Saturday, January 30, 2010


I got a starbucks Christmas Mug for my birthday. What was extra nice was, I had been seen fondling them just about every visit to Starbucks and when I finally wanted them. They were gone! So it was a lovely surprise and an appropriate gift. Am slurping soya-bean with less sugar from it as I type away this evening. I like my mug!!!

Bought this evening!!!

Here's a link to this book Miss Hargreaves
This was right at the bottom shelf at TIME Bookstore. The shelves above housed books by Jeffrey Archer, Cecelia Ahern, Lucy Cavendish etc. This is the wonderful thing about having time to browse. You walk about  and your eyes see beyond the usual range. How else would I have seen this book? Haven't started reading it yet. But it's already unwrapped and sitting on the dining table, together with Maeve Binchy's " The Return Journey". It's nice to know that when I've finished reading Elizabeth Noble, there will be no void and the reading will continue seamlessly with either Binchy or Baker.

To ipad or Not

Apple iPad, originally uploaded by iLounge.

Seeing as the resistance to changing from CELCOM to MAXIS is strong. Very strong. I have little choice but to forgo my dream of owning an iphone...for now. Until which time Maxis decides to be generous and allow celcom all the perks it holds. Then comes the new toy with all the hype. Ipad. I haven't actually seen or held the thing but just the idea of a bigger version of a iphone seems weird. Keyboards should be tap tap not touch screen. Truth or myth
1. You cannot multi task on the ipad
2. The touch screen keyboard will drive you crazy
3. Battery may be a problem
4. There is no camera. ( Okay this may not be a problem for me)

Must watch

Meryl Streep is a good good actress. But I like the future son-in-law best; Harley. A mother of three has been divorced for ten years.  The children are all grown up. Throw in an architect aka Steve Martin and yes things get complicated when the ex-husband falls for the ex-wife who is curious to know whether things are left unsaid. The architect also falls for the same woman. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Long wait

Patience is a virtue. PAH! How long should you wait for a reply from a journal re acceptance or rejection?  Rejection is swift they say. ( They meaning collectively the folks I've asked ) The longer the better? I disagree. The longest is one whole bloody year. Which is unacceptable. They returned it claiming it was unsuitable for their journal. In the meantime, life goes on. I am now on page 50 of " The Girl  Next Door by Elizabeth Noble. Slow slow slow progress because this week has been surprisingly busy. It's Friday and this is the time to unwind. We have a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday. Picture is of self.....taken at the Pavillion. The drums were left on their own whilst the mock dragon dance folks went to presumably pee. It looked so tempting I just had to DRUM on one of them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's talk about food

One is an old favourite and the other a new find. Roti Telur has I'm sure like a zillion calories. Fried Kailan could possibly have maybe 100,000 calories less. They are both proof of how the human mind when challenged can concoct a dish and make it a favourite.  One of the sustaining pleasures of the roti telur would be it's egg-oh taste which is teamed with a crispy batter. And depending on your taste buds and how tolerant they are to spices, when you dip this in curry and tuck is truly divine. Alas like all things tasty, it has the potential to clog up your arteries in no time at all. Best take a statin after this meal.  For the past year, I have been amazed by the fact that I have lived on this earth THAT many years and have only discovered this dish fried kailan. Shame on you, if you're guilty of knowing of this dish and keeping mum about it. It has the crunchiness of the japanese seaweed but oh it tastes a million times better. YUM

Monday, January 25, 2010

Do something silly a day.

How's that for a challenge....I put on lipstick and powder right smack in he middle of crowds of folks jostling to get their photos taken with the cherry blossom at the main shopping centre The Pavillion. Picture taken by Dad...who certainly took his time focusing causing some folks to stare a bit. The good thing about not caring is that I wasn't too bothered ( ok maybe a little) and continued dolling-up in full view of the crowd.

I've finished my book!!

