Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How many hours does it take? sound good on the violin.


I lugged the blue book back today. Rather optimistic move. The Korean drama serial has ended ( with a lot of tears..they really know how to do a soppy scene....these Koreans ) so perhaps this is a good time to sit back and do some NON-fiction reading and increase the IQ. The book to the right is right up my street. Ms Read aka Dora Saint write about village life. Very entertaining and certainly guranteed to be more enjoyable. Decisions!! Decisions!!!

"SECRET = revealed only to the initiated. "

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Most people starve themselves prior to a free meal....but if you happen to be two individuals with a good appetite and little notion of then proceed to have a full meal just two hours BEFORE. This is what we ate courtesy of AYAMAS at Kl Sentral. Pretty huge portions! Just for the record, we still did justice to the food come dinner time. Fast digestive tracts...that's what we're blessed with. What's the saying...a moment on the lips..a lifetime on the hips.


My grand-auntie who's 94 year old made these for me. She's a wonderful lady with a great soul who's led a hard life but never complains. I think if you don't compare yourself with anyone else, and if you don't feel envious of people who have more, you're pretty much set. Easier said than done I suppose. Our very human nature depicts that we compare and contrast.

I've stuck them on my shelf near the window so when the wind blows...they bob about full of life. A reminder of simpler things in life.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Harriet Evans

I had great plans to buy Harriet Evan's latest " A hopeless romantic'. I thoroughly enjoyed "Going home". So I need to make a trip to Midvalley MPH to get it I hasn't been seen anywhere else.

Couple or trouble

I am ONE DVD away from completing this korean drama. This latest ( healthy ) obssession has taken a back seat the entire week. When i first watched this, I thought to myself AHAH it's just like Goldie Hawn's " Overboard". I don't think the hero is good looking enough. ( Although as you're drawn into the plot he gradually becomes pretty endearing) So I'm forgiving the casting director just this time. It's tiring business watching korean drama serials. Unlike an English movie you can't multitask ie do your ironing or walk to the fridge too pick up something to drink. On NO you need your total concentration to read the subtitles. ( Which if you have my bad luck..can be quite terrible ones ).

Friday, August 24, 2007

5o years of Independence

We'll be celebrating out 50th independence day on the 31st of August.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Teluk Intan

Every once in a while, we head north Teluk Intan Hospital for a spot of teaching. There was a bit of traffic leading out of KL...but once we hit the highway it was smooth sailing until we reached the outskirts of Teluk Intan, where the roads became narrow. I dozed off so I missed a good shot of the town as we entered it. There's an equivalent of the leaning tower of pisa here. I didn't believe it until i googled it:) And no I didn't get a shot of the leaning tower....there wasn't much time for sight seeing. As proof that I actually went is a shot of the group I taught. They look happy enough I should think.

Garcinia mangostana

Purple Mangosteens to us. We had them last Sunday. It's quite a feat eating them without staining your fingers. Best not to eat them wearing a white t-shirt..unless you don't mind having pink spots on it. No smell involved ( unlike our friendly durian fruit). Beware drinking coca cola after eating mangosteens. What you will get is a massive churning effect in the tummy. Most unpleasant I'm told. You have been warned.

Monday, August 13, 2007


This is niece. She's finally back from the States and I hope to see more of her in the future.
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Convocation Day:)

After 4 years of working very hard, we've finally come to journey's end. Well not quite, it's a new chapter in our lifes. We convocated on the 11th of August.A great glorious Saturday morning, with the sun shining madly down at us. Proud beaming parents, proud beaming graduates and loads of flowers lurking about the place with some suspiscious looking teddies being carried discretely about.

This day wouldn't have been possible without the grace of God.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my friends who have journeyed with me in this times difficult path towards our common dream of being great physicians.


For the sake of completeness I should like to add, the proper attire comes with a cauliflower-looking head gear which I'd discarded by the time this picture was taken.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Where I work!

Sometimes the sun shines just the right amount. And as it shines on HUKM...there's a glow about the place. I was wading through my external hard drive last night and found this picture..taken possibly 2 years ago.

Congress dinner

The conference has ended. And the weekend begins for me. What a lovely surprise we expected a boring sit-down dinner with loads of speeches and boring performances followed by a karaoke session. Instead, as we entered the grand ballroom, there was an aroma of fried kuey teow. BUFFET dinner..with food cooked right in front of you. Yummers!! There were only two speeches and we weren't held back on their account. Midway through dinner, TOURISM Malaysia decided to give us a medley of dances. Quite good and I certainly enjoyed the colours.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Zipangu Shangrila Kuala Lumpur

Previously known as Nadaman, this restaurant has been featured in the list of Malaysia's best restaurant since 1984. The ambience is nice. As you walk into the restaurant you're greeted with rows and rows of liqour on either side lined neatly. We went there for lunch. QUite a crowd but it wasn't noisy. Which was a bonus. I hate noisy restaurants where you have to strain your ears to hear any decent conversation or wear an ear-trumpet.

The only possible complain is the menu devoid of pictures. I'm a visual person by nature certainly when it comes to's nice to know what is in store for you. I don't know much japanese food. Rudimentary stuff ie soba is noodles...and wasabi is the horseradish green paste ( delightful substance) and sushi maki..sushi...with the salmon and other sushi. I had to rely on the waiter pick my lunch.

We didn't see the chef. Presumably he was busy doing what he does best. I had a good lunch. Arigato Chef Yuichi Takagi.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Almost done...

I've reached the juicy bit of this whodunnit:) Savouring it. Don't you just love the exact moment when you're totally entralled with the story line? Well I've reached that stage. Harry potter will just have to wait its turn.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

IUATL conference KL

Am attending a conference this weekend. Started today with the pre-congress workshop.