Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My new phone cover

I'm satisfied with this phone cover. I got it from the night market on Monday. Found by chance when we headed to the porridge place and found the bustling night market in front of the shop, and the porridge shop closed for rest on a Monday.

A day before  we had a futile trip to Brem Mall for a phone cover. Was disappointed because I couldn't find one with a potential stand. They had a poor selection of ugly phone covers done shoddily and in a horrendous cheap red.

Well now here I have one. The clear cover has a silver edge. Which makes it very nice and classy. The snoopy stand was optional, we had a great many of choices and it was between snoopy or the pink cupcake. Snoopy won the day.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Food for the day

Pastry and coffee
 Righto, quick update before I head to violin class. 4 months to the exam. Oh boy am quite unprepared. Loads of furious practising ahead before I reach a passable standard. Who says music is easy is a liar. Currently I sound terrible on all my three pieces. Help help help.
Rushing though this corn ( and blog entry) before I dash off for class. More update on yesterday's activity when I get home after class. Wish me luck

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Restaurant Wong Kim

I love porridge. For a short while I used to love teochew porridge; watery variety with a whole lot of condiments including fried dace ( my favourite) but now I'm settling for porridge with decent amount of meat , eggs  and some ginger bits inside. This was dinner yesterday at Restaurant Wong Kim. found by chance as we drove pass Jalan Ipoh in search of another porridge place we'd been to once before. So it shows, its important to keep your eyes open for any other shops along the way.

This restaurant is clean and brightly lit. A plus point. The porridge did take its time coming to the table. And we were the only customers for porridge so I'm thinking on a normal day, the lady would have to either speed up the cooking process or warn customers it'll be a long wait. Was it worth the wait? Yes. It didn't disappoint. And I'll be returning to this place for porridge very soon.

Kenny Hills baker

The post box with tables and chairs around it. 
 After church, we headed to Kenny Hills baker. En route, there was a discussion on what to eat. From previous experience, we tend to over order and end up feeling full and sleepy after breakfast. So the pact was not to over order no matter how hungry you are. I like the environment of easy parking and old buildings and greenery. It reminds me of visiting an old family friend we called "Por Por" who was no blood relation but whom we were close to. She lived in a block of old apartments just beside the Botanical Gardens in Singapore. I get the same sense of nostalgia when I eat here today.
Mushroom puff pastry.
I stuck to the tried and tested mushroom puff pastry. The flakes were gorgeous as it melted in the mouth and the butter mushrooms had a bursts of something nice as I chewed it. No regrets ordering this. My original order was the Vietnamese bread but decided it was too much at the last minute and switched to this. In the background, you can see my red cup of latte.
Chicken and avocado croissant
This is new. After some internet research we decided grilled chicken avocado croissant would also be on the menu for this morning's breakfast. The taste wasn't as rich as the mushroom pastry. Croissant was nice a butter and the avocado and chicken fresh and light.  It was a quick meal. We didn't get out usual seat. Instead we got a bigger table in another corner but still inside the shop. The shop itself is small and cosy. And it has only 5 tables inside. Two very small ones which can seat two per table. three which can seat 4 persons and one rather large one for a bigger group. The rest of the seating are outdoors.

Wedding dinner

The entrance to the restaurant
 So it looks like the wedding season has started. We headed to Brem Mall in Kepong. A lesser known mall rather run-down with free parking. Main purpose was to get a decent and cheap phone cover for the iPhone. No luck there. I specifically wanted one with a extendible arm for the phone to lean upright on its own. Apparently that's not in fashion now. We saw a few but there were ugly.

We walked pass this Chinese restaurant and saw the crowd inside and the decoration like so. Earlier at the parking, we had seen the wedding car. So this wasn't a surprise. Brem Mall only has one decent Chinese restaurant so this must be the wedding dinner celebration. We didn't see the bride or groom. But we did get a glimpse of what they look like, the photographers put a box of pictures outside the restaurant presumably this is free advertising for them and a chance for the guests to take a moment each to remember this day.

Table decoration outside the restaurant
If you look carefully, you may be able to make out the small box of pictures on the table. Not a bad effort. I'm a believer of thrift when it comes to celebrating weddings. My experience as a guest is, you hardly keep any momento from the wedding. Pictures especially have a high risk of being thrown out. Mugs are useful. I still have one wedding mug. Tea strainers not so useful. Sweets and chocolates are useful.

Voter registration

Voter registration booth
Are you a registered voter? My father passionately believes we have to exercise our right as voters during each election. As a result, I am registered and have voted a few times in a life. My place of voting is my hometown where voting is a big deal. It also works as a social event. We have folks coming out with their elderly to vote, we have cars parked along the road and hands waving to each other when we meet earlier folks who have voted heading back to their cars. Everyone is eager to play role in forming the new government. It's s nice feeling.

