Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vietnames food is healthy!!

My Saturday started horrendously late. *ahem* Around 10:00am. By the time I showered and did a round of laundry I was feeling peckish. Traffic was pretty okay along the highway until I drove into the basement car park. Then the great hunt for the ever elusive parking spot started.A very silly lady took my parking spot. ( A sure sign of maturity...I experience 1 minute of anger after which that abated and I moved on). Found a place to park after another 2 rounds of driving aimlessly about. The picture is of the dry vermicelli noodles ( vietnamese style) which I had for lunch.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a place to put a book

French Kissing has arrived! Priced at RM52. Guess where I found this little gem? At the crime and mystery  part of MPH One Utama. *roll eyes* What is a chic lit book doing there? Is it any wonder I found the book at all? Thank goodness I was determined to go through all shelves and keep an open mind to buy.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

a big headache

What happens when you survive Monday unscatched? Lemme tell you. YOu get a nasty dose of chaotic sequence of events on Tuesday just so you KNOW you cheated fate on Monday and are punished now. My list on things to do started becoming incredibly disorganized when I attempted to be more productive by sticking post its on various different objects. ( psst this only works if you have a good memory and if the post it is of a different colour to the rest of the surrounding objects. I started off crabby ( perfectly justified btw ) and mid way through I slipped into this calm persona. In an attempt to survive the day. Got home at half ten this evening. I hate Tuesdays...possibly more than Mondays now

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Yesterday we found out a dear friend lost his father. All very sudden. The funeral is this afternoon.

"In your time of sorrow, my God comfort you.
May God be near at this difficult time, and in his loving way May he comfort you and guide you through every future day."

Happy and grateful

Happy face, originally uploaded by - Maeva -.

I passed my violin exam. ( By the skin of my teeth...and with the grace of God) Here are the people I would like to thank ( wooo this is giving a thank you speech at the oscars.)
God, for giving me the grace and patience to play
My parents who despite pooh pooh-ing the idea of music exams, deep down support this odd and still relatively new obsession of mine
My neighbours for putting up with the same three songs, with inconsistent tempo and wrong notes the two weeks preceeding the exams.
My violin teacher who has since become a friend. For motivating at just the right amount and right time.

It is a brilliant feeling.And the euphoria will last for many months to come.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Reading bug...

writing on the walls, originally uploaded by nardell.

Am reading " A family affair" by Veronica Henry. Expect a brief review when I'm done.