks to do the job. In the place I stayed before this ( walk-up apartment) I used to wash the car myself. Older ( and wiser) now I leave it to the experts with their gadgets. Hope it doesn't rain this afternoon I have plans to head out to spend money

Morris Minor

Found at the carpark where I had my car washed
Isn't this so cute? Somebody has obviously cared for this car and it's still on the road. If you look closely there's a roadtax ( valid) stuck on the windscreen. I wouldn't want to be driving behind this car though. I strongly suspect it may have been responsible for a couple of traffic jams around the city centre. But then, that's rather an unfair statement. I have seen some new cars with dare I add great engines being driven very slowly and in the fast lane. But today isn't about them, it is about vintage cars ( almost vintage) and wondering whether we would age as well as them.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vietnames food after simply ages

Located at one of the higher floors at Pavillion
Are you a fan of vietnamese food? You may like this restaurant. Ambience wise pretty good. Tucked on the higher floors it's pretty quiet. Its near the escalator so if you position yourself seated facing the window you may people-watch and have some fun. ( fashion victims are quite rampant at Pavillion)
Decent selection 
I like the menu. It has quite a decent selection. And the lighting is nice too. The other vietnamese restaurant at One-utama has poor romantic lighting. ( But their noodles are better)
Very yummiy ( I've forgotton the name)
We had this instead of fried spring rolls. OOoo they were more than yummy. It was hot, moist and spicy.

This was okay. The entire dish was slightly above average. I think I prefer the vietnamese restaurant a one-utama
I'm still confused what this is. And how would one eat it!!!


Seafood for WNN and Self
 Tucked in the lower ground floor of Berjaya Times Square is Vivo restaurant. if you're not keen to buy cheap clothes or the latest fashion at a fraction of the usual price, then perhaps you'ld want to head to the Curve. They have a Vivo branch there as well. So you can shop...and when you're hungry you can reward self with these absolutely delicious scallops. Mandatory that you try them out when you eat at Vivo. Although the branch at Berjaya does it better.
Scallops for everyone

Foot long sausages (X2) for AJ
This was what I ordered the first time I ate at Vivo. It was a rainy evening and I was very hungry. The mushroom sauce is of the garlicky variety. ( I love garlic!!!!) We had dinner here yesterday evening. AJ was on call so we waited for her to finish her rounds. I entertained WNN with very boring and out of tune scales and dominant sevens.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friday evening... ( last week)

This is how I spent last Friday evening. They lied in the invitation letter and as a direct result of that I arrived on time..and waited ONE hour before this started.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Levi's modern Slight curve

I bought a new pair of jeans. My first for this year. It took me 5 pairs of jeans in 3 different cuts before I was satisfied with the image I saw staring back at me in the mirror. I was also tempted to buy the red top which I brought into the fitting room but at RM 169 it was ridiculous. ( It was a nice blouse tho..and I' m semi-regretting my decision now)
Slight curve for me!!!!
The sales girl at the shop was most patient with me. She also knew ( after the 3rd pair I rejected) what I was looking for. Once that was achieved, the rest was fast and painless.

My weekend

 I'm familiar with just such an ECG. But the one below is a different kettle of fish altogether.
Picture taken from one of the lectures during the NHAM 2012 in KL HIlton

Saturday, April 14, 2012

National Heart Association Meeting 2012

Lunch box ( very big ..rather heavy)
 I attended the NHAM this year which was held at KL hilton and Le meridien. That's right two hotels joined like siamese twins...when merged created enough space to house the many delegates mingling in between symposiums.
Actual price RM62...with this ticket RM8:00
 This was an opportunity to update self on cardiology matters. New drugs...and oh boy the names sound odd but the mode of action isn't new. I wonder why we cant name drugs Emily, Amanda, David, Lim, etc. Would make the discussion so much more interesting:)
I was here!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

We have a new King!

The palace from the outside
Yesterday was a public holiday. The reason why we had the day off was because of the investiture of our 14th Yang Dipertuan Agung.  Our new king is an Oxford grad. Known for his gentle ways and kind manner. This is his second term as the Agung. I wanted to stick my camera in between the bars to get a better shot but WNN warned the gates might well electrocute me. Didn't fancy dying in this glorious way so you're left with this picture. Which doesn't do justice to the actual picture
The palace gate. One of the 4 entrances ( or isit 3 I forget now)
We headed there after dark and we caught the lovely lights. No crowd at all. The motorcade folks resting just around the corner were very friendly and helpful. We got our picture taken and we got a lot of nods and smiles:)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Should I buy this dress?

We went shopping on Wednesday. It felt look to be well so I didn't reign myself in too much. This little number however I had to say no too. Colours were brilliant...see how nice it makes me look! What was the problem you ask? The whopping pricetag that came along with this dress. So I'm going to have to re-think this for a bit.

Birthday wishes

Dad's birthday was on the 4th of April! So here's a belated post. We celebrated his birthday at Easter. I got him a kite...and one of those whizzing gadgets attached to a balloon. So guess who can to run about on Sunday trying to get the kite up!!!!! Good exercise. I think he liked this present very much.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


sick, originally uploaded by alshepmcr.

I cannot wait to be 100% well. Current status of well-ness 98%. Tomorrow is a public holiday in Malaysia....I shall add 2 % to my well-ness. Have a happy Wednesday everybody.

Watching TV

Watching TV, originally uploaded by oddharmonic.

I caught up on some telly-watching over the Easter break. Except unlike this cute little girl in the picture, I chose the more comfortable horizontal position to enjoy my telly-watching. Saw some cooking programmes ( and no I am still not tempted to buy a stove and cook) and I watched part of Tintin and at least 2 episodes of hercule poirot's whoddunits.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs, originally uploaded by cdbendele.

Happy Belated Easter! It has been a very meaningly Lent for me. And this Easter was lovely. I went home. Despite being struck by a nasty ( but not mysterious) bug I still managed to enjoy my 2.5 days at home. And I came back rejuvenated and ready to be swamped with work. ( yes again!)