Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have a Mac

Okay, I'm not sure whether I'll be able to list the multiple functions which are better on the Mac compared to the usual pc. Neither can I offer reasons why I decided to defect to the Mac-side. Some things happen, and when it feels effortless and right you don't think twice. Well, this is what happened. I'm now a proud ( although still very clueless ) owner of a Mac aluminium 13" baby. All tips, no matter how elementary are welcomed. I'm the meantime. Please wish me luck. The boy who sold me the Mac condescendingly said I should perhaps consider classes to ease the transition. The very nerve! 

No pictures yes cos the  card-reader is not compatible with Mac.( DAmmm)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Siti Nurhaliza attending a local wedding in Pahang, drapped in a white psuedo-tudung on the arm of her batik-clad husband.Observers were enthralled with the PRESENCE and poor Siti had to smile through her entire meal as folks took turns standing behind her for a memorable pic. When the very single, very elligible Siti married her aging Datuk K, some folks were outraged by the age disparity and there was a general feeling that Siti could have done much better than this. Pahang is deeply proud of her and it's nice to see Siti mixing with the local folks on a Sunday afternoon in May. ( Note My mother who is only mildly affected by fame and who lives a fairly normal life in the great Malaysian outback features in this picture).

Sunday, May 17, 2009


For a ridiculous price of RM8, I now own a copy of the Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown. If you look at the list of acknowledgements ...( it's a pretty long list ) this woman certainly had a huge number of sources. And so, just who is this Tina Brown person? Is she able to give us a different story from Andrew Morton and Paul Burrell? Some parts are funny.

"You're my rock", Burrell insist he was Diana's rock.
"You're wearing my frock" this possibly what she said instead?

I think I'm going to enjoy reading Brown's chronicles. It's different.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The weekend arrives...

After 5 days of work, you'ld welcome a little respite. Which is eggs-actly what the next two days will be for.If you are one of those who have been sold on the myth of " sleeping in during the weekends is brilliant"....this is not true. Imagine this, you peeling your eyes open, the silence hits you, you pottering about the house...and making breakfast ( and brush teeth but that's obvious so we don't elborate )...and you watching the sun mark the start of a glorious Saturday morning to be spent solely as you please. What a way to start the weekend:)

Books Galore

The booksale started yesterday but I missed it as a result of poor time management and at least two unexpected events popping up at the eleventh hour. Added to that, it poured yesterday which made the roads wet and Malaysians do love slowing down even for a puddle.( I'm still unsure of the actual reason, if your entire car is already wet, would some more water make a difference?) I drove home hungry, cold and a tad crabby. Today was in comparison a better day. these are my books ( strictly Chic Lit ) bought from the sale this evening. I would have bought more if I 'd succeeded in snagging a box to store the wares. ALL of the above for a mere RM 160. Are you jealous yet??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday evening blues...

It's 10:46pm on a Sunday evening. Just about the right time that I get the usual nausea induced by the thought the weekend is for all intense and purposes OVER!! Back to work tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day :)

Happy mother's day:) This is mum standing beside her flowers. She's still waiting to come in first for this year's garden competition.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sleepers Awake

Cantata No.140: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme This is the best known of the 5 cantatas written by Bach. ( The baroque period ..yes I've been doing my reading ) It was written for a special feast day in the Lutheran calendar.... the 27th Sunday after Trinity. Easter varies in date each year. Dates affected by this moveable feast are Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, Easter, Pentecost and Holy Trinity. And so, this feast occurs only when Easter is very early. Otherwise the new lithurgical year begins ( the first Sunday of Advent ) before the 27th Sunday is reached. So maybe because it occurs so rarely, Bach decided to go really big and summon up all his older works, recycle bits of it...and give us this really lovely Cantata. When you hear it, you'll stare for a while without realising your soul is being touched. That's the power of Bach for you:)
Click HERE for a link to hear a sample of this song.

Bloody warm...

I've been arriving back home well after the sun goes down. So it was odd that I would feel warm even after a cold shower. If I had more time, I certainly could have analysed the situation. But instead, it's only today I realise, that yes the weather has been warmer than usual. Someone has turn up the thermostat. And would that person mind terribly turning it down a notch? I don't fancy having a staggering electricity bill for the month. ( The air conditioners have been overworked this week) My poor finances...

Thursday, May 07, 2009


All these books, and so little time to read. The days end with my falling asleep mid-sentence on the same page from the night before and it starts when the second alarum clock rings. I sit up and take at least 1 minute to locate the nasty object. And then the days starts off...whether you like it or not. New obsession ( no longer canon in D ...but Wachet Auf by Bach) That song has been playing in my head since the weekend.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Public Transport

If I had known the roads would be nice and easy to drive thru, I would have parked at Berjaya Times Square and this would have saved me the bother of taking public transport from Sg Wang Plaza to Berjaya. Where was everybody? The car purred ( with a little gurgling from time to time ) through Jalan Sultan Ismail, and vroomed its way to the little alley where you see the Old Chang Kee stall.

Chick Flick

Can you name some chick flicks? It's harder than you think by the way. Inspired by being quizzed a few evenings back, I got the DVD "Chocolat" . The verdict.....better than I thought. Being chick flick it was predictable and came with the obligatory happy ending. Just what you need for a long weekend. 8/10. I'm deducting two marks for pairing up Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. ...I don't think the sparks were believable.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Occasionally the local CD shop brings in some old movies. About a year back I got the old version of "Little Women" which I enjoyed very much. Then the trend veered towards new hip movies for a while. And I hunted in vain for further titles to buy.
Today, I got lucky and found "Suspicion" on the shelf along with "Dial M For Murder", "War and Peace"..and other classics. I am looking forward to settling down in front of the TV to enjoy good acting and some drama.

Korean condiments

We ate at a new joint. But I suspect the management is the same as a previous restaurant based in Ampang. Less Koreans eating.( More to do with the location of the place rather than the quality of food.) How do you judge a korean restaurant? 2 things to consider really. One is the number of patrons who're actually korean. And the other is the quality of the in-house kimchi. It should NOT be watered down to suit the Malaysian tastebuds. Keep the zInG!!! My only complain was that I reeked of barbecued pork on leaving. And the car smelt of it too. When you're pretty full, this may trigger a slight nauseous feeling.