Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soong Ai Ling

Picture taken at Bangsar Village II
Did a double-take and caught this picture. Well well, Malaysian stars are learning to diversify their income and not rely on just their face and wit. The problem is, this shop looks too posh and I wouldn't enter if I have less than a hundred ringgit in my pocket. I can't explain why there were folks sitting outside and staring in. With envy? I know Ai Ling wouldn't be doing my pedicure. ( laugh )

It's Sunday evening. Time to unwind, and let the mind go blank. The plan is for an early night but I'm not sure how that's going to work out. Wish me luck

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Needed: a comfy chair...and a foot massage

Picture of chair...taken at Laura Ashley. (Lovely prints)
It's Saturday evening. It stormed yesterday and as a result the sky en route to work this morning, looked clear and clean. There was a jam. No direct obstacle on the road, the usual Malaysian mentality ( and I'm sure this disease extends across the border to Singapore as well ) of slowing down to take a good proper look at the scene of a accident was the cause of the slow crawl along Jalan Kuching. Very annoying. Today seems to be the day for being caught in a jam. Travelling back from work also took a longer time than usual despite it being a Saturday afternoon. So now, what's needed is some well deserved rest and me being in a horizontal so. ( difficult to blog with mac on the tummy..the heat stalls the flow of words)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Okay here goes the gripe. Florsheim does not make shoes ( at least I was told this ) in my size for this particular casual type of shoe. And so I save money but feel cheated out of a lovely purchase and the lovely feel-good-factor that comes along with it. Doris doris....I want / I need.... ! Click HERE for more details on doris.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Accidents cause traffic

Despite leaving home early for work, there was a slow crawl. For the first 700m from home, cars moved slowly and the motorcyclists did their usual annoying weaving in and out and honking whenever they consider the cars getting in their way. ( roll eyes ) Because the roads dip down and up I saw the cause of it all. It appeared initially to be a stalled car. What was odd was that the TWO lanes weren't moving, leaving the cars on the extreme right two lanes ( it's a 4 lane main thoroughfare through the city centre ) being forced to go to the left. One puddle of water on the road is sufficient to cause a backlog of traffic for miles behind so I'm guessing even as I type, that the two closed lanes would be the cause of many many folks being late for work this am. What a way to start Monday morning.

The cause: an accident involving a car ( back of which was mildly dented ) and a motorcylist whose motorcycle was badly damaged and lying partly under the car from behind. The motorcyclist was lying to the left of the car still on the ground but moving all 4 limbs with his helmut still on his head. Moral of the story....motorcyclists should mind their manners on the road and not try crazy stunts.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

you know you're busy when...

1. your iron goes bust on you...and you've yet to buy a replacement.
2. You sleep before you get to send off an email.
3. The next morning, you wonder why you haven't gotten an answer to your email
4. The house is a mess and you're okay with it.
5. Laundry basket is over flowing, you see it, sigh ...but do nothing more.
6. Your to-do-list is non existent. You have no energy to write because you no longer see its use.
7.You have not shopped ....and the thought of shopping makes you tired rather than excited.

.....7 signs of bad time management:)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The end of the day

Picture taken from room at Colmar.
I have not been this tired since...I don't know when.

Monday, October 04, 2010

We all fail exams sometimes...aargh aargh

taken from schoolgate
Violin exam results are out. No good news I'm afraid. I failed. ( to be read in a resigned tone of voice with a tinge of sadness). Of course putting things in perspective, I probably deserve the marks I got having shown a lack of commitment early on only to furiously practise in the last month before the exams. And yes that blasted sigh-singing was painful. ( for the examiner as well I gather she's seen fit that I repeat this exam) Dun fret I shan't be hurling self over any window/cliff any time soon. Life goes on....and apparently workload piling in the to-do corner goes on and on and on. An idle mind sees fit to sink into depression but a busy mind has no time for such an indulgence. An awakening.....:) I plan to the new year. And with a better game plan ie actually setting some time to practise regularly. As for the singing bit....*shake head*...that's going to take SOME practise. Hee hee.

Pseudo taiwanese food

View of the restaurant....lime green theme

salted chicken rice with taiwanese kim chi ( bleah)
Dinner was not tasty. In fact it was rather tasteless except for the kim chi which was sour and left a tinge of I'm-not-sure what in my mouth. Most unpleasant. I suspect this is not the real taiwanese flavour but the Malaysian-version of taiwanese food which has succeeded in  giving it a bad name.  Fusion food is acceptable ( pasta zamnai as an example) but cooking your own sorry version and palming it off as the real mccoy is mean. I would ( on behalf of malaysians ) like to apologise for misrepresenting the taiwanese cuisine and giving it a bad name.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

For ...a city escape Colmar Tropicale

Almost forgotten by most tourist and tourist agents ( I blame the more famous Genting Highlands for this ) , on a hill 270 m above sea level sits Colmar Tropicale. It may interest you to know that Colmar was built based on a real French village. Set among the natural forest of Pahang you first get a glimpse of these very unMalaysian like architecture as you near the peak. The selection of colours are brilliant. You can see the faces of folks staring in awe at the buildings as they walk down the street. My last visit doesn't count because I can't remember anything about it at all. Which made this experience the weekend lovely. We were attending a writing retreat which wasn't half as stressful as the earlier meeting in the week re curriculum review.  

Friday, October 01, 2010

Georgetown scores yet again

Kuew Teow sup
Georgetown is not as well known as Paparich. Certainly less catchy name. I had dinner at Paparich last night ( half a thumb up) and had this at Georgetown this today ( two thumbs up). These two shops are side by side. And most times, Paparich is overflowing and georgetown is not. So if you next see a branch of this ( haven't seen it anywhere else) have a meal.