Sunday, January 30, 2011

Must read!!

This is Nina Bell's third book. It's brilliant. You get reeled in early in the story. I paced myself pretty well and I suspect this added to the joy in reading what I think is a must-red book for January 2011. So if you haven't started on any book just yet, you may want to consider buying this....and then please drop a line here to see what you think of the book because I think it's BRILLIANT

Home Sweet home

I shall be heading home on Tuesday for the Chinese New Year break. Lovely to be away from work *ahem*....and doing absolutely everything enjoyable.

Somebody tell me what are YABBIES many choices..

I'm too lazy to google the meaning. So Somebody tell me please..what yabbies are...and are they really worth RM40 when cooked with angelhair  in a aglio olio way. Thank you:) And for the record I opted for a safe choice ie burger with shoe string fries. See Picture below please.

Burger ....medium-well....with shoe string fries!
After lunch....we decided to spend some money. Oh boy! Did we do well!!! I got myself an obligatory chinese new year red T-shirt....and a oh-you-so-cannot-wear-this-BLACK dress.  And a flowery top...for violin class:)
Nothing special...just decided to test my camera this afternoon:)
I spent Saturday evening in PWTC....attending a wedding. Here's a picture of self...beside a radioactive-green tree:)
Picture of self with a VERY radioactive tree


I found this...stuck on my pc at work

Friday, January 28, 2011

My happiest MOMENT yesterday

was when I pressed the restart button together with the middle button ( I dunno what that's called) and I saw this sign. My IPAD died sometime two days back. My fault entirely for draining the battery to zilch. And so when I returned home after work to charge it...and found it unresponsive...I decided to stick the charger into the mains and leave it for a while. Problem sorted. Or SO I thought, a good 12 hours later...I return to find it still unresponsive. And THAT's when I panicked and started looking for the box with the serial number and planning a visit to an apple store. To cut a short story shorter....via FB...I ressurected my IPAD. And it made my Thursday morning;)

Maggi Goreng

Found this pic in my thumbdrive!!! Wonder where I ate this...and also...wonder what THIS is!
I've gone off Maggi Goreng. Haven't eaten it regularly for months. The new obsession is Japanese food. But I can forsee this changing soon. What next you ask? Possibly ( for some bizarre unexplained reason...) subway sandwiches!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yello Lanterns

Add caption
Steady hands, steady hands, steady hands!!! Who would have thought.....yellow lanterns can be as festive as blood-red lanterns:) A glorious Wednesday morning. ....filled with long long long to-do-list. Boohoo! Happy productive Wednesday to ALL.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My steady hands....

A rainy evening in Klang Valley
A nice cool end to Monday evening. My happiest moment for the day was : listening to Adda cackling away like an insane person when she saw the rabbit I drew for a personal touch in the chinese new year card. ( For the record, the rabbit was decent and i DID get an A in art a couple of decades ago).

The picture above shows off the return of my steady hands...and clearer pictures. I guess the G10 is behaving once again. No need to spend more money for a new camera. More money for shoes and other more girly stuff.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Retail therapy!!

Picture taken today....felt the need to upload something recent for a change rather than something old. Shopping makes me happy. ( as it SHOULD) Have a lovely week. Motto of the week is....less time on smurfland...more time on getting work done:) Wish me luck

Procrastination is the thief of time

Don't I KNOW that by now. The workload is piling up. It's reached just the level where I start thinking about getting things done. So what I did ( smug look) was write my infamous to-do-list. Divided it into two sections. The first...the non-work-related stuff like groceries, presents to buy, cards, collect photo from some a shop in SS2 PJ ( very high density area with people who drove badly lumped together)...the other section was the longer list for obvious reasons. Well, it's Sunday evening, the work-related to-do-list remains. So I've decided that since its too late to do any real work at this hour, I shall at least do a blog post and write a little about the highlight of the week.