If you only do one thing this week - pick up a paperback and read. I've always liked reading fiction. I've just completed " In my sister's shoes" by Sinead Moriaty. And am currently at the stage where you're a little sad the book has ended. Oh boy, I wish I could write a book, have someone read it and say the same thing. She's a fine example of a good story-teller. You pick a simple plot and write it as it is in plain simple English. Moriaty's other book " Keeping it in the family" was just as enjoyable as this. And onto another book, a choice between Elizabeth Noble or Maeve Binchy.

Pussy Willow

Just as we usher the new year in, we're about to experience another new year in two weeks time. Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's day. A bummer for the florists who ( according to my mother, who quoted the papers) have predicted a drop in sales. Everybody will be back for the reunion dinner. Unless you're married, it will be hard to squeeze a quick romantic meal with your beloved this Valentines. Flowers will have to wait. And as we know, delayed gifts usually like the snowball effect, get bigger and better.

The shopping malls are decorated for Chinese New Year. Pavillion's decoration features the pussy willow. ( An awful name really if you think about it, said in a different intonation, it can sound vulgar). There were loads of pussy willows in front of the main entrance of the Pavillion...and quite a bit of red Lanterns hung from very high up. I'm still undecided ...whether I actually like it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Has the second wave of H1N1 arrive?

Do not hit the panic button. Not yet at least. There is a patient admitted to the ward which is confirmed positive for H1N1. So the next logical thought is, has the second wave arrive? I'm not sure to be perfectly honest. But I do know that there are more sniffles about town. And I am down with a second bout of flu in the same month. What bad luck. Better stock up on those vitamin Cs. Desperate days ahead. I've practised better hand hygiene and tried as much as I could, not to touch the face after examining patients but alas, the sorethroat which developed 5 days ago has stubbornly stayed on. At least this time, I'm still energetic enough to hoover.

How often does the "E" strong snap....

TWANG!!!! In a split second, my vigorous violin practise session ended. There was a 5 second silence....before I realised what had happen. Damm  strong snapped. A first time ever for me. And the string was changed after my exam last year which was in August, making it barely 5 months old. Overuse I hear you say? Nonsense. Oh dear, oh dear....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I attend a wedding

I spent a pleasant Saturday morning, initially pottering about the apartment doing silly things at a slow sedate weekend-pace. Just about ten am-ish I started the usual mad rush getting ready to go out. To my horror the cheong sam I had ear marked for the morning was NOT to be found. Well, you can imagine the agitation. I frantically sms-ed the friend saying I would be late in picking her up...having now the monumental task of finding something decent which would fit. She replied..." Don't worry, neither of us is the bride" HAHAHA. So I settled for a red print wrapabout dress which was snug but not tight. After the wedding mass, we managed to get ourselves ridiculously lost in Petaling Jaya. I swear we went round in circles before ending up on the Federal Highway.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Out for lunch on Friday:)

I had an interesting lunch this afternoon at Ibunda ( which means mum in old classic Malay language...correct me if I am wrong). Ibunda is an interesting restaurant. It has some of the features you expect from an old bungalow like high ceilings and really old fashion tiles on the floor.As you walk up the stairs you can a sense that this was once a grand house, occupied possibly by a wealthy family and with a few generations living in the one house. The floors creak as you walk on them, which is nice. Please understand that I am not saying creaky floors are lovely. The creak just adds authenticity to the old-ness of the building. The picture is the drink we were served during lunch. Most of us left it after three to four small sips. I suspect the tadpole lookalike swimming in a sea of red wasn't too appealing. 


Just got a reminder that I promised to give a tutorial on Sleep this pm:) Oh dear. I fished my dog-eared notes out. 2007...that was when I attended a sleep course. ( And got teased from some folks re title of course). OSA is an important and often over looked diagnosis. Hope I get to squeeze in some re-reading of material before the tutorial. In the meantime, it is the start of Friday morning...and the promise of a glorious weekend ahead. Nice

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I will be reading this weekend...

