Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My weakness for magazines

Can you spot the "real" Hello Magazine from the Malaysian version in this picture? Pretty hard really. So here's the update on what I've been reading
1. Pippa dressed in a very boring dark blue Orla Kierly outfit. (bleah) Mamma Middleton looked two shades better.
2. Kate really should have avoided wearing red for the flotilla Jubilee celebration. Tut tut! A good reason to employ a stylist and advisor I think.
3. I wonder why Lady Gabriella Windsor was absent for this VERY important royalty get-together. No mention of her and why she wasn't present.
4. Her mother Princess Michael of Kent wore a deliciously baby blue outfit with ( beam) puff-ed up sleeves for the church service. Woohoo!
5. The person who made her coat for the church service should be sacked. ( Princess Beatrice's coat i mean)

Monday, June 25, 2012

NIke free run in black

I rewarded self with this lovely jetblack pair of nike free run after having completed my first 10km run on Sunday! Those of you who have excellent memories would find this pose similar to my lost pair and second pair of nike free run. They're really extremely comfortable and make running that bit more joyous. Pssst also bought a new dri fit top to complete the gear!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I love this picture. Taken while waiting for our orders to arrive at Madame Kwan's KLCC. What is my favourite when eating here? Nasi bojari...although at some point, I was partial to the chicken chop with mushroom sauce. It's nearly always full but the service is very fast, and the waiters are attentive. Most places do not have enought waiters and when the place is full...you have to wait a long time to be served.

Funny things at BIG

 Taken last weekend at BIG. I do not do my groceries here. It's a little big ( pardon the pun and walking about looking for things because I'm not familiar with the lay-out is tiring.
I love their reusable bags. May just get one of these today. Yes..I intend to pop by for a quick meal. Lapar!

Fan Run 17th June 2012

 This was my first official run ever. So it was a exciting time. We arrived at Dataran Merdeka around 7am. Quite a bit of crowd already. Parking wasn't a problem. We were given blank bibs to draw /write our support for the Malaysian contingent. Here's mine. It rained mid-run and we got drenched. My shoes were soaked. And the handphone samsung galaxy got a bath too.  My lovely pink tree-in-bud and purple words got washed off leaving almost no trace of what I'd written earlier.
Here is what I managed to take of the crowd running slightly uphill just around the corner from where we started. Nice to see everyone in the same colours. The T-shirt was very warm to wear. I won't be wearing it again. It 's claim of dri-fit is a total lie. Aargh. And so we completed 3 km at 20 minutes ++ in the rain. Exciting experience I strongly recommend this for anyone who likes running remotely.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lebanese food.

The food plateau
 We had Lebanese last Friday. Wasn't planned. The aim of the trip was shopping for sports gear but we HAD to eat. And the consensus was something different. The venue was Al-Amar at the premium food floor level 6 Pavillion. We got seats very near the entrance at the booth which was cosy but it was the furthest away from the music ( and later on in the evening the Belly dancer with some groovy moves) There was lebanese music played on the electric violin. I was definitely intrigued with the electric violin and now may want one of my own.
Something meaty-dish
 Let's now move onto the food. The meat started which we picked was lovely. There was a myriad of taste bursting once you take the first bite and start chewing. Such a lovely change from our usual Malaysian cuisine. ( Not that  I'm slagging off Petai or peria...incidentally two of my must-haves during any meal if at all possible)
Proof that I at least got the spelling of the restaurant correct

Chicken sheesh something.
The main dish above was nice but definitely nothing close to the Arab restaurant at Cyberjaya. The Music was maybe just a shade louder than we were confortable with but the Belly dancing was superb. Sadly no pictures cos I was too mesmerize by the moves to remember clicking away. Next time..I promise!

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine. Lot 6.10.00. Level 6 Pavillion.
Tel: 03-21661011

Thursday 's new toy

Apple iPhone 4S, originally uploaded by Matthew Piper.

Thanks to the people up there ( wave hands in air) we lowly individuals can now enjoy a SIM card courtesy of the establishment and we are also entitled to RM1000 refund for a phone from a list we're given. And with this....I'll let your imagination wander a bit...and imagine what I've been up to with this new toy. Currently synching apps from the ipod-touch-days ( dormant for a good new years) to this gadget. Smurf Village you SHALL be revived!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lake Gardens (yes again)

 I thought it would be nice for a change to post some shots of animals. We also saw a wild monkey near the tunnel but it didn't look very friendly so I didn't dare take any pictures. Here are the lovely creatures very graceful in the water doing their own version of synchronize swimming. No food for them poor dears so they left after a while disappointed.
 You can just make out the legs kicking away under water. Aren't they nice and white??
Buzzing along like a motorboat minus the horrendous sound of the engine.

Done just right!!

 Flying Chillies at the Gardens,Midvalley. We had dinner here yesterday. A lovely meet-up with an old friend just back from a one year stint in Adelaide. Her send-off was also at the same restaurant. We're not so much Unadventurous as creatures of habit really. Here's my steam rice with chicken basil and egg-oh sunny-side-up done JUST right. One poke and the yolk would burst out and run all the way down my rice. Be careful it has little weeny chillie bits with the chicken. One bite and your meal may be ruined.
 AJ packed dinner. Here's the wording on the plastic bag
We decided to do a play with words. *roll eyes* what do you expect when you have a neurologist, dermatologist, respiratologist and cardiologist all at the one table for dinner. Welome back H!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

A nice way to indicate your food preference

Pictures taken at KL Hilton during the meeting earlier this afternoon. Initially I thought this little piece of paper indicated the different breakout groups. A bit odd to be divided into groups of different animals. All was revealed during lunch at the Senses Level 3. Food was alright. No complains. The company was lovely and because it wasn't buffet there was no danger of carbohydrate overdose to cause lethargy and poor performance post lunch

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


run little Forrest, originally uploaded by luisotaviomachado.
I finally managed to experience the endorphins making me like jogging. Today I completed 6.23km. 50% was uphill. Next goal ...to do this at a decent speed before I increase my distance. Oh yes, and to try a different jogging route.

Is this really what you want?

When I want to invest my hard earned money on an apple product, I would expect the person serving me to be
1. informative re product and be able to answer my queries in an intelligent manner
2. Polite but not bordering on being smart with pseudo funny statements.

What are your expectations?

Monday, June 04, 2012


Picture from dreamstime
As Mondays go, today was a good day. No work after 5pm and I managed to squeeze in a 3.5km jog before dinner. The heat has sucked a lot of energy out of me and so no work can be done now. Time for a lie-down

Thoughtful gesture

I received this last week as a thank you present. No matter how many times you get thanked, there still remains this warm feeling which envelopes you when you realise someone out there wants to thank you for something you've done for them. It's nice to be appreciated!

Lake Gardens

Tucked in a corner
For the second consecutive Saturday, we went jogging ( mostly walking briskly with some long pauses for photo-sessions) at the Lake Gardens. Yes we still found secret nooks which we missed the first time around. I missed the turn off and we ended up looping around and arriving slightly later. Parking was impossible. So we parked illegally at the side of the road. As we parked, within minutes there was a long row of cars parked behind us. It was hot and humid and we didn't jog until mush later around the lake.

The bonsai trees make this look like a scene from "The Hobbit"
The whole experience is nice. To be surrounded by nature in the city centre. We ate roti telor for breakfast...another 7KM needed to burn this up:) Hehe