Monday, February 27, 2017

Coffee société, Publika

Cosy environment
When you enter the cafe, what hits you is great warmth. There are seating outside but as some smoke its doesn't promise a smoke-free coffee experience.  They have a huge tall table with metal stools outside and when it's cool towards the end of the day or when it rains, sitting outside is very nice. especially when there is a light breeze blowing on your face and hair.

The picture above is the interior of the cafe. DO you see the huge tall table? To the right and beyond are smaller standard size and height tables should you choose to sit there. It promises privacy and some peace and quiet. Beware, sometimes you may get some loud customers and that may mar your experience a bit.
Salmon Sandwich
Coffee Société is a nice cafe to have coffee with a friend or have coffee when you are alone. It's located in Publika the same level as the more known Coffee Stain.  
Eggs Benedict and something I forget already
The food is nice. I have always enjoyed what I've eaten there. It also has nice memories. I've already only eaten here with good friends and have good memories of this place. I've eaten there with a dear friend ( we had a crazy day that day doing silly things ) who has since died of stomach cancer. Returning there sometimes reminds me of her  and her wonderful zest for life and her need to do things as if she knew her time on earth was measure on a different scale from others.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

This picture was taken during the Canadian tour, where the entire Cambridge family was treated to a special garden party with a wee little pony and balloons amongst other things. It's the first glimpse of the spunky little princess. Here she is taking her sweater off and getting all hot and bothered. There was also a video of her hitting the balloons. That was nice. She doesn't have a cherubic face like Princess Leonor or Princess Estelle, but spunk goes a long way.

Fat Boys, Publika

Bangers and Mash
German sausages and mash. Yum! We had dinner at Fat Boys in Publika which is literally beside San Francisco Coffee and directly opposite BEN's. I had Fat Bastard burger with a glass of red wine. Swine 's house wine is better than the house wine served here. This had a mediocre taste and little body and also a rather small amount.

My burger
I think I prefer the sausages. Easier to eat and more meat.And the taste was better than my burger.  My burger was rather small and the meat patty a tad slim for my liking. The chips were a good size no complains there and we had pretty good service.

A meal for three people costs RM 95 (not too shabby)

Flea Market

The weekend fleamarket at Publika is nice to browse. It's air conditioned and as you can see from the picture, has natural sunlight. In the mornings, with the light streaming in and minus the humidity, you feel good and want to walk on and on and see all things.

The stalls differ from week to week. And occasionally there are different interesting things showcased here. A few years ago we had loads of pandas and loads of people streaming here for pictures. And then we had the tapirs, like the pandas but on a smaller scale which also attracted a whole lot of people,

Today we had the usually interesting array of things. Some nice artwork, soap, food, salad, beads, batik etc.

Kudos to the architect. Natural sunlight is important. And it makes a whole lot of difference to the scene. Pictures taken are clearer, we appear more gorgeous in our selfies and generally everyone is that bit more happy.

Please don't eat the daisies

Doris Day is a spunky actress. She's not a classical beauty like Grace Kelly who can appear cold at times. Doris Day emanates the girl-next-door kind of warmth. And here she is playing a wife of a play critic and being treated a bit shabbily by the husband. Poor her. David Niven who plays the husband retires as a Professor in a university and takes up the job as a critic. His first article didnt go down well with his friend Alfred whose play he reviewed.He was polite and gave the actress a very negative comment. She eventually found him in a restaurant and slapped him

What a week

The week that was passed wasn't great. Work-wise I would say it reached the nadir of emotions and self worth. During the week, I felt demotivated driving to work, I got moody with work and saw negative things in most ( thankfully not all ) things I encountered.

But that light at the end of the tunnel is here. Am out of the dark nasty tunnel and we're onto better things.It still won't be perfect but sometimes criticism makes you realise the truth in yourself and the only way is to take an honest view of yourself and make changes accordingly.

Car wash

Car wash with a nice green bush in the background
You can have a good speedy carwash at the Shell Station at Segambut. The folks there are efficient and you won't be kept waiting long. Its a drive-through unlike some others where you have to reverse and re-park the car after it has been washed. The cost: RM10.