I have a new book to read. Yay!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What an experience

I got a birthday treat this evening. Dinner at Delicious which is a pretty decent place to eat because they serve great pate and banoffee pie. The evening started off well, we got a place to sit and our orders were taken by a helpful waitress. As luck would have it, I sat with a view of the selection of deserts. And spotted to my dismay one solitary banoffee pie left. Being maybe just a little bit kiasu, I very quickly asked for the pie to be sent to the table for after dinner.  The dinner itself was uneventful. The pate had improved somewhat by at least 4 notches since I last had it. And the capers they served weren't shriveled out but pretty firm and juicy. It was when I decided to have the pie that the trouble started. You see, nobody wanted to give us the pie. We ordered. And waited. And I watched the pie sitting quite firmly and stubbornly in its place. There was a lot of movement at the counter, but none directed to the pie. So knowing very well I have no super powers, it looked as if the pie wasn't to be. A second waitress came by the table. This only after we waved our hands off our bodies. She said there was no more banoffee pie. Liar!! I moved 2 cm to my left and saw the pie sitting sneering at me. I pointed, she pointed. But nothing moved. We walked to point and she said the sides were a little crumbly so she said there wasn't any. We insisted we wanted it anyway. She nodded and left. And there started the long wait for the pie. After a bit, it all got a little too frustrating. The friend walked to the counter and inquired what the problem was. He sat back. And there was some discussion where presumably the blame was passed from one personnel to another. We got the apologies ...but from the lovely waitress who served us initially and not from the culprit who started all this the second clueless waitress.

But I must end on a positive note, the pie was lovely, the company was very nice. And so I had an eventful but enjoyable birthday dinner.

Wonky internet

I wonder whether we are the only ones saddled with a temperamental internet connection service in the entire Klang Valley. This is me, at the end of a frustrating day where all attempts to log on and enter data on the RDC were foiled by the page doing a standstill after logging on and fishing out the file. How annoying is that? Very ...that's the answer. So no, it was not a productive day at all. I did little work. And this was no fault of mine. Plans for today include, making a list of alternative things to do should the internet ( very likely ) connection cease to function completely. ( There is no sound-proof room at lugging the violin to work and squeezing in a spot of practise ..sadly is not a feasible alternative to work.) Oh well, looks like I'll have to sit down and tidy up the mess in the room and prepare some lecture slides.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red Velvet ....from Gourmet

TWO Reasons why you should spend RM 7:90 for this cupcake.
1. The contrasting colours are LOVELY. Frushcia topped with creamy white icing. Who can resist this.
2. It is moist and EVERY bite leaves you wanting more. I'm speak the truth. ( Look at the picture....there are no tell tale crumbs despite peeling the sides off.
( This is an interesting link for more on red velvet.)

Famous Roles of Red Velvet Cake

Traffic jam

Car park, originally uploaded by wajakemek | rashdanothman.
Since the start of 2009, I haven't been stuck in any traffic jam. No monumental move on the part of the government to sort this out. I merely choose to head home earlier....when the sun is shining. And for some weird reason, ( I've only found this out this year) everybody else chooses to leave slightly later..maybe because they need to divert to pick the kids up from school, or from the babysitters....

CNY Teddies at Coffee Bean

We were met with 4 teddies at the counter. One of which had been undressed. I suspect by the little boy whose table faced the counter. It takes a very special person indeed to dress teddy back without a second thought as we wait for our orders to be taken. Thank you WNN

Sunday, January 17, 2010

You can have it too...

