Thursday, January 24, 2008

Organic food

Malaysia has quite a bit of organic food shops mushrooming at the oddest places. This is in Damasara Jaya....reason for a trip there was to visit Atria ( rather run down shopping centre) to collect a watch. Why must the watch repairer have a shop this far away from town? The most likely answer is low rental I suppose.

OOoooh nice violin

No, this isn't my violin. It's a friend's. Lucky friend. It sounds gorgeous when you play it. Very bright. And the sounds carries quite far. Not too nice because I don't play all notes in tune ( yet) but imagine this...lovely clear bright notes..echoing down the coridoor.

The importance of wearings masks

These are my current batch of third year medical students about to witness a pleuroscopy. No particular reason for this picture. It justs looks mighty nice.

Monday, January 14, 2008

What a wonderful

Okay so here's the deal....there's this lovely bookstore in Atria...with books to be bought at bargain prices. It's addictive. Once you're there...the books ( at hugely low prices) are irrisitible. I didn't resist too hard. No point. Oh the shoes were bought somewhere else. But I thought it would complete the picture if I added them to the picture. I can't wait to read my books and wear my shoes. No I don't wish for more feet so I can wear them all at the one go. But I would like tomorrow's tiring shopping.

You might notice Georgette Heyer features quite abit. It was a steal at RM 19:90. The same book at MPH costs RM 49:90. So you can imagine the kick I got when I paid for them. Such a steal. Gervase Phinn was a lucky find two weeks back. The cover looked good. And someone had written it was like James Heriott so I decided to try one. Oh boy oh boy...can the man write. I couldn't put it down.....really enjoyable. So I went back to buy the lot.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My current food obsession

Ms Read does a mean pate. For those of you who like your pate...eerm..."liver-ish". This is it. You'ld like the consistency of it as well as the after taste. It's spreadable, thick....a touch grainy. The ones with wine in them have a bitter after-taste. At least the ones I've tasted. ( And I haven't tasted that many)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Shopping shopping shopping

A very happy birthday to me. This is my first birthday present. It's a lucky charm so it'd better do the job for the entire year. Made in Taiwan...( or is it Korea I forget now..) it's a glow in the dark one. I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow.

Princess Grace

This is what I'm currently reading. Just finished reading the first chapter in the bog.( HAH yes reading in the loo is acceptable practise...writing about it in the blog might'n be thought)
The fair to Middling is one of the many second hand books I bought from Kings Street. It's a little like Alice through the looking glass. ( I was once obsessed with that book and had a spell where I kept rereading the entire book continuosly). This was a good book. I felt a little sorry when i finished it which was at approximately 11:45pm last night.

Happy new YEAR 2008 Folks. I ushered in the new year snoring. Yes not something to be proud of. I fell asleep before twelve midnight. Too much good food made me sleepy. Today being AWAL a public holiday and an ideal day to shop...I did just that. Bought this old movie.I love Grace Kelly in High Society. She's like an Ice Maiden. So tonight I'm going to watch this....bought if from Speedy for a mereRM 14.90. ( You can see the price in the picture.).