Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birkenstock anyone?

Right..I got myself a pair. This must be one of the new versions which will now withstand water. Not that I have any intention of wading in any pool of water anytime soon. But tis the rainy season ( again?) and it'll be handy to wear this en route to violin class.


Chocolate egg-oh
 I found this lovely sweet shop and bought quite a bit of sweets and chocolates. Here is just one of the eg-g-ohs. Isn't it lovely?
Somebody sat on THIS egg-oh
This is what happens when you sit on one of them. Not intentionally of course. That would be bizarre!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Taiwanese food

Here's my latest obsession....Taiwanese food. I found this at the Food republic at Pavillion. And the subsequent day I had taiwanese noodles at a restaurant at Sg Wang Plaza. Anyone else know where else can I go to sample Taiwanese food in KL??

Monday, February 27, 2012

This is a surprise

This looks suspiciously like a macaroon!!!! Found at Starbucks Plaza Damas. Anyone care to explain?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A dented kettle?

The usual way to serve hot green tea
 If you have never tried eating at Pasta Zanmai, you should. It's on of the few places where the food has remain consistently tasty and yummy. And more importantly, the portions have also remained the same. We headed there for dinner yesterday evening. Having never been there during Saturday night before, we found the place 98% full.
How my hot green tea was served yesterday evening:)
I'm guessing they ran out of their usual utensils and had to fall back on an OLD dented kettle to serve me my hot green tea:) Hahaha

Taipei 101

The arrows are clear which direction we're meant to be heading to
I love the people of Taiwan.  I also love the cold weather. Here are our pictures en route to Taipei 101. We stayed at the Hyatt which is linked to the tower. The walk there was lovely.

Things not to chew..include BETEL nut ( hee hee)
 We didn't go up the tower. Financial constraints + long line of people + cloudy skies. It was eventually the correct choice. We did have dinner there sponsored by the drug company and we couldn't see anything from the window.
I dare you not to go " Aaaah so cute"
 I saw this adorable little girl posing in such a animated manner I just HAD to take a picture. I also posed like so but I won't be posting THAT picture:)
Taipei 101 from the bottom
Brr rrr brr it was cold that evening. Temp dropped to 12 degrees. And there was a bit of wind. I had a truly lovely time in Taipei. What touched me most was the politeness of the folks on the street.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Someone explain....

I saw this served for breakfast last week. Did I have it? Nope! Having just recovered from an eye-opening dehydrating diarrhoea on my birthday I am now more conservative in my eating habits. So I challenge readers of this blog ( go on you KNOW you want to comment) to explain this to me. Tried googling black bread and I got a site linked to black Russian-speakers:)

Just realised it's after I should rename this post BLACK monday:) Hope its quiet and I get to go through the day in a good mood!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A spot of lung disease updates!

COPD and ASTHMA updates by world experts
I spent the weekend in Taipei which was absolutely lovely. Google was wrong, the temperature dipped to a chilly 12 degrees on arrival. I nearly had to dress like Heidi ( Not Klum but Spyri's Heidi) The speakers were very good. And they walked us through the new GOLD guidelines for COPD and the rational behind changing it. That was useful.
Held at this lovely hotel
 The hotel was nice. My only complain was the lack of free internet service leaving my fashion outfits expiring within the first few hours in Taipei. En route to the hotel, I spotted a Starbucks, so when the concierge said no free internet, I immediately thought of coffee at Starbucks. must pay for wifi there as well. Aargh! So no facebook-ing during the weekend. Which wasn't at all bad because we roamed the streets late in the evening only returning past midnight with tired bodies and emptier pockets
A spot of photography during the Q+A session
This is a picture I took with the zoom of the G11. My favourite in the set of pictures taken indoors for the moment. I shall upload more pictures in the next few days.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Chawan Publika

 Possibly a new favourite haunt because it is airy...parking is (still) easy and they serve very good soto ayam as well as keropok lekor.
Oh yes and their chairs are red and comfortable. 

Nobody wants my books

Desa Sri Hartamas
I'm de-cluttering. And nobody appears to want my rejected books. I went to three different places.
1. Book exchange in Bangsar.
2. This bookstore ( see picture) in Desa Sri Hartamas
3. Treasure Trove the MALL ( which was closed)

So if anyone out there knows where I can offload my books...please leave a comment:)

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Chap Goh Mei

Taken at Bangsar Village II
The Chinese New Year period of 15 days will end today..or is it tomorrow? I forget. But it'll end either today or tomorrow. So let's just talk about what I know about it.It's the 15 day of chinese new year. Okay that's about all I know. Do you throw oranges? Yes I think you do. Not at someone but into the sea and think of someone you'll marry. Which doesn't make much sense. Better luck throwing that orange at someone.
Bangsar Village II...from the ground floor.
 Other interesting things about the 15th day of CNY, oh yes there's usually a lot of fire crackers outside the condo. I can see it from my hall and most years it looks nice and bright.
KLCC with the sun shining through.

The weekend...

Ben's at Publika
I'm pretty happy with this shot. It shows movement and the lightning is yellow and cosy.
Self potrait.
I'm going to have to review Ben's again. Second visit in less than 4 days. This time with the parents. Now you may remember them as being very traditional taste-bud-wise with a very critical review of most food places we've been to so far. Their criticism sadly comes a few hours after we've eaten with a detailed summary of why the food wasn't up to par.

The parents...studying the menu intently.
Well surprise surprise, they were pleased with Ben's and we had a lovely dinner today. Here are some pictures.
Traditional Caesar Salad
Duck Confitt Spaghettini

Fish and chips
Service was very good. We were served quickly with a smile. The shaky table was sorted out without us having to point it out. The orders weren't botched up. Food came fast. We were seated in a nice area. Not much noice despite having a baby one table away. So yes for this entire experience I'm giving Ben's at Publika, Solaris Dutamas an 8/10

Wednesday, February 01, 2012



Red Velvet Cake ( Was awful!)

Nice stairs

A different view

Carbonara ( 10/10)
In a dreadful hurry. Wish I had an abigail to iron my outfit. Out to celebrate WNN's Bday now.

Currently reading...

Haven't bought any books for 2012 for the simple reason; I have one whole shelf full of unread books bought over 2011. Terrible!! My second Georgette Heyer book for this year. Bought at a sale for a mere...RM 19.90. Extremely good quality. Even smelt new when I bought it. Fancy that. Am reading it slowly because you can't rush Heyer's books. It's written ( and I'm told with quite a bit of background research) in regency lingo. Making you stop and think what the sentence means. Anyone know that "abigail" can also mean "maid???? Hah...I need an Abigail for my ironing this morning. Any takers?

Hari Wilayah

picture from Limau Tambun blogspot.

It's a day off work:) Whoohooo to that! Big plans to rest and savour this midweek break from work. Aren't you jealous all you folks working in Malaysia but not in the federal territory?? And yes I would like to wish one of my cousins a very happy birthday. ( She doesn't read this least not to my knowledge but nonetheless birthday wishes to her)