What do you think of when you hear this being spoken aloud... " Princess Grace"? If amongst the long list, you do think of the kelly bag, well here's your chance of owning one without having to 1. wait a long time. Apparently the waiting list can be months even years. 2. You don't have to mortgage the apartment to own one.  Just click on the Hermes' website. And if you 're one of those ( urgh) nasties with good origami skills, this is ust for you I think.  I want a Kelly bag. Now!!
What has spurred this on, is the rumour of an impending divorce of Princess Caroline of Monaco. Ernst of Hanover caught with the younger caroline lookalike in Thailand. How much hurtful can that be? The curse of the Grimaldi's ....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The general idea is the less sunlight you get, the higher the chance you'll sink into depression. And so as the days gets shorter, and presumably the temperature drops ( this has not been correlated to depression as yet but I'm adding it in anyway) your ability to be happy decreases. I wonder whether possibly, there may be the opposite of this phenomenon. This observation is obviously not gauged from the days in tropical sunny Malaysia. Although we do get those rainy wet prolonged days where it's basically pouring with rain 24 hours. We could argue that would be a good reason to be depress, clothes can't dry, flash floods mess up the traffic. You get wet walking from carpark to work.Unless you're lucky enough to get underground parking, and if so, the horror of a mini flood drowning the car then becomes your primary concern.

As a student, the start of sunny weather marked the begining not just of the glorious summer holidays ahead, but the dread of the upcoming summer exams BEFORE you get your holidays. Winter ironically meant the start of the academic year where the pace is nice and slow, lectures are nice and muddly and nobody cares at that point whether they actually understand the notes they're so busy jotting down. There's my explanation for why I like those wet, dull days.
Picture taken in my "office" The mess is all mine. 


I got rid of the last fungi-fied color after it got such unfavourable reviews. This new shade has an undertone of deep dark green. Over it on the two big toes were added some sparkly bits. And finally the lovely lady at the shop added little weeny spots in the shape of flowers.....making the end product extremely pleasing to the eye.

Friday, January 15, 2010

George Winston's Variations in Canon

If you haven't heard this version, please "youtube" it. Back in the dark ages, where pirated MP3 was sold in Sg Wang plaza openly, I got myself a couple of 'em. It was stashed in the drawer below the dvd player for the longest time. Until I got the ipod touch. Then the urge to fill the gadget with songs made me download EVERYthing I could get my hands on into the machine. And THIS is how I got to listen to this lovely piece of music. Towards the end of 2009, I got the music score. It doesn't work very well on the violin but if you can master it on the will sound pretty darn good.
Pssst...and you may want to listen to "Joy". Absolutely brilliant!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just back from violin class..the first for 2010

( Just a quick note before I retire to bed and watch some stuff on my macbook)

The three songs which I will probably be sick of by August are:

  1.  Allergo. 4th movement from Sonata in D, HWV 371,Op.1 No 13 by Handel
  2.  Non giova Il sospirar by Donizetti
  3.  Youngsters' Dance. No 19 from 24 easy little concert pieces by Szelenyi
Song number two sounded like a post infectious mononucleosis infected  duck with a sore throat when I played it to the teacher just now. More work to be done!!!


A belated post re Ikea for Anna:)

Why is that I have much more space than this...*wave hands in air*...but still find it difficult to stash my stuff? More shelves? I need covered up shelves otherwise I would spend the weekends dusting.

It's a myth white gets dirty faster. It does not! It just makes the dirt appear faster to the human eye. I like this because of the lighting. Nice and cosy. Hmmm...time to finally buy that bulb which blew two years ago. ( proscrastination is my middle name)

Spot the weeny chair at the far end. I have exactly the same chair in my own apartment. I love that chair. It's just the right height cos I have slightly ( very slightly) shorter legs than most folks so sitting on normal chairs makes my legs ache. This is low enough for me to have my soles firmly planted on the ground should I choose to.

Look at the throngs of folks....this is the cafe at Ikea. Amazingly crowded. We didn't fancy mingling and elbowing our way to food. ( Ate somewhere quieter)

 And most certainly will not get ( am I right anna?) in Ikea in Sweden. Chinese New Year Themed-bedroom slippers. I forced my mum to get a pair. HAHA.