For us voting involves two separate venues, the first is for the parents ( after they are done...usually there isn't a queue because we are out early) and then we drive a short distance to another school for me to vote. ( voting venues are schools in my hometown and most other towns as well I believe)My venue is usually full of people. There's a big of queuing involved but things usually move along smoothly and we're back in a little over an hour to rest and be proud we have done our bit.

Today, the Church of the Risen Christ organised a booth to register for voting and it was opened after the morning mass today and closes at 11am. A very good idea. Now there isn't any excuse not to be registered and not to vote.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Breakfast in Kepong

Clean floors. 
 I've heard it enough times ; "Kepong is a food haven". We have decided to explore this haven slowly. Taking little baby steps because we're by nature not very adventurous and more importantly we're creature of habits. Despite our best intentions to explore a new bakery in KL, we ended up here; Restaurant Ulu Yam, keeping. I like the feng shui of this shop. It looks oldish and feels clean. And the person who took our orders was a little pass middle age and he looked like he knew what he was doing.
 We had greens. For the healthy living mode to kick in to avoid guilt later in the day. This was done nicely. I would have liked a little bit more garlic but the vegetable was crunchy and had enough sauce coating it. And every bite had a tinge of garlic so yes I think I'm going to give this dish a 4/5.
Fried Fish Cake
 This was nice. Piping hot on arrival lest you think it was just reheated. It was fresh it tasted nice and we finished it quite fast. They could invest in some Kampong Koh chili sauce. I think that is the perfect sauce to complement this dish.
 This was a big potion. Much bigger than the one we're used to at the Teochew restaurant. Again, it was obviously just fried and been fresh, there is nothing not to like about it really.
Loh mee
These noodles are smooth and thick. The accompanying sauce is thick and warm and has a tinge of vinegar in it. Perfect for a rainy day. After all these food, we were sleepy and lazy.

Absolute Thai

I think this is called belacan fried rice. ( No fancy name)
You're meant to mix all the condiments up thoroughly with the rice. I refuse to. My way is to take little bits of each and dig a spoon of rice and eat it like that. Absolute Thai is a nice restaurant to eat. They have many branches; The Gardens ( same level as Borders I believe), One Utama between the old and new wing where they have many nice shops to browse and Sunway Putra.

Family ties

I envy big families. And the big family reunions I see either on blogs ( not so common) or on Facebook. This year, thanks to my second cousin (LK )on my dad's side, we had our own family reunion.

We had good food ( see picture as proof) and good company. Some were meeting for the first time but have heard of each other before through my late grandmother. We also FaceTime my other aunt in Singapore who insisted she wanted to see us all too. I think one of the good things coming out of Facebook is getting people to be in touch. Seeing posts and updates and pictures are important. When we did meet up, we just got on with the talking with no fuss.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Like the sign
Why is this place called wondermilk? Is it because their serve wonderful milk? They sell cupcakes  I heard a lady sounding very disappointed this evening when she came into the shop with a few children and found out some of the flavours had finished. Ahem ahem! And when she managed to choose the remaining  cupcakes....there was a disappointed " aaaah I don't have enough money". Followed a minute later by " I have enough money" ( Presumably after she dug into her purse for some spare cash)

Lesson learnt: always keep spare cash in your purse. Also don't buy too many cupcakes. It's bad for health

Thursday, March 16, 2017


I feel like a fool. I told almost everyone I was flying to Kota Baru this weekend for a talk. I cancelled my violin class. I stayed up late working furiously to prepare for the two talks. I got crabby and worried during my illness last weekend whether I would recover in time to fly and walk. Only to find out today that I got the dates wrong. I'll be flying next Friday and not tomorrow. For some reason, my mind was convinced it was this weekend. I checked the air ticket two nights back but checked the flying out times and flying back times rather than the date.

What a silly billy.

Go Noodle House

Dry pan mee
Have you eaten here before? Its tasty and cheap and the service is fast. There are at least two branches which I know of, the first one is at Publika and the second is at Midvalley Megamall. Both have long queues during peak period. ( By that I mean the usual lunch and dinner time).

We have tried this ( dry pan mee) where you can pick the thickness of the noodles ( I like that we have this option), the soup pan mee, which is a big potion but I remember struggling to finish it, the trio platter which is a firm favourite.

The platter comes with three different things, gold coins, fried fucuk and lobak. The fried fucuk and the gold coins are what I like best. The lobak isn't so nice. A bit chewy in the middle and not enough meat inside.  This branch in publika is located above Thai Tuk Tuk, at the exit nearer Chawan.