Monday, March 31, 2008

My feet hurt

It's been a whole week that my feet have hurt. I'm not sure what the cause is. I did wear kitten heels on Monday to showcase my newly painted baby pink pedicured toenails. Could it be the added kilo and a half putting the strain on the arch? It's a pity birkenstock can't be worn to work. ( I could but it would be a violation of rules of what to wear to work)

Another good book by Margaret Forster

I started this book last night, bought it some weeks back and had decided to stash it away until which time I felt in the right mood to enjoy good fiction. Forster writes well. I confidently say this because her books have not disappoint.

Memory box is about a mother who leaves a box for her child. This child ( now a woman ) has to decide whether she wants to pursue the clues left in the box. Unlike most books, the child doesn't feel the need to miss her mother.

I'm going to read this book enjoy it fully

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Roti Bawang

I hear....if you eat this, you need to run 7 km to burn it all off:)

The best Briyani ever

Easter was spent back home. An hour and a half away from the hustle and bustle ( and pollution ) of Kuala Lumpur. It rained most of the weekend. Which was good cos it kept the temperature down and I had a cool Easter weekend in the great Malaysian outback. I managed to have my quota of briyani. This restaurant has been around since I was...eerm 6 years old. the briyani is the best I've tasted ever. Okay so maybe it's rather biased. but it's very very good. ( Am I allowed to say this??) This briyani is from Ratha Restaurant. The top most picture shows the restaurant on a cloudy Saturday morning. I was on the way to the bank to sort out accounts.

Visitors from Australia

My very good friend ( who slaved through housemanship with me back in the dark ages in hospital Melaka) decided to uproot self a couple of years back from Malaysia to Australia. A brave move. Despite going our separate ways, we've pretty much kept in touch ...I email and he calls. I finally had the opportunity to play hosts to him and his girlfriend last week when they stayed over. And they brought me this present.
I first saw it at the flea market at the Rocks just before we climbed the Sydney bridge ( I blogged about this earlier.) Had decided to return to buy it but i never did. So I'm very pleased with this present:) It's actually many stamps cut and pasted one over the other giving a 3 D effect. It's still on the table. I haven't decided where I wanna put it yet.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Kampua Mee

Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia in 1963. In many ways they still remain alien to most Malaysians living in Peninsular Malaysia. 50 years on, and Air Asia has made it very reasonale to travel to most parts of East Malaysia we see ourselves being exposed to a different culture. The East Malaysians are fiercely protective of their states. This is the second time I've eaten this mee. It's called "Kampua Mee". Despite looking insipid ( most mee is doused in dark soya sauce) it is very tasty. The red pieces are pork bits.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I hate scales

This is a desperate attempt to get my scales and arpeggios right. I've stuck it on the fridge.

Kittens galore

I went home to vote. We were there super early because my dad had to go to work directly after. No crowd...we were done in 15 minutes. I got back and napped shamelessly. When i woke up, I decided to walk around the garden a bit. And there they were...5 little kitties playing with each other and a couple of stones by the drain.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Old Timer's Disease

I've been reading Gervase Phinn's novels and in his 4th and last book ( main theme is working as a school inspector in the DALE countryside ) one of the children said " my gran has old timer's disease she sometimes forgets her knickers." These kids, they never cease to make you smile. I know that line certainly did.

As usual ( and this seems to be a recurring theme ) I've been horrendously lapse re blogging. No, I'm no longer going to blame facebook, I'm taking the blame here. It's a series to events leading to this

1) Bought the pirated version of brothers and sisters ( a separate blog on this is required ) and watched the dvds in succession one weekend. As a result, the laundry was UNdone, the floors were not cleaned and my study was dusty and messy

2) Another weekend was spent in Kuching Sarawak. My third visit there to date. I must have "old timer's disease", cos the trip was like my first there. Couldn't remember much...even the airport looked different. I later found out it's a new airport. Consoling!!

3) The last weekend I drove back home to VOTE. And so now we're in the midst of forming a new government. Politics is messy. And Malaysia 's is no exception. The week following the poling results, there has been disagreements in two states re election of head of states.

4)My hair loss is now *beam* a thing of the past. So the next thing to tackle is premature greying. I've signed up for yet another course at Yun Nam. ( despite vowing never to have anything to do with them after my first encounter...)
Anna is right, I do blog in spurts. Going to try and be more consistent.