Room with a view

I share the room I call my office with a person who delights in sunsets without whom surely I would never have bothered looking out the window one evening to take this delightful sunset. Isn't this just gorgeous? As a general rule, I do not care much for sunsets, far from making me happy, it always makes me feel a little like you feel when you're at a new school and you suddenly miss home and wished you were safe in bed with your favourite snoopy. I'm a MORNING person. I love the sky when it goes the opposite of a the day brightens...I get a warm fuzzy feeling that everything will be all right with the world.

Thursday update

Thursday will involve a spot of clinic preceeded if memory serves correct by a short meeting. I received a memo yesterday. One of the dreaded things of visiting the pidgeon hole at work is exactly this. Memos instructing you to attend a meeting. These are sent out the day before and can potentially ruin your well planned plans for prolonged lunch and other work-related chores. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reading Material for This Week is...

I bought this on Sunday. It's been slow-going so far. Largely to blame for this, is the new resolution of practising the violin for hours and hours and certainly not the fault of the book. I need to think of another way of getting a balance proportion of stuff to do. Wouldn't want to turn into one of those unfortunate souls, who take months to finish a book. And then complain it wasn't interesting enough. Hmm! The other MUST-DO thing this month is to try and organize the book shelf and ( shudder ) consider chucking some books out. There is little space left  and the books have spilled over onto the dining table and the bedroom. The urge to tidy comes after a visit to Ikea. As always I come home and stand and stare at my mess and wishing I had less of it.

How many hours..

One site which I found by chance told me this, if you have ambitions to be a better violinist and you're above the age of 18....the NET practise time is 4-5 hours. OUCH! I managed a measely 1.3 hours yesterday cumulatively. So I'm going to have to work harder to get there today. ( Woke up there goes the 30 min before work....gah!)

Things to give up:
1. Egg collecting on facebook
2. Playing games on the Mac ( I'll just cut down...can't go cold turkey)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I can continue reading ..." the Inheritance"

Captivating, originally uploaded by scochrancpslo.

I thought Id lost my book. Left it at the Mamak restaurant after feasting on Maggi Goreng a couple of weeks back in December. As luck would have it, I didn't realise it until a couple of days later. And the work started piling up, and the holidays were here. I was away. One thing led to another and it's been almost three weeks since I left my story book " The Inheritance" behind. ( I'd given up hoping that I would get the book back.) I went to have maggi goreng with no expectations this evening.

I had a lovely surprise. The man who served me said "buku buku". He took my order and then preceeded to rummage at the shelves behind the cashier. The rummaging went on for a bit. Two other helpers came to help. ( They main suggested loudly in tamil where it could be while the poor chap hunted for the book). After a good 10 minutes...he said the boss had taken the book back for safe- keeping and could I come by tomorrow he would have it for me. Isn't that SWEET? I promised I would be back Saturday to collect my book ...and to have another maggi goreng

Maxis conquers it all....

iPhone 3GS by Maxis, originally uploaded by haniph.

I thought buying an iphone would be a piece of cake once you get to gripes with the idea of forking out slightly over two thousand ringgit for a phone. It most certainly is NOT! I may have vaguely been aware of this fact before but now I'm FULLY aware that Maxis has the sole power of shipping them iphones onto Malaysian shores and we get the privilege of owning an iphone only if we use MAXIS. A huge problem on my part. I need to get used to the idea that the iphone for all intense and purposes belongs to Maxis and not APPLE. ( It's a bit like saying the grass is actually blue rather than green.) I'll come to terms with this mid 2010. In the meantime, whilst my head spins, I shall have to reconsider my decision. A little bird reminded me that perhaps a newer Iphone may hit the market mid 2010 and maybe Maxis will allow folks to just buy the darn phone minus any contract. Just one small problem, I would like an iphone now, and not in  mid 2010. I cannot wait.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Third story book for 2010

Bought this book yesterday from popular bookstore which is terribly upmarket now. A good find. This will be my third book for 2010. Am currently reading my second which is harriet evan's book. Off to a good start despite the undercurrent of ill health. Which while we're on the subject hasn't quite left me yet.I wonder whether if I'm more organised I could pull off a book a week....hmmm.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inspired by Anna's Christmas pics

 I spent a glorious 2 weeks back home at my parent's. The blurred image is the niece. The tree is my mum's great work. And the presents under the tree were mainly for the blurry image featured here:)

A sensible move...?

