Tuesday, March 28, 2006


There's a valid reason for the great silence on my part the last few days. The wireless-internet at my place decided to misbehave. This after some months of faultless service. It started off by acting wonky, annoyingly picking up the wireless broadband service of the neighbour instead of my own. It then decided to vex me further by refusing to connect completely and finally I decided to lug wirelss router plus laptop to the shop to have this hiccup sorted out.

As of yesterday, the laptop connects no problem but the desktop refuses ....it's IP address ( doesn't it sound savvy when I say things like that?) looks odd and the router refuses to allow me access. I spent a good part of yesterday night stubbornly accessing it in different permutations. Finally gave up after 3 hours and went to bed moodily. If we do get reincarnated, I would at least like to come back with some IT skills in hand. Very handy. And a good week to you readers out there. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tasty tasty

To celebrate the impending marriage of a cousin,we got together for dinner in uptown Damansara. I still have no idea where that is but if memory serves me correctly, it is near enough One Utama. Being a typical female, I use landmarks and what better one than a big shopping complex.

The food was awful! You can see for yourself. The first dish was a shocker. There was a silence as that dish walked its way towards our table. ( We were the only ones seated upstairs ) The fish was good but the rest of what was in the dish was merely palatable. I've heard of this Hakka delicacy before...apparently you eat from top-most downwards and it feeds a family of ten or more.

The soup consisted of tau foo bathed in greenish substance. I honestly thought the cook had unleashed her under five granddaughter into the kitchen. The soup was followed by the cook. ( who beamed expectantly and so we slurped the soup down bravely.) It tasted much better than it looked. Never judge a soup by its colour.

The other dish featured was chicken. Covered liberally with spring onion...the taste of which is still in the mouth.

It was very nice meeting the family. Perhaps the next time we'll have more conventional food.

My review of Tasty Tasty...is a two thumbs down I'm afraid.
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Friday, March 10, 2006


This is a movie I'm looking forward to watching, a sequel to the award winning"Sepet"


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Superman's wife

She died you know. At such a y0ung age. Lung cancer claims lives greedily sparing very few. It is alarming to realise non smokers are as susceptible to this as much as the smokers. So the next time someone puffs in front of you, I believe it's justified to poke the yob in the eye.

Dana Reeves, I always admired her role as tireless caregiver to her husband. Did she then neglect herself during that period? Could she have detected this evil cancer earlier...and be alive now as a result?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Moisturize!!! As often as you can. And stay out of the sun. That's the best advice anyone can give ....a safer option for keeping wrinkles at bay. Of course being right smack in the tropics ...the second option would pose a challenge. What is left for us poor dears? A good skin care regime. Don't feel obligated to stick to just the one brand. Heck, experiment and when you've found just the right hand-cream....tell US. Posted by Picasa

The quest for a quiet life

Nine out of ten people who expressed a preference have said they would give two toes and an elbow to lead a sedentary lifestyle indefinitely with an option to entering the busy city life at the appropriate juncture ...time to be chosen by themselves. I totally agree with that statement. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006

Welcome Street Bear

I need help naming this chap. He's called "street bear" something so inpersonal it hurts. I would call him blackie but that has a racist ring to it, plus it shows a lack of imagination on my part. It seems to me, the bear deserves a nice name.

Smoked salmon..yummy

I don't want to waste your time with a tepid description of the delectable smoked salmon I had two weeks back, so I posted a picture instead.

The week past has been incredibly tiring on the feet. Exactly a week ago, I realised I had an expired passport. Now for the last two years it hadn't bothered me at all.( the last two years I was firmly planted in Malaysian soil ). Now with a trip out of the country at the end of the month, it was a tad irritating to find self out of the documents needed. To cut a long and painful story short the problem has been sorted and I can now return to some form of normality.

Two days after that, I developed an in-grown toenail. This has always fascinated me. How does one get it? I blame the pedicurist...may all her toes rot cheerfully before the month is up. Have you ever realised how important one's big toe is to walking properly? Well it is...very important. That evening, tucked in bed...I had to deal with the throbbing nail until sleep came to me.

Please may this week be quiet and restful.