Thursday, May 31, 2012

Couldn't find blog this morning

I had a mini panic attack a few minutes ago when I wanted to do a quick post and couldn't find my blog. When I clicked on my bookmark Safari said " This blog has been deleted". So this is possibly what has happened. I had to open my gmail account on a pc in one of the wards to check my verifcation code for a different system. Possibly the password has been saved there and my gmail account has been accessed by someone other than myself. Aaaargh! I logged into gmail and was forced to change my passwork. And the inbox showed weird failed sent messages to some of my contacts. I saw this a few days ago and didn't think much about it. I should have. So if you have abnormal acitivity noted in my gmail account please change your password immediately. And now...time for a working Thursday. Oooo after this scare, most things bad will pale in comparison. Happy Working Thursday...we're almost into the weekend hang in there a bit longer. (Pssst !! I have now managed to jog > 3km in my new shoes)

Monday, May 28, 2012


Have you ever enjoyed a Monday morning drive to work? Today was just such a day. The school holidays has started and we can safely expect less cars on the road in the next 2 weeks. Arrived too early at work but clocked in around the usual time thanks to the lovely mega-slow lifts we seem to be saddled with currently. There's some major renovation on the same floor as our office and the route from lift to the front door is now half the size. ( Literally!) There's a lot of knocking and hammering, the walls are up, there's fine ( and I really mean fine) specks of cement flying about in the air. And today there was a door placed somewhere along the wall....leaving not doubt there will be an office in what was once an empty space on level 8. Progress?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My new nike shoes

New pair Bought 26th May 2012
Old pair Oct 2011- May 2012
This was the closest I could find to the original version of my lost shoe. Bought this at "Stadium" at Pavillion. The man who served me was absolutely brilliant. And so I walked out of the shop a much happier person:)

I lost my shoes

Sombody stole my lovely pair of nike shoes from my condo. These shoes were light and easy to wear. And it cost quite a bit and I miss them already. May the person who pinch it never have a moment's rest from today. And also..may his/her toes rot

Friday, May 25, 2012

Two books worth reading maybe

 Picture taken at Borders the Gardens in April during one of my rare visits there. I think I was looking for a present for mum and ended up at borders browsing. Elizabeth Noble writes well. I've read most of her books and liked them. So I'll most likely enjoy this too. The other entitled Jerusalem had such an attractive title I picked a stool and tiptoed to get it down and have a quick flick. I think it was more than 40 ringgit so I left it. No books...until I've read all my old ones. But I broke my promise to self today. Bought a book. Am being punished ...because the book is absolute rubbish

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eat Food Village

The best fried kuey teow. ( sorry i gobbled it up before I realise I wanted a picture of it)
 If you are interested in some tasty hawker food in a rather posh area but sold at an agreeable price, then you may want to set your GPS for Publika Solaris Dutamas. It's a new area and most shoplots are still empty. So it's not a place to do major shopping. Great open space with interesting arty farty stuff arranged periodically along the way inside the building. The food court is nice. Once again space is more than adequate and the seating doesn't feel cramp at all.
The crowds of hungry folks
In fact the few times I've been here it's appeared empty. But on Sunday I finally met the crowd.
Ample space
 It's at the lower ground floor just below Bens and you have many stalls to choose from. What I wouldn't recommend is the Yam Rice. Tried that once and it was tasteless. The yong tau foo is yum. And the fried kuew teow is AMAZING!
The chicken rice stall. FINISHED!!
 The chicken rice is pretty good too.  Things I have yet to try, wanton mee, bak kut teh, some porridge thing and there's a new stall right at the end which I  didn't get a chance to see properly last Sunday
Chatime for drinks
 Bubble tea is everywhere...and it is indeed at Publika as well. Pretty good business!!!
An interesting and colourful mural
 This mural is new. It's very vibant. This is at the main entrance to the food court
The entrance to the foodcourt

The dread of the aural exam

Last week, the teacher finally managed to get her way ( I've been making various excuses) and got me to do part of my aural training. *ouch* The singing the melody was easier in grade 6. Singing the lower part of the melody requires special powers of hearing. I don't have that. Identifying the cadences is slightly better. Sigh-singing was and will continue to be an uphill task. So what I did was to buy some specimen ABRSM aural training for grade 7 on Sunday.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Explain this

Oh my .....what have we here? At a glance it looks like lacy socks and clogs...but I'm taking my time now to have a good look. The lace bits are (gasp) actually attached to the clogs. The pop socks look a little saggy or is it just me? such pair of legs at Solaris Dutamas. Reason: to be hip. Action taken: sneak a shot for my blog.


 I bought some weights last week. Haven't used them. A bit scared they might render me handicapped for life. I'll test them on my legs first I think.
Kate Spade has arrived in KLCC!! Woot! I want a Kate Spade purse. May I may I?

Welcome to the clinical year ...!!