Suspension Bridge, originally uploaded by Stefan Elf.

If you're a working adult, would setting aside 2 hours a day for violin practise be an unreasonable demand on self? I hope you agree, that it is a possible task because I have decided to sit for more violin exams this year. That's right, I find it difficult to improve without the threat of exams looming ahead. So it is because of this ( and perhaps the need to move a step ahead of my competitor a girl less than half my age who has to sit for her grade 5 theory in 2010 and as a result will not sit for the practical exam....) reason that I am subjecting myself and my poor teacher to stress levels high enough to cause some white hair ...and peptic ulcer.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

An update

I recognise the power of sleep and drugs. I've just been stubbornly refusing them both. As a direct result of this, I still feel ill. . 5 days or so of being ill is just as much as a person can take. So I'm hoping, now that I've been so good about the rest and druggie bit that when I wake up tomorrow, there will be no more fever. More to the point, I would like to feel awake rather than sluggish. And I want the drive to work to be enjoyable instead of a 30 min journey when I ache and sniff and sneeze my way through traffic.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

You know you're ill when...

1. You don't feel the urge to shop. Even the thought of shopping seems an exhausting task.
2. You feel all achy, and truth be told, a little sorry for self. ( The tonsils decide to grate against each other having swelled up in size overnight..spitting now seems like an acceptable trait)
3. You take long HOT showers in a sorry attempt to try and get warm. It leaves you even colder the minute you get out of the shower, despite you being as red as a lobster
4. Paracetamol the wonder drug loses it's magical power, and you still feel damnably ill after 2 sets of pcm-popping. You start suspecting you may have bought some faulty strips of PCM instead.
5. You welcome the thought of being in a horizontal position...all the time.But when you lie down, you still feel horrible. Nothing makes you feel better.
6. You FINALLY start rifling the medicine drawer in search of strips of antibiotics.

I want to be WELL!!!!!!!!!

The Scarlet Pimpernal

I have decided to leave the leaky pipe story for a bit, the next blog entry re leaky pipe will be a victorious one I hope. Bloody pipe-fixing seems harder than I thought. Enough said!

The Scarlet Pimpernal has a special place in my heart. Not Baroness Orzy's novel, but the TV mini series starring Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour. For Christmas I got the very same version downloaded into my ipod touch. The brother's thoughtful gift stems from most of his holidays being forced to watch the series repeatedly every morning before breakfast, after breakfast and indeed, at any time of the day. My other obsession was Nelson. For those ipod touch owners reading this, you'ld agree tha speakers of this lovely gadget is absolutely rubbish. When I played the series minus earphones, I surprised myself ( and brother possibly) by saying the lines along with the actors. What was it that attracted me to it as a child?

1. The lovely costumes and the dancing. Especially the scene where Lady Blakeney dances with Sir Andrew.
2. The background story line of the french revolution and the execution of the aristocrats and members of the royal family.
3.The fencing scene finale...where Sir Percy nicks the buttons off Chauverlain's coat eventually removing it with a flick of the epee.

A leetle bit of plumbing

I really should have taken a series of pictures depicting my act of fixing a leaky pipe. ( Too stressed during the actual moment plus I didn't want to jinx it.) List of things used:

1. Super strong glue. 5 minute EPOXY
2. A small empty panadol actifast box as a container for mixing the glue
3.Micropore ( bought it for RM 6 from the pharmacy )
4. Disposable glues. ( To avoid getting fingers stuck together)
5. A small wooden stool to sit on.( The leak was the pipe under the sink in the bathroom.
6. A hairband to get the fringe out of the way during this VERY important task

( pause to head to the Loo to check the situation....)