1. Anna delivered. And her baby girl is gorgeous. ( not a wonder seeing as there's good genes floating about in the family)
2. My birthday this year coincided with Thaipusam and so it was a public holiday. What made it extra special was it was spent with good GOOD friends. ( My hair on the other hand appears to have lost its body and is limp most days which is annoying. I've yet to sort it out)
3. Still on the hair issue, I lost my parting on Monday and it took a good half a morning before I found it. Not before I forced those lovely working colleagues to see my rather weird parting.
4.I finally got around to collect the studio photos taken August 2010. I looked airbrushed to death. Rather like one of those pictures you see in the funeral parlor. Most disappointing. I want my money back. Really I do.
5. I bought a Nina Bell book and am really really happy reading it.
6. I opted not to get a macbook air ( for now) and decided on being a little more girly. Got a handbag in kaya green.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The IPAD promotes procrastination

Haven't blogged for nearly a week. Once again it's the IPAD's fault.  It's the truth. My addictive nature just embraces the playing of games....the surfing ....the facebook-ing...and the reading of email. ( Yah who would have thought that would be exciting) Nothing much to report on the surface. Nothing major. I bought yet another book this evening. By Nina Bell who, I feel, should be more famous because her first book which I read "sisters in law" was brilliant. Her second " The inheritance" was the book I left at the local mamak stall for a good few months about a year back. The mamak kept it for me and was very happy to return the book to its rightful owner. Went through the weekend nursing a headache. It was one of those tension-type headaches. Brought on by my non-existent slides for the talk today. Finally started on it at midnight. Not very smart because it made the headache go up 3 notches and the slides were crap.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mushroom Age

The Ipad gets to join us for dinner. Day 2 of 2011

The other exciting game to play has to be "mushroom age". The name doesn't do it justice because it sounds serious and boring. Trust me, it is neither. The story line is bizarre. The funniest yet is having to massage Socrates back. ( at least I think it was socrates) A test of your memory. I failed that it and opted instead to SKIP the puzzle. A change from smufland and yes am at chapter 5...and I would rate this 8/10 for now. ( Happy Wednesday to one and all....I'm up early for a change. Only because I have a study patient to see this am....and it warrants a quick flick though the study protocol before half seven this morning )

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Productive Toosday

A slightly more balanced balance...with yoghurt thrown in as well
What a glorious morning this is...with a hint of rain later in the day perhaps!!! More news later once I have woken up completely. I had no coffee at ALL yesterday morning and proceeded to go through clinic without a single whiff of it. Pretty darn brave considering it was a Monday. I survived to tell the story. Never again. I've stocked up since. Lessons learnt.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First book purchase for 2011

Love the title.....can't wait to read it
Read the bit at the back of the book.....and immediately had the need to own it.
I can't write a review of these books. Put this up because I bought them this evening and it looks like a slight deviation from my usual (shallow) chic lit. Certainly not the way I plan to start the tone of 2011's reading material but there it is. Two lovely books which were begging to be bought....and I'll be reading them just as soon as I finishe Mrs Ames. ( Don't want to rush that.....because I suspect I shall be sorry when i finish that book)

Exciting things I did today

Tosai for tea. 
 Right, due to missing lunch, ( bad idea) I was famished by 4:30pm and stopped functioning around half three in the afternoon. A direct result of this was a mad rush to look for food. In a half hearted attempt to have something light ( in order not to spoil the dinner appetite ) we opted for tosai and teh tarik.  The mamak was pleased with our presence. We were absent for a good month he must have thought we moved country.
Cake for dinner. ( All wrong )
 After the tosai-tea we walked about working up an appetite and ended up having strawberry tea ( inspired by my harvesting strawberries in smurfland ( see picture above ) and this sesame cake. Which looked awful and tasted rather odd. ( but in a good way ) The problem with this was....the timing of it all. And so I'm still hungry and it's 11pm at the moment.
Tea at this place
We had tea at this place. The chairs are nice and low and I could plant both feet on the ground when sitting. Very important that. And very comfortable. Happy Monday. Tomorrow will definitely be busier. I can feel it already.

Second week of 2011

Breakfast as prepared by the 4 year old niece
Happy New Year 2011. Blame the IPAD for the lack of blog post. Angry birds is very addictive. So i Smufland. Both of which I currently obcess over since the start of 2011. ( Yes and even before that ) 2010 has been a good year and I have many things to be thankful for. But this isn't going to be one of those mushy post where you thank just about everyone you rub shoulders with. ( remember those long oscar thank you speeches where the person has to be dragged off stage??) It's a new year. No new year's resolution apart from taking each day as it comes and living it to the fullest. Except maybe today,because it's Monday and I'm still in weekend mode. Have a good Monday. More regular posts from me hopefully.