Sunday, November 29, 2009

New obsession

I have 30 baju kurungs. ( Maybe a little more but 30 sounds like a good number to round it up to). AM currently in search of the perfect Baju Kurung made in cotton with teeny weeny flowers like the one in the picture above. Picture taken at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman during the pre Raya shopping bazaar. The closest thing I saw cost RM 369. *swoon* I was half tempted to tell the lady off for daylight robbery. So no, I didn't buy that and so am still on the look out for one.

Bliss Is ...

Bliss Is ..., originally uploaded by *Evelina*.

being on call...and not being called at all. Or even better, if you can SOLVE all the cases coming in with no hesitation. Nobody dies on you. The on call team consist of everyone you like and love working with. Your patients live and walk out of the hospital. The patients' relatives also think you're doing a good job.

Amcorp Mall

I took this picture as I waited patiently to be let in. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is on. Last day today. Small tip, you may not find too many books left if you head there today. My trip was disappointing. I left with only 6 books. Didn't fancy the venue very much. It was stuffy and the  lay-out of the place was odd. We were forced to go one direction and I felt there were less books compared to the last sale. Of course it didn't help that I arrived with a nagging headache having cried my eyes out the night before watching my sister's keeper.

I want Nina Bells' book " The Inheritance" , and I suspect nothing else will do.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Where have you been all this while Nina Bell?? That is what I thought when I was midway reading this book. Never judge a book by its cover. How true, how true. I've seen this book in the chicklit section at TIME bookstore for a few months now. The cover doesn't appeal to me. ( It still doesn't so I am using the present tense). Now that I've finished the book, I agree with the title. What a waste, I could have been introduced to Bell's wonderful writing earlier had I chosen to ignore the book cover and gone for content instead. My mistake folks. And this is something I do not want happen to you. So please go right out the door now and buy a copy yourself. You will not regret it. I promise you.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My sister's keeper

This is my first and only Picoult book I've read. I remember being emotionally disturbed ( not in a bad way ) midway through and emotionally drained by the end of the book. That put me off Picoult because if you read the books I post, you'll know my taste is strictly chicklit. It was only after the third trip to the DVD shop ( and running out of movies to buy) that I finally decided YES I would buy and watch this.
And so this evening, ( to officially mark the weekend proper) I watched " My sister's keeper" and cried so much I ended up with a damp sleeve on the right and red eyes. I've showered now, so I can sit back and write this review.

I guess at this stage, almost everyone who reads has read one Picoult book and surprisingly most folks I've talked to like her style. Maybe I'm unfair. The movie was set with a narrator, different ones throughout the movie. Nice that way. Cameron Diaz was a convincing mum fighting desperately to keep her child alive. And so, yes I enjoyed the movie a lot. The little girl who played Anna was good. ( I've forgotten her name now) She reminds me of that actress who played Marie Antoinette. Can't remember the name now. Damm! And I like the judge as well as the lawyer who represented Anna. ( All famous stars cos I've seen them before, I just can't name them now) I'm sipping my second glass of water. To replace the tears earlier this evening. It's very tiring to cry so I think I'm going to lie down now. Final word, watch this movie! You'll be sucked into an interesting problem which tugs your emotions like crazy crazy.

violin practice

violin practice, originally uploaded by jubewong.

Lesson at half three...which leaves me 3.5 hours to get them scales right. 3rd position 5th position ....and bring out the nasty metronome to play in tempo. I can't wait to get better. It's a pity I have to wade through all the boring finger exercises first. Why can't there be a short-cut?