AAAAARRRRRRGGGHH!! Stupid leak. I need to re-do.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The second wave of H1N1 possibly

Flu :( (Explored), originally uploaded by [ .. FaISaL .. ].

We are all down with the flu. When I saw we, I mean the entire family except the mother. ( She has miraculously escaped this. She swears by zinc tablets.) And I 've had at least 4 of them yesterday, as a desperate attempt to rid self of the bug. I've also wolfed down a couple of paracetamols along the way. What is the actual bug? Well, whatever bug it is, can you please be kind enough to leave my tired-achy body and find yourself another host? Because you are causing great inconvenience and I need my healthy-body back asap. And could you leave the nose in the condition you found it in? ( I now have blood streak leaky nose goo....) I'm now wide awake as a direct result of silly awful bug. Two more paracetamols coming right up. And ...beware I am contemplating some antibiotics. Bang! Bang!....

Monday, January 04, 2010

dodgy taxi ride

We took a cab back from KLIA yesterday after sending the brother and family off. And I strongly suspect we escaped being robbed. I live along Jalan Kuching, which is one of the main thoroughfares in the city centre. ( worthy of another blog entry surely...) but the cabbie chose a convoluted journey back. We went through Sg Besi, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Jalan Klang Lama, pass midValley , thought the city centre to get back home. That added a good 20 minutes to the journey.

I only realised we were off track when I we passed buildings I had never seen before along the highway. The driver took us through some dark roads with some traffic but the lighting was crap. And it was about then I had visions of being chopped up and appearing as the headlines for the papers the following day. Was the driver planning to drive to a secluded spot and get some stash off us? I have no idea. But I know that I won't be taking any more cab rides back from KLIA. At least for the next few months until I've recovered from this unpleasant experience.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

The ipod touch revisited.

The Christmas break was not spent in vain. Far from it. Besides being useful around the house this year ie sweeping and washing dishes, I got sucked into the countless goodies from the apps store. Apple!!! You evil evil company. I went a little crazy and maxed out on the RM500 card in two days. ( no yay to that ) And last night the brother took pity on me and bought me a new game. Agatha Christie's " Peril at End House" mystery game. We were hard at it until pass midnight. Addictive!!! He has decided he may just get one himself. The sad part is, " Peril at End House" is not available on ipod touch. My brother and I have concluded the reason being the graphics are intricate and would made it very painful to look for clues on the small screen. List of games I recommend:
1. Buckingham Palace ( ipod touch ) Addictive.
2. Cooking Mama ( I know the name sucks but it's a good game )
3. Sally's Salon ( I got the free version. Can't update  due to technical error which I am still trying to understand)
4. Auditorium ( nice nice nice nice )
5.Harbour ( not bad ...can get a little boring after you continually fail to dock your ship)

Friday, January 01, 2010

The correct way to start the New Year:)

It's almost three in the afternoon. The sky looks gloomy. Always a good sign for me as it may just rain this afternoon. We need some rain to cool off. Yesterday was a whopper of a hot day. And a very busy day. Went out to town in the morning, and after lunch we went for a drive to visit Latar Jarum. The ride was bumpy so the niece refused to sleep making her a tad cranky the evening. ( Although she behaved very well in church during mass) She's still cranky this morning. I can hear her saying "eh eh eh eh eeeeeeh" repeatedly from the room. And she's now progressed to a full blown tantrum. No particular reason. Just pure bad mood I guess. Gosh what a set of lungs. 

I love the feeling of a clean floor with the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the roof. Hmmmm! To get to this state, I need to sweep and mope...and it needs to rain. So wish me luck.