Friday, April 04, 2014

Amanda Brooke's second book

The intensity of Jodi Picoult 's books scares me. So I can only admit to ever reading one and a half of her books. Amanda Brooke's first book was a little bit like Picoult's writing but the emotions evoked were less so. And the effect was pleasing.( To me at least)

Having said that, this book is about knowing that you're dying.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Picture taken from Math dyslexia
Having problems with numbers? You may have dyscalculia. Who has hated maths before? Practically every sane person. Unless you are one of those hateful ( grrr) people who adore maths and score a 100% hands down for all exams without even having to try too hard. Thankfully I do not know anyone like that. Otherwise that would stretch our friendship to the max with me teeming with envy bordering on vengeful.

The sudden interest is because we are now faced with counting for sight-reading. A major stumbling block with crochets ( not a problem) ...and those horrible dotted notes carrying a fraction of the original value. How do we ever get better?

Who is Dawn French?

French and Saunders! Need I say more?  Married to the famous Lenny Henry( and now divorced) I loved her in the" Vicar of Dibley". And her sketches with Saunders i suspect is the initial start to fame. I am sure she is as witty as her character Geraldine Granger:)

On the reading list for 2014. We should really move away from Carole Matthews only for some variety really.

Still reading snippers on the ebook world via guternberg ....anything written by L.T. Mead:)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lost: one notebook

 I've misplaced my notebook. The one I write all the patients I see and things to do with them as well as things I should do with them. Haven't exhausted all avenues. That would mean looking specifically in ALL drawers and the surgical wards where the medical patients are lodged. I've decided to start a new book. But the new one is a freebie and it has a hard plastic cover which covers the front with an overlap. Making it hard to open completely to write. So I am not happy.

The picture shows many gorgeous square-lined notebooks found in a small shop selling loads of different stationary in Barcelona. Heaven!!! We found this by chance walking through the smaller anes off the main shopping area. We also found a shop selling owl-based porcelein clocks which looks nice. I bought a procelein replica of the Gaudi balcony. It's hanging on the wall currently.

Back to these notebooks......I wish we imported these to Malaysia. Surely I cannot be the only person in KL obsessed with writing ONLY in these type of notebooks.

Picture taken in Oct 2013

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Messy cards

Messy cards, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

Am proud to have been a bit more organized this time. I got my weddings presents and cards two weeks before the event. Yay!

But just look at the mess? It's hard to look for cards when its messed up like this. If you take the trouble to look at every single card you may just find the one you're looking for.

I arranged the cards in order before finding the card I wanted.


Notebook, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

I have misplaced my notebook. Possibly it's somewhere in HDW. Because I've checked and its not in the ward. Boohoo!! Strangely not as upset as I should be. I think because I haven't written anything really important (yet) in the book.

If found...please return....(thanks)


Colourful ribbons, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

A rare thing. Two friends getting married in two consecutive Saturdays. Yesterday was LS and MY's wedding dinner. My first visit to Eastin Hotel. I like the parking area because it felt safe. I like the food because it was tasty. And it was a lovely opportunity to see friends and colleagues outside the work place.The bride looked svelte ( size zero ) and pretty and happy.

Many congratulations!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 Confession time! I bought two more La pliages in Singapore. Not intentionally. The shoe shop where I originally planned to spend my money had nothing to offer. So as I walked about Paragon...I just popped into Longchamp for a quick browse only to find it slightly cheaper than KL prices.

And I just HAD to buy two in a color I've wanted for some time now.

The leather La cuir is cheaper in KL. ( Odd but true)

Lush Wisma Atria, SIngapore

I must stay away from repetto posts. To avoid buying another pair in the SAME month. That would be extravagant. And bad! So here is a post on LUSH. ( Second obsession for this month...a poor second after shoe ...ballerina flats in particular)

First used this soap in Vienna. And only because the shop had good Feng-shui and I entered it because it was colorful and it had started to rain outside. And I refused ( initially) to buy an umbrella. I did buy one eventually. And of course, it never rained again during my trip. (Aargh). I used karma and something else and the lingering smell was gorgeous. So I returned to buy some.

When I got home, I stuffed the soap in the cupboard and that's really when the obsession started. The smell people....was divine. I would be happy the whole day if I caught a niff of it on my clothes. Then the sad fact that Lush isn't available in Malaysia. Bleah! ( These pictures were taken during my most recent trip to Singapore...where I stocked up shamelessly for self and friends)

The soaps are gorgeous. They look weird and smell funny ( some of them) but I suspect once you try it, the smell will knock you out. Almost!

The limiting factor: the price. ( Although compared to repetto this isn't much. Heck anything compared to repetto seems cheap!! A dangerous and unfair comparison. Stop stop stop!)

And so, if any of you have used LUSH, please drop me a line and share you experience. I love the bath bombs. And I can't wait to use my super duper bath bomb next.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


coffee stain...publika, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Good coffee is hard to get in KL. And once you have it. you'll crave it. Here's my list of decent coffees you may get.

1. I'll start with Coffee Stain at Publika because that's the most recent haunt. Caffe Latte is nice. Been here 4 times.Once to have a takeaway ( which I felt wasn't so nice because once cold the coffee loses its charm) It was served in a canary hello mug the first time which was nice. But for some reason, it's now ( twice now) served in this black mug.

2. Coffee Societe also at Publika. Also good coffee. It's just a bit further to walk and there are usually not enough seating indoors and outdoors although nice you run the risk of being in the company of smokers.

3. SanFrancisco coffee. They make nice coffee. What I don't like is the venue. Small and the seats are too low so you'll have to sit ramrod straight. The outdoor seating faces Ben's which isn't too nice.

4. Artisan at Bangsar Village2. Again seating may be a problem. I sat at the long tall table on a stool. So you can imagine how uncomfortable that was. Coffee was nice. But I prefer Coffee Stain's latte.

5. The coffee place inside BIG is nice but the size of the coffee is small. And you get a big cold sitting there for coffee. And there really isn't much of a view unless you like watching people do their grocery shopping as you sip your coffee. ( hehe)


Daisy?, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

I've forgotten to mention the season of Lent. Which is what we're in currently.

Lent is more than fasting and abstinence. It is a call to live our lives the way God wants us to. As we enter this liturgical season of the church, we are invited to deepen our faith by self- examination, fasting and penance in preparation for Easter.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Picture taken at the Gardens Mall, KL
Our plane got lost last Saturday. And everyone has been touched by this. Apart from some insensitive comments, generally we're united in hoping and praying for good news. The Gardens Mall had this in their ground floor display just in front of Louis Vitton. And we had many many people walk pass and stop and take a piece of paper and write. No persuasion needed. People of all ages. I saw a little boy who walked pass and said to his father " I want to write something". The picture below shows just how much we feel for the family and friends of the people on board that flight. 

Thoughts and prayers from Malaysians