Books I'm currently reading

 Expect a review the first week of Dec:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"things to do" list

Julia's "things to do" list, originally uploaded by inky.
I am back to making my "to do" list. Worked pretty well yesterday. So I'm busy making my list for this morning. 4.5 things to do so far. ( Hasn't ended!) Hands up those who are aware of this "Ta Da list account site"

Monday, November 23, 2009

PTK completed

It has been a busy and tiring ( brains were definitely used ) 6.5 days. I am referring to the PTK course which  I just completed. PTK stands for Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan. ( My malay has improved by leaps and bounds, courtesy of being made to write about 10 reflections in Bahasa Melayu prior to this course) It is a course to assess one's competency at different levels used by the government as a tool to decide who is eligible for promotion. We no longer have automatic promotion up the scale based merely on longevity of service. What I intend to do is to compile all the reflections into a small book, only because that was a work of sheer art. After a lapse of more than 10 years, we get immersed in lectures, small group discussions done in Malay. Sometimes a change is good....a challenge really. Although the lectures are officially over, the tasks are far from being completed. We have been given 2 weeks to complete it. So...there's WORK to be done. Procrastination is not allowed. No no no!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things to put on the I WANT I NEED wish list

Isn't this cool? I want this innovative, colourful keyboard protector for my own.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"How Time Flies"

"How Time Flies", originally uploaded by DagsDownunder.

This isn't going to be a blog on how time flies despite the title. It will concentrate instead on the failure of my two alarum clocks in getting me up and OUT of bed. I was late this morning. Despite proudly proclaiming the night before that I would drive and pick a friend up at 7:00am in a feeble attempt to arrive earlier, I woke up at seven AM. Directly after the right eye peeked and caught the time on the clock, there was a MAD mad mad rush to get things sorted. I left the house with no breakfast, no coffee, a damp body and hair which looked like I had just woken up. Have you ever realised, when you sleep with slightly damp hair ( bad habit I'll surely suffer from rheumatism in 2.3 years from now ) you run the risk of having an oddly 1980s rock punk hair style?

Work work work

MacBook Pro, originally uploaded by Spintwig.

I have typed a lot of words the last 3.5 days. Mostly in a language which is not my mother tongue. Bahasa Melayu is our country's national language. And as the course I am attending is a course meant to assess the elligibility for promotion, it is a reasonable request that we write our thoughts and reflections in Bahasa Melayu. I am handicapped severely. BM is not my first language. The 11 reflections which we were required to pen down were HARD to do. After the first few attempts, I abandoned the initial plan of writing in English and getting it translated. It felt weird and the end product ( if I can gone through this path ) would have been disjointed. So I opted, rather optimisically to write in BM.What helped was the MAC. Not grammatically but my lifting the mood each time I typed. GAWD I love this piece of machine:)


, originally uploaded by Shelba.

Setelah menghabiskan masa hampir dua hari setengah menulis refleksi, saya berasa bangga dengan pencapaian saya. Menulis refleksi adalah salah satu tugasan PTK yang wajib dibuat. Leceh....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What you Should not order when at Delicious

What is worth ordering at delicious is
1) Pate Plate. Although the portions of both pate and bread have been scaled down. On the upside, the pate still tastes divine. So got for it.
2) Banoffee pie. If you're looking for a desert which is not too sweet and you dun abhore bananas, this is just the ticket.
3)Duck confit , which I'm sure at some point has been everyone's favourite. I tend to shy away from it recently.

Things not to order
1) Avacado chicken sandwich. In a sorry attempt to be adventurous, I ended up wth this sad looking sandwich for dinner yesterday. The chicken chunks were huge. My suspicion of tasteless chunks was confirmed when I chewed diligently on my cube-sized chicken laced with sauce. The avacado was a sorry excuse. And so, here's my tip, do NOT order this particular sandwich. It's quite unpalatable.
2) The cupcakes. Tasteless and small. I won't waste more words on it.
3) The flourless cake. ( Not the exact name but it has the word flourless in it ) Absolutely a chore to swallow. Hard work. So yes another one firmly placed on this list.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Thank-you, originally uploaded by Anna Malie Design.

I would like to thank my patient Madame V for helping us out in the exams this morning. You travelled from another state ( possibly bringing along the husband and leaving the house unattended for a good one week) and you stayed in dusty smog laden KL. Nobody likes being away from home for long. And certainly staying over is hardly the same as staying in your own home, sleeping in your own bed. So thank you, for making this sacrifice. I appreciate it very much

Red Velvet

I want red velvet cupcake...with a mug of hot coffee ..milk no sugar. THANKS