Monday, October 31, 2011

Hope you had a Good Monday

Now wouldn't it be just perfect if I had a bowl of any one of these in front of me right now? Am currently attempting to upgrade to OS5. upload a new blog post and read something academic all at once. It's working out fine so far. ( Except the screen on the mac just went blank....) Happy Monday's going to be a rather long weekend. Only realised this when I saw the on-call roster. Am hoping for a quiet week ahead. And no major stressors....:)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The stinking flu

I was as sick as can be early this week...the peak of sickliness coincided with Deepavali. Nearly succumbed to the temptation of antbiotics.....But I'm glad to report that I am 96% recovered. An occasionally hacking cough remains but I'm optimistic that will leave midweek. Happy Sunday everybody!


I wonder whether this was a wise move. Got the car washed just now.  It's been pouring most evenings after 4pm. Friday's drive home was challenging. At one point there were no cars in front of me to aid the drive and I found myself driving blindly ahead with my hands clutching onto the steering wheel tightly. Didn't realise how tight until I reached my destination and found aching shoulders and tired fingers.

Warm sushi :(

Yesterday's dinner was so disappointing I nearly howled mid-meal. Our sushi arrived looking very tasty and yummy. The first bite was weird. It tasted very warm. As I chewed the consistency was doughy and no rice bits fell off. As seen in the picture above, the entire sushi was gel-led by heat by the time it got to our table. Eating my second ( and last sushi) made me think of chewing into Kuih Sri Muka. Twenty two thumbs down. Shame on the restaurant for not even bothering to make a decent sushi never mind that they fobbed us off the tempura bit inside the sushi. I'm NEVER going back to this place. I wonder whether the original Japanese Chef went back to Japan after the earthquake.

I won't tell you where this restaurant is but I will say this....if this were to happen to you, please send the sushi back. ( We didn't....we were too polite)

My WORST sushi e-vah! ( Even Genki Sushi does a better one)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Must visit

Seeing as going on a holiday hasn't been possible this year, it would only be fair that I get another bag to lift the spirits somewhat. And this I did. A small la pliage in back with short handles:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Majlis Anugerah!

The souvenir booklet

Interesting signs at the tables
 I'm almost certain everybody gets their turn at receiving this APC( anugerah perkhidmatan cemerlang). Seeing as there's no way they're going to give this award to the wrong person the SECOND time around, RP and I decided to go for this. It poured and the road was filled with cars most of them not in their own lanes and messing about other people's lanes. Most annoying. I arrived 15 minutes late. Thankfully the guests of honour arrived 30 minutes late. Loads of empty seats. I suspect the great downpour was the cause of the no-show. Didn't see anyone else remotely familiar. And the annoying camera panned in my direction periodically which meant I had to behave and look interested in the speeches when I was dead hungry.

Current obsession

I want to watch this movie. It's old which means finding it at the local cetak rompak shop is out of the question. Love the sound hear to listen to an electric violin version by Sori!

Fried mushrooms

These taste better than they look. Honest!!!!The mushrooms were fresh and chewy. They must have done it right because it didn't taste like it was soaked in oil.( Bleah you know that dreadful taste) The honey mustard dip was nice too. so yes my review would be a 4/5. It's too big to have on your own. You need to share these with friends.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jelly Pong POng

 Sephora. Finally! I practically skipped and hopped my way there yesterday evening:)
 And there you have it, the infamous "jello pong pong" voted bestseller in Cleo magazine. I absolutely love the CRAZY name you know. Must google the origins of the name.There's an interesting story there surely.
 Lip paint...deadly red. vermillion red....sluttish red. Whatever it be name.....the colour was OTT.
 It's as small as your palm. Would you believe it?
More interesting stuff available from the Jelly Pong Pong line

Sunday afternoon at TAR college

 Lovely open grounds with nice mature trees lining the drive into the college grounds. TAR college certainly has a very welcoming feel to the place. My first visit ....this morning for the Choral Music exchange programme.( Hope I got the name right) Because it was a Sunday, parking was not a problem. And the guard at the front big gate seemed a sensible chap with no fuss about him.
Check out the colourful musical notes pasted on the wall in the dewan kuliah. Very nice, very nice indeed. There was some very nice voices heard. Which would out the American Idol wannabees on telly to shame/ A musical morning....
( Papago brought me to TAR college safely)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Memory of Rain, originally uploaded by Tapio Hurme.

I drove with my vision impaired somewhat like the picture above. It was terrible!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The secret garden

From wazobird studio
Bought the audio book and have been enjoying my car trips to work more these days. I can't remember the exact story which makes listening to it a pleasant surprise as the story unfolds. Am onto disc two now.

Kompleks KDN

Finally, I can cross one item from my ever-increasing to-do-list. Renewed the expired passport on Wednesday. Hands up who doesn't know that the new passport officer is now in Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Jalan Hartamas 1. No more having to wake up super early and driving to Pusat Bandar Damasara and parking at their dark and scary carpark. The new building is a stone's throw away from where I live. Okay I lied. It's 10 minutes away taking into consideration one of the traffic lights take forever to change to green. The new place is empty. Parking is still free. What more could you ask for? Hmmm Macdonalds nearby maybe. Didn't see any canteen when I was there.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake from Kopi Bean!
We had this after the shopping spree on Monday. The whole experience of spending money after a long hard days work on a Monday is strongly recommended for those who seriously need their spirits lifted. Mine wasn't down at all, but it certainly lifted to some height after I bought yet another bag...oh and shoes
The doll
Eating that reminded me of the strawberry shortcake doll series. I don't see them around now. Not that I would be caught wondering about the toy section mind. A friend came back from Singapore with a strawberry shortcake bag. Peer pressure yes even in lower primary school was pretty strong.  I too HAD simply had to have something strawberry shortcake too. I had a doll and two bags finally. Loved them all to death and paraded them about most days in school, at home...just about everywhere.
The tart!