I would like to welcome the year 3 students to PPUKM and to the start of their clinical life with us. It's a year of adjustment and headache with many fatalities at the end of this academic year. I hope we mantain our standards and go on producing thinking doctors with probing minds:)

The masters in internal medicine 2012

 Even though there's the MRCP exam and the MRCI exam, Malaysia has their own specialisation programme. It is 4 years long and you go through the subspecialities in your second and third year. The final year is spent in doing your thesis and writing it up. We have just completed the part 2 and part 3 exam for the mmed programme last week. My role was that of the time-keeper. Which was okay after the first three rings and I got the hang of it
Here's my bell which was loud but not loud enough. We had a central bell this year rather than individual timers which meant the exam ended on time. No lolling about and extending time for some examiners. Congratulations to the new specialists.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Interesting sightings at Plaza Damas

 I went to Plaza Damas to get new strings....( didn't get them here) and I saw this instead. Right on the ground floor just in front of Caring Pharmacy were stacks of chairs and a mini stage with this written.
Add caption
And here is the longest batik hung from the top floor. Pretty nice don't you think? It made the place look very nice and cheerful.
And this is what we saw heading out to the violin shop...a pink contraption lure you into this and get a make-o-ver. No takers....and you wonder why. Nobody fancies being dolled up like Barbie on a Sunny hot Saturday morning

Carismen Dolce has moved!

Violins in the air
My "E" string snapped yesterday during my frantic last minute practise session with great emphasis on the E string. After messing the place in the process of finding some extra strings ( which I remembered stuffing somewhere ) I found my old "E" string. Then of course the next big step was doing it on my own. Never before...and never again. I sat on the floor because I had visions of the violin springing from my hand and landing on the floor. ( The first violin suffered just such a fate)

And so today I made my way to Plaza Damas to have the instrument re-strung and strings changed. They are NO LONGER at Plaza Damas. I called..and the very pleasant girl emailed me the directions. So after lolling about and doing my nails I made it to the new place. Rather dodgy drive there but the actual shop is lovely. Parking was easy and the place felt safe and quiet. I bought my present violin from this shop. And the people and owner especially are lovely people. It's a great place to go if you're interested in violins and want to purchase one without feeling that you're being pushed into buying something you don't want.

Here's the new address:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Addicted to bubbly water

Currently addicted to this bubbly water:) two thumbs up for it.

Dome's delights

Spaghetti ( sweetish yuck!)
My usual order at dome would be cafe latte if its late and we're there mainly for some unwinding and light gossip. If we're earlier...or if we're famished spicy olio with beef bacon bits.( 10/10). The pie used to be nice until one fateful evening when I had to eat my way through some sourish dough and vowed never again will I put my stomach through such a badly done pie.  Creamy seafood pasta is good. WNN used to order that quite frequently. Other things worth mentioning would be the fish and chips. That's passable.
Pale pizza for the brave
Now these two beauties are new to my palate. What a sight indeed!! I'm going to have to say " I shan't be ordering these anytime at all...and please do not order this if you happen to eat at DOME" the service at the Curve was very good. Prompt and no funny fake american accents:)

See the similarity...


Please have a good look at these two dresses and see how similar they are. Different brands and different materials. The Monsoon version was a little stiffer and would puff out when worn giving you that greese-dancing-look. Jaspal's version is made out of soft jersey material and sits very well. Beware it can show off some unsightly lumps if you're not wearing the "proper" attire underneath. Price difference was RM 200 extra for one of them. Guess which...( I forget now actually but I'm almost certain the Monsoon version came at a higher price)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What size are you?

Size one 

Size three
I am of course a size 5 squeezed into a size 3:)


I collect my cake later today from celicakes hartamas. Mother's day cake. Tiramisu...i think.oh dear!!!i've forgitten what i ordered. But whatever the cake....its guranteed to be yummy:) Happy mother's day!!!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

mini clogs

These were bought in Melaka!!!!

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Monday, May 07, 2012

Nails and matching Baju

By sheer coincidence my nail art for this week matched what I wore perfectly!!!! Amazing yes?

Friday, May 04, 2012

Interesting shop fronts! ( Melaka..!)

Nice doors!
These pictures are shops along the way along Jonker street which really should be pedestranized on weekends. The road is very narrow and even walking single-file you feel very close to death when a car comes whizzing pass you.
A bit of greenery 
 I kept AJ back a bit because I was either busy updating my status on foursquare ( the novelty of getting a data package after simply ages shows ) or taking pictures of anything remotely exciting.
Old tiles...if only they could tell their story...
These tiles are nice and faded. Worn down by how many hundreds of feet spanning a few decades.
Protecting self against the HOT scorching sun
AJ took this picture. the umbrella is actually a dead-boring grey with red insides which shows up VERY well in this picture. You can only guess how awfully warm I must be feeling ...with jeans and a shirt rather than shorts and a loose top. I slathered ( 3 X in total) SPF on my face to ward off the freckles and (gasp) pigmentation. I'm carrying my latest longchamp.

Equatorial Hotel Melaka

The last time I was here was during my housemanship. A group of friends and I had high tea and I paid for valet parking for the first ( and last) time.
A nice sunny Sunday morning in Melaka

Parking coupons!

Positioned like be seen clearly!
Happy Friday everyone. It's almost the weekend I can already feel the winding down mode coming over me. Wooo!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Traffic jam

I need to do a post on slow traffic on the road. This morning, despite leaving the house earlier than usual, I arrived a good 30 minutes later. Tidal wave along Jalan Loke Yew to accommodate for the larger traffic flowing from seremban towards the city centre means my route to work sees me driving through at some point in one lane. Now imagine if you can, that one lane being blocked by a stationary car. You would have cars forced to stay still for a bit. And as the traffic grows the jam increases. So please, I think the government should rethink our public transport ( make it more accessible and cheaper) so the roads won't be full of cars.