Saturday, August 25, 2012


Every so often you need to make a trip to Ikea just so you can be inspired to de-clutter. The current apartment is filled to capacity. Despite restraining myself from buying anything bulky and major, my weekly magazine quota alone has taken over the dining table. Help!

My obsession for the month

Picture taken from Mcdonalds Jalan Pahang
Two Sundays in a row, I've been drawn by some invisible power to McDonalds for their breakfast set and particularly for their harsh brown. The lovely pipping hot crunchy bit of potential muffin-top-inducer they serve. ( No picture of that because I enjoy that first before realising I should really take a picture for the blog)  And also their coffee. Not the gourmet ones they serve these days ( at an ended price+ separate counter) but their usual cheap black coffee which comes free with their sets. Perhaps ...I will have this today as well!!I feel the best aromatic coffee ( undiluted) is from San Francisco coffee place. Do you agree?

The London 2012 Olympics...( Kate's fashion update)

Picture taken from OMG yahoo
1. The Duchess of Cambridge and her skinny jeans which I felt ( feel) were just a wee bit away from tights!. I wouldn't call these gorgeous legs. And no this is not jealousy so don't go thinking along that line. I'll tell you who has great royal legs...Charlotte Casiraghi! ( Google and you will agree)

2. Another olympic-outing for Kate. I like this because she's wearing a Longchamp long handle bag ( triple yay). The only other time we've seen her with one was during her graduation. As you may well have realise at this stage, I am a bit of a longchamp fan.

3. Kate wore this to watch a hockey match. What I like about these pictures....she's absolutely enjoying herself and we see some different facial expressions. Way to go Kate...we always knew you had them expressions in you deep deep down.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Selamat HAri Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends who celebrate this and to all those who're immersed in the spirit of a week-long holiday. Sadly I'm back to work this morning. A quick post before reality hits:) But I'm expecting *ahem* a quiet day ahead with some spare time to rest in between.

An experience indeed

We drove out to have WNN tyre's changed. Two of the 4 had problems. One had a nail in it and was semi-flat requiring a change to the spare tyre and the second had a little bleb signifying unhappy things to come. This being the raya week, most shops were closed. We headed to this shop...thankfully opened. It's along jalan kuching you can just see it from the main road to your left as you drive towards  Selayang. It started to rain as we arrived. And boy did it POUR continuously like someone had left the shower on in the sky at full blast. We could hardly hold a conversation properly ...this was how loud the rain was. Some thunder but that wasn't the scary part. Just look at the water in the picture above....this was the view from where I stood. The level went up up up up until the shop. I had parked the car to the left of this picture. I had to wade through water mid-calf level to the car...and my poor car was almost submerged in water. We quickly drove away from this nasty place after the tyres were done...and parked somewhere else to wait it out. I'm scared of rain now and want a 4-wheel drive please. I should ( in retrospect) have taken a picture of the water when it'd reach a higher level but we were too terrified at that point.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My hairdresser!

My current hair dresser Roy Thean...( Harper's Bazaar August 2012)
I had a hair trim yesterday afternoon. Taking advantage of the rather quiet tempo at the work place yesterday being the day before the start of the long festive weekend and the day after school closes for the break. I've had my fair share of being hair trims by different people since I had my long hair lobbed off. Here's a list, not strictly in chronological order; mother ( reluctant because she says I'm such a fusspot and she dreads dealing with the complains after), local hair dresser in Raub ( small shop which opens to the back lane with about space for 3 customers...I had some nice praise after this cut), Kimarie studio in Sg Wang Plaza ( Roy and two other different people), the shop just beside kimarie also in Sg Wang Plaza, 3 different shops at Desa Sri Hartamas ( One lady ...she did a good job but I didn't like the way the hair looked when it grew out...a man in a korean shop who complimented me on the shape of my head and a lady who was very friendly but sadly cut the hair to HER specifications rather than mine), Kool Kutz at Plaza Damas by  two different people. ( A lady who cut a fringe for me for the first time and a guy who trimmed by hair a few times..not bad really)and I think a shop at the top floor of KLCC some years back. ( a forgettable experience except for the price.) And the quickest was at a cut above at Midvalley megamall...expensive, no chatting I felt like i was at a factory outlet and I was being sniped whilst on a conveyor belt.

I am now under the consistent care of Roy Thean who was previously based in Sg Wang Plaza but has since moved to Kenanga Wholesale level 3. Free parking  and a hassle free experience altogether. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly update

I appear to be doing posts on a weekly basis. Can't blame work....or lack of material. I believe I may blame jogging. As my energy level just drops to below compatibility with any work in the evenings once I crawl my way back home after my jog.
I travelled up north for an overnight stay. Work-related. Here are my trusty longchamps doing what they do best ie being functional and stylish at the same time. Go KNOW you're dying for one yourself. I 'm still looking for two of mine which has been misplaced...khahi green and bilberry blue. Boohoo!
Ecco for quality
While we're on the topic of stuff that are stylist....may I just add that Ecco shoes are hardy and last pretty darn long. You may get a wider selection at their shop in the gardens. Mine have been worn a lot and I can safely say they're comfy. Time for a new pair but they rarely stock my size. Aargh

 Addicted to Moo cow. Enuff said
It's less than a week to Hari Raya! This was a makan by a colleague. Just before the start of the fasting month. I am blessed with good working colleagues some of whom have become really good friends.