Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We celebrated a wedding of a dear friend on Sunday.The theme was blue and from afar, as we walked towards the canopies, I spotted the blue and white theme. The wedding group was also appropriately decked up in the same colour theme. They wore similar batik pattern clothes . After the obligatory smiles and nods to unfamilliar faces, we were edged towards a sweet-looking girl, who introduced herself as the groom's sister.What a relief, we cheerfully relieved ourself of the wedding gift which at this time had started to feel heavier by the minute. No time was wasted as we made a bee-line for the food section. Impeccable timing, the wedding couple arrived as we finished our lunch. The emcee announced the arrival and we were then greeted with the deafening ( yet strangely soothing ) sound of the kompang. Congratulations:) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Just because your breath will reek of petai for hours after the meal doesn't mean you should deprive self of this wonderful concoction here. Delicious, simple ( one would presume ) and on the table in 30 minutes. Its so easy to impress family and friends. Provided you've ascertain their preference to petai a week before. Otherwise dare to be different and convert those NON-believers out there.

Monday, August 28, 2006

What Price Vice?

Low fat, reduced calorie and sugar free. Because you like to live a boringly safe life.

Delicious by Ms Read

Ms Read 's "Delicious" is simply that....delicious. As you walk into its warm interior you feel welcomed. There is an abundance of the "feel-good" factor.

My favourite dish would have to be the duck spaghettini with a sprinking of garlic. It's light and as you chew the garlicky flavour starts to come in. The duck pieces must be marinated in some sweet sauce because it tastes heavenly sweet. Whoever thought a sweetish tasting duck would enhance pasta so well. For straightfoward good food, you can't go wrong. Forget your usual cream-laden carbonara sauce. I'll give it 4 stars ( let's just assume for 2 minutes I'm a famous food critic .)


*serves 2 ( small eaters)
1.Smile as you walk into the restaurant
2 Don't mull over the menu, zoom right in and order
3.Team it with hot lemon tea or coke ( the choice is yours )
4 Sit back and enjoy the wait
5.When the dish arrives....take a moment to inhale before you dig in

Its important not to have had anything heavy 4 hours prior .

DELICIOUS BY MS READ G1A Ground Floor Bangsar Village Bangsar Kuala Lumpur Reservations: 03-22881770
F315 First Floor One Utama Phase 2 Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya Reservations: 03-77241086

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I have a theory. Most things costs more than they would say 5 years ago. And the clothing industry has cut back on cloth and tried to fob us off with smaller sizes. Why else would I have gone up 3 sizes and am now a blubbery "L" and an occasional ( roll eyes twice ) XL. It's enough to make me both anorexic and bulimic cyclically. But just to be sure, I've unrolled the yoga mat daily last week ( not daily strictly speaking but it sounds nice when I write it down) and have been saluting the sun....and folding over numerous times. Apparently ( tell me this is true ) a simple "sun salutation" uses all 140 something muscles. So it must be doing some good to my body.

Oh dear.

This was taken some months back. I don't think the tilt is /was intentional. Yet I can't figure why would it grow in such an odd way. Was it ( unlike other trees ) aiming for the ground?

Monday again. Time flies and I'm still recovering from last weekend. What a lag. The weekend was nice. Midterm break, ie less cars on the road cos folks with children have flocked to smaller towns leaving us working folks with clear roads and even tempers.

Today Siti Nurhaliza got married. What's the big deal you ask yourself? Well in all honesty, it's not that great a deal. Only Malaysia's number one pop princess getting married to her own prince charming. ( Older then expected..a divorcee with 4 children...and a messy divorce behind him ) But as they say, "LOVE IS BLIND". And occasionally love is dumb as well. I wish her well. Congratulations SITI!! And I wish for you, a very happy and successful marriage. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A challenge indeed.

I've been tagged by Anna..... ( thanks very much ...I 'll take up the challeneg and am still waiting for a photoblog of Oxford :)

4 jobs I've had in my life:
1.Librarian ( in college)
2.Organist for mass ( transient post..I got bored )
3. .........( I'm basically point lying..)
4.overworked and underpaid government servant. ( current job description )

4 places I've lived in
2.Singapore ( if you string together them annual holidays to visit'll add up at least 1 whole year )
4.Back to Malaysia again

4 TV series I enjoy watching
1.Me and My girl
3.Desperate housewives
4.House / Grey's anatomy. ( I know I'm only allowed four...but it doesn't count if it's in one line)

4 places I've been on vacation
1. Singapore
3.Paris ( took us ages to hunt down eurodisney )
4.Batam ( an island off Singapore which technically belongs to indonesia )

4 places I'ld like to visit
1.Giant's causeway
2.Vatican City for easter mass please
3.Bali...( only if I can return alive and well )
4.Venice ( That episode in Bold and Beautiful had some lovely scenes )

4 places I'ld rather be right now
1.Shop Street winter admiring the shop fronts.
2.Home in my own bed preferably with the rain beating down.
3.The Alps...interlaken ( and pretend I'm a chalet school girl )
4.Having tea with Maeve Binchey ( I'm sure the invitation will come..some day ..fingers crossed )

4 websites I visit daily
Aunty Marianne
Tan Lucy Pez

4 favourite foods.
1.Nasi Goreng Kampung with petai ( Plaza Damas )
2.Keropok lekor ( only the original ones from Kuala Trengganu will do don't fob me off with any other)
3.Ms Read's Duck Spaggethini
4. Dome's spicy olio with beef bacon bits

4 places I feel at home
1.Raub Pahang
2.No 5 newcastle road Galway
3.Upper thomson singapore present address ( hush hush )

4 things I wish for
1. A painless viva ( thesis session ) in Nov 2006
2.To play the violin like an angel and be less tone deaf
3. Failing play the piano better
4. To own a whole series of out-of-print books by Elinor M Brent Dyer...and Ruby Ferguson books.

4 concerts I've been to
1. Scenario's concert in Tawau. ( Embarrasing but true )
2....................the plan to watch an MPO fell through
3................missed the pussy cat dolls concert recently. That's right I LIKE them

4 person's I want to challenge

The blanks were unintentional. I certainly hope you enjoyed reading this bit. I'm off to bed now. Good night