Saturday, January 31, 2009

Books to read.......

This post is for a friend in New Zealand ( you KNOW who you are..) who has requested for recommendations on what to read in 2009. Off the top of my head here's a list of what i think SHOULD be on your reading list.

  1. Maeve Binchey's "Heart and Soul" . Binchey's Irish. The reason why I say this is I'm partial to Irish authors. Only they...can tweak your heart strings and get them tears going just at the right moment. Not too much mind..but just enuff. Unlike Piccoult , who tends to do too deep into the emotional bits leaving the reader ( me that is ) drained ...Binchey strikes a fine balance. If you're thinking of reading Heart and Soul....I think you should pick up Scarlet Feather first. ( The characters in S. Feather feature in Heart and Soul too.) But there's no hard and fast rule.

  2. A vicarage family by Noel Streatfield. It's semi autobiographical book. I thought it was very good. But it's an old book. And you may have some trouble getting your hands on it.

  3. Things I want my daughter to know. By Elizabeth Noble. I picked this up because it was on sale at TIME. Surprisingly insightful and if you're a'ld enjoy it that bit more I think. Got it for RM 35.( with some further discount )

  4. A friend of the family by Lisa Jewel. Fairly recent book. YOu shouldn't have trouble getting it from any bookstore. I got mine from a warehouse sale. One of those ones...where you take a chance simply because it's heavily discounted. Once again a very good read I thought.

  5. And if you haven't read any of Melissa Hill's book....please please try one. There's always a pleasing twist in her story line. She hasn't written that many and they are not inter-related so you can read them in any order.

Quite techno-savvy

Okay, there's a leap from no dial-up to broadband. Whilst dipping our toes into the world of internet, let's be daring and splash about...heck let's make some waves. And into this world come my parents. They're sensible folks generally. And brilliant as parents...with just the right support ( not over-bearing ) and encouragement along the years. Midweek we got connected to the brother (Funny-shirt) on the webcam. So here are just a few hiccups along the way

1) scenario number one. ( No webcam on our side ...just skype )
On seeing the image of her beloved son Funny-shirt Mum hollers and waves madly into the screen. ( As I'm busy typing away on the screen ) Had to stop laughing before I could explain.

2) Scenario number two. ( we located an OLD webcam...with no mike and shoddy image a freebie in fact).
We're on skype...image comes on, funny-shirt waves to mum and mum waves and hollers again. Having a real conversation....once again we had to tell her no mike. Just images, She's miffed but gets the general picture pretty fast

3) Scenario number three.( New webcam installed with separate microphone plugged...we're pretty pleased with the result.)
Funny-shirt comes on line...image and voice come across pretty clear....Funny-shirt is in his room..( which is pretty messy ). Mum stares at the screen..smiles widely and then remarks loudly to dad who's lying horizontal on the couch to the left..."OOOOH what a messy room. Dun they ever clean up after themselves?"We had to pull the mike out of the socket...and remind her we are now connected and every word said is being sent as clear as a bell across the net to Funny-shirt's room!!

We're on the verge of becoming very techno-savvy:)

A much needed mini face-life for the blog

Yes not only has this blog been deprived of weekly if not monthly entries, it has also been forced to remain with the original bare template while others move on.I've seen some gorgeous blogs mushrooming on the web since the birth of Absolutely. Initial attempts at being colourful failed. Still unsure of the reason. But today....with a little inspiration after visiting Anna's blog ( which is, to me what a blog should be..)I decided to take the BULL by its horns and get down to it. With a little bit of messing about, and a lot of time spent correcting and re-doing steps along the way, I here by present Absolutely in its new and slightly more girlish outlook.

As for the more frequent posts...that remains to be seen. I am no author...and certainly procrastination gets the better of me most days.

Noel Streatfield

For those of you who've never read Ballet Shoes....this would be a good time to head out and get yourself a copy. I bought mine back in 1984. ( And how would I remember that you ask...back in those days I had this small obsession of writing my name and the year in each and every book I bought). Not for all books, but for this I remember exactly the shelf I found it, the bookstore I found it in.

Posy, Petrova and Pauline...GUM, Garnie, cook, Madame....

Friday, January 30, 2009


Some might ask " What is Chick Lit?" And who reads these books. Click on this to get a rough idea. In no particular order..I am borrowing this idea from Anna's blog...and will list all the books I've read in 08. It's also a test memory. I'll add the author's name if I remember but otherwise it'll have to be just the title of the book.
1) A prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer
2)Return to Thrush Green by Miss Read
3)Battles at Thrush Green by Miss Read
4) Gossip from Thrush Green by Miss Read
5)Village Centenery by Miss Read
6)The Gift by Cecelia Ahern.
7)Friday Night by Joanna trollope
8) Life Begins by Amanda Brookfield
9) Things I want my daughters to know by Elizabeth Noble
10) It's a kind of magic by Carole Matthews
11) Wishful thinking by Melissa Hill
12) Before I forget by Melissa Hill
13) An offer you can't refuse by Jill Mansell
14) The love of her life by Harriet Evans
15) A friend of the family by Lisa Jewel
16) Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter
17) You drive me crazy by Carole Matthews
18) Petitie Anglaise by Catherine Sanderson

And these are the books I've read in 2009
1) Heart and Soul by Maeve Binchey
2)For Better or worse by Carole Matthews
3) Getting out of the house by Isla Dewar

Want to buy

1) This Charming Man by Marian Keyes
2) How will I know by Sheila O'Flanagan
3) The Builders ( open door ) by Maeve Binchey
4) The Secret Shopper's revenge by Kate Harrison
5) Any book by Noel Streatfield apart from the ones I already have
7) Nothing bad ever happens in Tiffanys by Marian Keyes

I must have read more than 18 books but at the moment the memory fails me. Tired hands and tired eyes.