Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Books to devour

I went a little mad on Sunday. MPH was having its member's only sale. And guess what?? They had three titles of Ms Read at the chic lit section. Have you ever walked up to a section with no expectations..and yet hoping secretly to find that elusive book? ( in this case books...) Try and imagine this and you may well experience the elation.

Books that I'm reading

1. Harry Potter..( stuck there for months.)

2. Second Time Lucky by Sophie King. ( almost done..should be finishing this evening )

3. A wedding in December by Anita Shreve ( totally out of character to buy such a book, but nonetheless a pleasing surprise...aim to finish by the end of this week.)

4.Georgy Girl by Margaret Forster. ( once again a lucky find..at TIMES the pavillion )

The memory keeper's daughter ....is a book which I've been contemplating reading for months. I've stood at POPULAR bookstore reading the first half of the first chapter. So when I'm done with all the above books...( or maybe even before..) I shall read that.


The department's hari raya celebration is this Friday. ( Unless I've gotten the dates wrong). We can expect amongst other things ( dare we hope ) satay, cakes from secret recipe, rendang, ketupat, jello, chicken curry....

Selamat Hari Raya...a little late. Maaf Zahir Batin!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Spot the Smiley Jibbitz

For the record, these are not my legs. They belong to my cousin Bryan.

Blood donation..does it hurt?

There was a blood donation campaign at the old Parish Hall today. I've been to two blood donation drives in the last ten years and I've donated blood twice. The first was for purely selfish reasons ie they were giving a free t-shirt for every one pint of blood you gave. I still have the t-shirt..it's now yellow and the words have faded somewhat. The second time around for for more self-less reasons. The first was painless. I suspect the thrill of getting the t-shirt numbed the pain. The second was complicated by infection and I had a lymph node to prove it. It's not easy getting at my veins, a combination of more than ample subcutaneous fat plus deep seeded veins makes it challeging. And so today, I opted out.


How crazy is this? I have two JIBBITZ..and I don't own a pair of crocs. Not from lack of trying. I have tried numerous pairs in different colours. The end-product is nearly always the same, the feet look gigantic in them plus the calves automatically look like sticks coming out of flower-pots. A cousin came up to visit, and his obsession with Jibbitz rubbed off on me. I've been obsessed with getting a smiley face Jibbitz since. ( They're out of STOCK for now..)

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to show them off, make a hole in your coat and stick it here?? Stick a magnet behind it and latch it on the car? Jibbitz was born in 2005 by a stay-at-home mum who had the imagination and flair for making something to stick in the holes of crocs to personalize them. Who would have thought??

Layered cake..sarawak style

I developed a liking for Kek Lapis Sarawak a while back. It's not too sweet, and the plus point is, it looks very nice. The mechanics of making it makes it even more precious to have. There was a booth at Hartamas where you could order it for a price. And oh boy, what a price it was. For raya, two friends gave me kek lapis. Correction three friends gave me kek lapis. Thank you:) I certainly enjoyed eating it as much as wondering how many hours went into making this intricate cake.

ps apologies for not blogging. Have been diverted to facebook for a while. It's addictive. But I'm BACK

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Malaysia's dream of sending someone into space has finally materialised. Sheikh Muszaphar is a doctor from the same hospital I work in. My only claim to fame is having ONCE made a referral to him a few years back. How exciting is it to go into space. Pretty DAMM exciting I should think.