Here is my version of  a strawberry shortcake doll. Used to spend loads of time with her. She was great friends with my collection of smurfs and snoopies and used to play mama to my many other hair-less dolls. ( I used to brush their hair to death....she escaped) This was UNTIL I round out she was actually *deep breath* a rasberry TART!!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

My stomach is upset!

Ginger ale....not the right drink for soothing an upset fiery tummy
 We had dinner at our old haunt. Haven't been there in a while. The last time I was here I didn't have my ipad yet. Which would make that at least 9 months ago. The place looked the same.
SPicy ( and I DO mean spicy) seafood spaghetti
 I chose the seafood spaghetti ( today being friday). Ignored that small chillie sign printed beside the name in the menu and promptly sat back....and waited for my dinner.
Kuey teow ladna ( not its real name)
This was the other dish we ordered. Nice and gooey. Just look at the sauce. Yummy.  I am here to report that those little chillie pictures you see tagged to the menu should NEVER be ignored. My dinner was fiery. The ginger ale was finished in no time at all. As for the main meal, I gave up 1/4 of the way through and decided to blow my lips and suck on an ice cube. Things got better...and I recovered to some extent after coffee. Now....the spicy spaghetti is causing some acidic churning. Most unpleasant. I'm not having this dish again EVAH!


Exam season tis upon us once again. I'm still trying to figure out how to be more efficient. I've identified the following points which may sort the problem out somewhat.
1. Play less Fashion story
2. Plant less stuff in Smufs' Village
3. to-do-list must NOT be compromised at ALL
4. allocate time for potential problems in a day
5. Get a personal assistant!!!
Yay it's Friday:)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Big bad wolf!

 The Big Bad Wolf sale is here:) Whoppeeeee. We arrived in the blazing ( and I REALLY meant sizzling hot) late-afternoon sun.....and after parking took a long uphill walk to the hall. The great open space had a nice feeling. There was enough parking spots and then some. That felt nice. The hall itself was air-conditioned and they played soothing music designed to make you relax and spend more money. Not that we needed any help. I should like to credit PAPAGO for bringing us to Serdang without any hitch. That's my best investment in a while.

 I used to love Jeeves and would listen to the audio version repeatedly until I almost memorized the entire THANK YOU jeeves. Nice to find some Wodehouse books among the chic lit. ( A pity I already have these two books)
And thankfully most folks didn't mess with the book arrangement much. Made browsing easy and fuss-free. A sale worth going to. I enjoyed myself. We bought so much....had to have the books carted outside. I drove the car from the carpark right to the doorstep to get the books. Lugging them down myself would have been impossible. ( 6 total...didn't we do well!!!)

Worth visiting for Arabic food!

Hanith Chicken!!!! ( please order this when you eat here it's divine)
My third time here. And my first in broad daylight for lunch. Weather was hot but we got seats inside. They did the place up a bit, poshed it up with nicer chairs and smaller potion of the lovely sauce I like. That's progress for you. We were early  and midway through the meal they were people standing outside waiting to be seated. I'm telling you, this place serves lovely lovely food. Well worth heading all the way from KL to Putra Jaya
Interesting chillie sauce!
I've never seen sauce like this before. The food was so tasty I didn't bother adding any condiments.
Dessert was sweet and crunchy and lovely
In case you're wondering what baklava is...

Peach flavoured. Nice and fizzy and not too sweet. I love the packaging:) Very alcoholic-like
And here we have the name of the restaurant
Here's the rather tattered menu
A branch in Setiawangsa. 
And here's a branch nearer KL:)
This was yummy too. I'm going to try this the next time I eat here
Crispy bread
I spent saturday afternoon doing nothing but lovely things:) A lovely weekend.

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Duck confitt ala Delicious

Ginger ale...

Fisherman's catch....( should be thrown back in the sea really)

Fries....with a tinge of recycled oil 

Buy an IPOD NANO EVERY colour
I would write more...but am rushing for some delicious ARABIC food in Cyberjaya...Pictures when I return

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The next thing to buy....

A very good reason to get fit don't you think??? WOOHOOOWOOOHOO


Nike free run+2
These are my gorgeous black nike shoes:) So who cares if the rumour is true....the soles fall out after a year. ( NIKE I hope you're reading this). No more air for me. I'll settle for something simpler. Did a short spurt of exercising yesterday evening and I have aching thighs as a reminder of just how UNFIT I really am. No more exercise until the end of the week. Wouldn't want to fall ill. Pace myself...pace myself...

Read more  here

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Nike black

Untitled, originally uploaded by Fatty Tuna.

Finally got a new pair of nike (non-air) shoes this evening. The cost of which I'm still coming to terms with. Having forked out a fair bit, I now have to justify its purchase by attempting to jog at least once a week at the very least.
Rather than a girly pink I chose black which symbolises a serious drive to get fit for the year end. Good luck good luck.