Nirmala Villas Restaurant

Extensive menu
I'm ashamed to admit I 've only just yesterday utilised Siri. After church this morning, I asked SIRI "where should I have breakfast?" And Siri gave a few websites to go to. And I chose this after reading the reviews on Foursquare ( useful app, you should download it ) . The chicken biryani is apparently the best. And most comments were positive in nature. Not a negative comment as I scrolled down. And it was near enough where I was at that time.
Rawa Dhosai Telur with spicy sambal
 You can find a parking spot easily enough. Not an official parking spot unless you choose you park in the building. We decided to live dangerously and parked illegally beside the room and mind right beside the fire hydrant. I know, I'm not proud of this. Thankfully, no tickets.

Dhosai Rawa with egg served with an extra condiment served like in the picture above. And do you see the red sauce at 12 0'clock, this one is absolutely lethal. ( Which is nice  two thumbs up from me )  I like my raw those crispy this wasn't. But I'm going to assume this is the correct way of doing it. It is after all an authentic Indian restaurant.
Madras Coffee served in a cute container
After the meal, we decided to go through the menu one more time. I was looking for Chai latte or something equivalent. I ended up ordering Madras Coffee. Served so cutely I had to take a picture before sipping it too much. This was served in a tumbler and dabarah.

Here is the address:
9, Jalan 11/48a, Sentul Raya Boulevard, 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Price: 4/5
And yes I will be returning.

Drinking this makes you fairer true or false?

Tau foo fah
What is this? it's a desert. Silky smooth and softer than any jello, this white glop doesn't have much taste on its own. It's paired with syrupy water which sometimes can be sweetened with Gula Melaka giving it a brownish hue. It has antioxidants which I'm sure does something wonderful with our skin.


The Helmut tossed aside
The niece showed perseverance during the Christmas break when she learned how to cycle within two days. She says one day but thats debatable. Children are funny beings. Capable of doing something when they think:
1. It's a common thing
2. If everyone else can do it, surely I can.
3. It's not impossible therefore I should be able to achieve it
4. I want it very badly.

Presumably because of the above points, she persevered and succeeded after many attempts. No wonder she disappeared into the garden and was quiet for a long while.

It's a good example to follow. Grade 8 violin exam. Thats the subject. And the 4 points should be the same. I'm not the only person taking it. Many have passed the exam so its a common thing. Why then should I think it won't be possible for me.

Then comes the next point, practice. There is no way around it. No pain no gain. Which brings me to my next step towards improving , getting a practice schedule and following it through.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Old movies

  1. High society. I loved Grace Kelly in this. She was cold with a bit of warmth and her little sister ...I used to adore watching the scene where she danced sur la point into the drawing room speaking French and scaring the journalist and photographer. 
  2. Anne of a Thousand Days. Genevieve Bujold is a real beauty. And Richard Burton as King Henry the VIII is perfect. We had a VCR version and it had little tit bits of the movie given to us. For instance that Elizabeth Taylor had a cameo role and to look out for that. And that her daughter also had a role as lady-in-waiting.  I used to dance away with my blanket wrapped around me and pretend to be dancing with King Henry. 
  3. The man who knew too much. This is a new surprise for me. Watched it over the Chinese new year break. Introduced by my dad. And its only now that I watched the original Que sera sera by Doris Day. Oh boy, what a voice and what great singing in the film. Story line was brilliant too. As the old folks say, why don't they make movies like this any more.
  4. Rear Window. Another Grace Kelly movie. I love Cary Grant he is witty and I like the fact he wasn't enamoured by her beauty thinking only of the lost of his freedom should they marry. She was one spunky girlfriend in this movie. 
  5. Dial M for murder. Suspense can't get better than this. Grace Kelly was perfect in this. She was dressed in red at the beginning of the movie, potraying her as a adulteress and towards midway she was dressed in drab colours and minimal make up making her look washed out. 

Old fashion windows

Modern houses won't have windows like this any more. They are considered unfashionable. And then here it is, featured at an eating stall for decoration. So you see, what was once thought old and useless can turn into something quaint. That's humans for you. There's an old junk shop in Publika and sometimes they have a booth at the flea market at the ground floor of Publika, as we walk pass, mum would say I have this ....ooh I gave that away....oh dear that's so ugly. So yes, if we had hoarded and resisted the need to clear things up, we too would have had enough junk to have a store like so.