Saturday, May 19, 2007

Queen of suspence

Just when I thought I'd exhausted all decent authors, I find myself pleasantly surprised. A short trip to the local bookstore..turned into a fruitful visit. Out of sheer boredom, I decided to scan each and every shelf carefully. The first 10 minutes left me with a creaky neck. Have you ever noticed reading titles requires tilting your head to the right? Well, it does. And after a bit the neck hurt quite a bit. Some people firmly believe bookstores are also libraries. And during this such visit of mine, there were just two of such individuals planted firmly along two of the shelves. Due to the logistics, I ended up starring at Georgette Heyer's books.
And THIS is how I found she writes ( contrary to popular belief) detective novels as well as historical romance. Envious Casca was highly enjoyable. I've just bought a second " Detection Unlimited". Srumptious reading ahead for me this weekend.


They're buck-ugly there's no question. But with the appropriate toe-colour and can almost forgive the lack of aesthetic value and concentrate on comfortable your arch feels being walking feels good without you realising it.
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Salmon Pink

I had sushi for dinner today. YUmmers! With two generous pinches of wasabi, it is just the ticket for clearing the sinuses. Honest!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Singapore's skyline

In addition to the a short trip to PD, I also spent three days in Singapore. ( Not in the same setting lest you think I do zero work in between ). The sequence of the pictures and anecdotes on blog...are hardly in chronologically order.

There is a stark difference between Singapore and Malaysia. A difference you realised just as you cross the causeway. This time around, I flew to Singapore, so the change wasn't half as drastic. I went for a talk...and managed to squeeze some obligatory ( but enjoyable ) meeting-the-family session. And as my obsession with books still play a major role in daily life, I walked ( in the rain mind!!) from Raffles City ( where the conference was ) to Brash Basah Shopping Complex, where they promised many second-hand bookstores to browse. I came home with 4 books. Two of which were Joanna Trollope's. A fruitful trip indeed. ( The conference wasn't too bad either )

Kayn's Resort

I've been meaning to post some pictures taken in Port Dickson for the last week or so. Finally got around to locating the camera ( it was found on the kitchen top ), extracting the SD card out of it, popping it into the laptop and....blogging.

The entry to the resort was really off-putting. We drove through dirt road and to the right of us, a row of deserted double story houses. There were potholes scattered cheerfully to the left and right of us, which made us bum up and down as well as side to side. By the time we got to the resort, I was bruised on the bum and feeling mighty thirsty. The temperature must have bee at least 39 degrees. There were no clouds in the sky and the sun came right down and burnt my skin. we got to our rooms. ( huge disappointment) The furniture was shoddy and there was a great big black industrial plaster right across one of the windows.
But as the sun set....I realised just why this resort has survived this far. The view it offers is gorgeous....and the beach spanking clean. A smallish resort giving it an air of familliarity. The wind refused to cooperate but despite the air being rather stagnant...the beach walk was worth all the mishaps earlier.
The picture above was taken as the sun was setting......lovely isn't it?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thanks, Mum

...for the talks
that made a difference,
for the hugs that always
made things better...
for the smiles that
made the worries disappear.
Thanks for being you.

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