Sunday, July 12, 2015

sorry I've been lazy:)

SPF50 from Holika Holika.( Bought in Seoul)
If you've ever had the chance to visit Seoul, you will find yourself in the company of a lot of people with good clear skin. Glowing in fact. And when you head to the shops, with the idea of buying clothes and T-shirts, you will find yourself gravitating to the many facial product shops ( and there are many) to buy something in the hope of becoming gorgeous. This is what happened to me. True story.

During our last trip to Seoul ( thankfully before the MERS scare) we stayed in a hotel just beside Myeong Dong shopping area. ( Swoon so exciting I found myself energized for long walks just to look at things and ooh and aah over what they had in store) Anyway this long introduction leads to wearing SPF50 ( ladies are you reading this?) to remain freckle and pigmentation-free. Very important that. And if you already have one or two possible marks, save up for laser therapy which is the effective method of getting rid of it. Laser is costly so I recommend SPF50 as prevention. Cheaper in the long run.

Pictured above is a gem I found in seoul. Water-proof SPF50 from this Korean brand called Holika Holika ( So good you have to say it twice....I'm kidding)

myeong dong catheral
And I had the opportunity to attend sunset mass at Myeongdong Cathedral which is the birthplace of Roman Catholicism in Seoul. The cathedral is located at the end of one of the shopping streets and is up a hill. ( Picture was taken from the level of the road) The women is Korean are still pious. Quite a number of them wore veils upon entering the cathedral. Young and old. No age limit to veils. What was also impressive was the lovely singing. Voices like angels ( imagine Korean angels in Heaven) Due to the limited time in Seoul, I had to attend the sunset mass ( in Korean) on Saturday. Was flying out on Sunday back to Malaysia.