Saturday, April 04, 2015


Found at Kalaeidoscope at Publika
 This week has been sombre. Holy week which leads starts with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Saturday Vigil, and Easter Sunday mass. For me, April also sees us losing a very dear member of our team. Early retirement plans. While we wish our colleague ( and mentor) the very best, i cannot help feel sad. And so, this picture above, is a reminder that we have to soldier on regardless and make the best of what we currently have.

Other things which have been happening is the initiation of the site for the new clinical trial. Which means something exciting and busy. Finding a suitable patient for a trial is always a challenge, what more so when it means recruiting a patient from in-patient for a new antibiotic.

I made a quick trip to Singapore last month. ( Pictures and post separately soon)

Almost forgot. it's my dad's birthday today and we had nice carrot-walnut cake and I gave him this lovely sardine chocolate tin set ( which looks so sardine-like you would be hard pressed to be persuaded otherwise).

* It looks like I have seen silent for the entire month of March ( yikes!)