Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Will he...won't he?

I think the Brits are dying for a Royal Wedding to boost its morale. What better way to celebrate the future monarchy then to celebrate the wedding of Diana's son to Kate Middleton. On the surface, Wills seem to have gone about this romance the right way. Unlike his father, who courted in secret with loads of car chasing and second guessing on the part of the paparrazzi, William has chosen to acknowledge his girlfriend openly. The courtship was done away from the prying eyes of the press .So what next? Will the pressure to go a step further egged on by the press push Wills into proposing earlier than he would like?

Jennifer Hudson won an oscar. She must be on cloud nine. Who would have thought, missing out on American Idol...would lead to this great moment for Hudson. Does she deserve the oscar? That's what I'm going to find out this weekend. I bought myself the DVD of "Dreamgirls". Fashion-statement wise, that bolero looked a little out of place. I think it must have been the wrong size. Brown is the new black? I thought white was the new black. Or is is finally the new black? She looked so happy and emotional when she gave her thank you speech, I teared up too. Congratulations:)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday monday

I think one of the great things about Monday morning that people dun quite realise,( I'm being different...and annoyingly positive about it all ) is that it gives the chance for hope. Imagine an entire unblemished week looming ahead, for you to do as you please. ( within limits) Today I'm particularly glad I dug myself out of bed to arrive at work early. The early bird gets a good spot at the carpark. The early bird also gets a nice drive to work....except for a stalled car ( strategically placed just inside the tunnel. Murphy's law!! The bottle-neck added 3 minutes to my drive to work. The early bird also gets to sit an extra 2 minutes in her car...mulling over life generally and monday mornings specifically. I hope you have a great week.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Vietnamese food

367 calories,6g of FAT and 35 mg of cholesterol. That's vietnamese pho for you. Enjoy the picture

And the winner is...

I 've been feeling regular rushes of endorphins each time I wash the hair, and note the significant absence of chunks of hair coming off when I vigorously massage the scalp. I expect alcoholics get a similar decent buzz when they sip the first gin of the day. This hair fall business plagues quite a number of women. I blame the water we're exposed to. My mum blames the stressful lifestyle I lead. And we both worry I'll be leading a life of a successful woman with spots of baldness in the future. Perhaps this is the reason why there is a huge market of shampoos, each promising a headful of thick healthy school of hair. Hair after all, is a woman's crowning glory. Waistlines may expand, and pimples may erupt, but good hair is something most of us take for granted. When we're denied this, we take it as a violation of our basic right to look gorgeous. At least I do:)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spice of India

Chicken Kolambu
Plain Briyani Rice

Khadhai Paneer

2 Pooris in a basket

Food makes most people happy. Where you eat this good food also plays a role in your happiness. Nice cool air ( not the freezing air-con some restaurants insist on having ) a subdued crowd of fellow eaters and decent service makes for a satisfying meal. Spice of India at KLCC is a restaurant with all such pre requisites. Lunching there was good. Walking out of the restaurant with a tummy full of carbs was more difficult than I thought possible. The creaky knees make its presence known and the sluggish mind veered towards thoughts of being in a horizontal position. Lunch consisted of Ice lemon tea, Khadhai Paneer, Aloo Gobi, Chicken Kolambu, plain briyani rice ( which was anything but plain ) and Poori. Jue Jue ( the person who served us ) was attentive without being pushy.This restaurant is for those who enjoy good Indian food....when shopping in KLCC. 5 visits to date and no disappointments so far.

Spice Of India.

Lot-417A Level 4 Suria KLCC

Kuala Lumpur


Missing...two scrunchies!!

Scrunchies have legs. I'm sure of it. At least, mine certainly have weeny legs. One week and a day ago, my black scrunchie went missing overnight, and two days later, my orange scrunchie mysteriously disappeared as well. If you're thinking someone took it...think again.

Books do furnish a room

These books are shown for no particular reason apart from the fact it was my bedside reading at the end of 2006. I've reached the age where most reading is done in bed. My first Penelope Lively book was " A stitch in time". As an 11 year old, I didn't get pass the first two chapters. But when I eventually finished the book, I was haunted with the possiblity of it all. Making it up is Lively's anti-memoir as she calls it.I haven't finished it. And until this morning completely forgot about it. ( As you can see it was overshadowed by a copy a reader's digest and three Amanda Brookfield books.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Such a classic

I think wit is endearing. And Judi Dench is witty and charming and adorable.Geoffrey Palmer is equally endearing. BBEC aired a couple of episodes some time back and I was lucky enough to watch them. Its definitely a classic. The same class as "yes minister".

A sore index finger.

Okay. I've managed to strain the left hand with over vigorous violin playing. And so not only do I have a sore left index finger which refuses to flex fully, I also am in posession of a right arm which refuses to bow accurately. For inspiration I shall be listening to VIVALDI's konzert fur violine &string orchestra Op4/2 in E minor.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy CHinese New Year

I drive back home on Friday. Checklist...for drive home

1) a full tank of oil...or at least 3/4 full

2)violin...violin stand and appropriate books

3)clothes ...including two new tops...and a dress for CNY

4)laptop .....( still undecided )

5) handphone and charger

6) PDA and charger

I am looking fwd to this break very much. CNY is a cultural celebration. The dragon dance will once again be refused entry into our house. Mum thinks its a mean old thing. I like the dance and the deafening clang clang cymbals. Very noisy. very festive. Like every other year, I'll have to make do with the view from afar.


The good ole violin...and if one looks carefully...there are strips of paper stuck on it.
Violin tuner...for us poor souls who are tone-deaf but still eager to play a musical instrument.

Reading notes....after ten years of playing by heart takes a bit of getting used to. Coordination between eyes and fingers. That's what I wish ..for 2007.

What a busy start to the year

Greetings from an incredibly busy individual. We're almost done with the second month of the year. Imagine that. Time flies....Thankfully no resolutions have been broken. The trick is to make NO resolutions at all. Regardless of how merry you may feel on new year's eve.Such a great silence on my part was greatly due to adjusting to greater responsibilities and entertaining self doubts on ability to do so. Thankfully, the self-doubting alter ego has been pushed ( firmly ) into the background and the usual up-beat optimistic self is back with a vengeance. HULLO Hulllo HULLO!!!

Books I've read since I last blogged:

1. Christmas at Fairacre ( by Miss Read )

2. Tender at the bone ( Ruth Reichl)

3. Ireland - in a glass of its own ( Peter Biddlecombe)

4. The godmother ( amanda brookfield )

5.The lover ( amanda brookfield)

6. Single lives ( amanda brookfield)

7. Shopaholic and baby ( Sophie kinsella)

New exciting things in life

1. 20 inch LCD TV plastered firmly on the wall in the hall.

2. The resurrection of the ole violin and with it painful lessons with many new notes to learn

3.New MP4 player....( functions yet to be learnt)

4. Acquired=One new fangled lamp of dubious aesthetic value..stashed neatly in the hall.

Painful things which have occured so very fast in the year

1. Credit card maxed out on self.

2. Living on a budget as a result of reason number (1)

3.In a moment of weakness promising give up buying trashy mags.