Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zanmai feast

Avocado salad with sesame dressing.
 I'm back on the food topic once again there's no stopping me you see. The salad was very nice. It sounds inadequate when I describe it like that. Let me try again. The sesame dressing is a must. And when it's drizzled ( generously) over your crispy vegetable leaves the sensation as you chew is pretty darn good. The avocado bit was nice but I think salmon goes better with the sesame dressing. Together, the sesame dressing and avocado proved too creamy for it to get 10/10. I'm giving it 9/10
Japanese version of olio and chicken teriyaki

Green teat ice cream
I've had green tea ice cream before. This was WNN's choice. Apparently it was yummie:)
Ice cream with wafer and very important chocolate bit in the middle
Mine was this very generous portion of wafer ice-cream which tasted exactly like what I wanted this evening. So I enjoyed it so much...I'm having it again this week maybe.

Book sale

I've been blogging about food the last few entries, so allow me to just pop in something else in between lest you think I'm some food-obsessed soul. This is the infamous TIME booksale at plaza damas. Not to be confused or likened in any way to the Big Bad Wolf sale. But you're welcome to drop by and browse. I did and left empty-handed ( swoon a first for me)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Garrett's popcorn

Quite a long line of folk
 And so here is another food item which has arrived at our shores. The famous Garrett's popcorn. Again, if KN hadn't insisted we visit I would have missed it completely.
Not possible
Many flavours to try out....here are just a few:
1. The chicago mix ( KN had this ) sweet and salty The saltiness is from the cheesecorn
2. Buttery crispy and creamy. I had this...I think I shall try chicago mix the next time. The creamiess made me queasy after 5 minutes of munching non-stop. I'm still queasy and it's been 4 hours since


It sizzles and pops in your mouth
 Candylicious is exactly where the old TIME bookstore used to be in KLCC. KN brought me here and oh boy did we have a field day taking pictures. It was only after I spied a tactful message saying " photography not allowed our candies are shy" that I stopped. And so here are some of my pictures ...
Jelly bean anyone? I'll have a mugfull thanks
 For a short while I was into jelly beans. Had a handful in the car but after having to hunt for lost jelly beans in the car I've decided its safer to eat them in a non-moving vehicle. Love the vanilla bean flavour. And I hate the lime...it seriously taste like washing out liquid. And I'm not making this up, I have seriously tasted ( not on purpose) some washing up liquid in the past.
Reese bowls.....and reese everything else
For them "reese's" fans out there....come on over and get your stash at Candylicious. And now, just a little about Candylicious and what all the hype is about. ( found from various sources on the net.) It's a concept of candy fantasy shop serving loads of different types and they display it in such a tantalising way you feel you simply have to have that whorly lolly or you'ld just die!!!! From the crowds inside, I'm guessing this shop will do very well. Malaysians love their candy! Its flagship store opened in September 2009. There have three stores in Singapore, Resorts World, Sentosa, Takashimaya and Parkway Parade. The one in Sentosa is 9 thousand square feet in size!!!!

Green stripey bag

STEP STEAM STAY SMILE COMPASS AHEAD. Am trying to revisit some asthma trials this Monday morning. No rest for the wicked you see.

Not one but THREE

I have a purifying mask on right now. I hope this purifies the THREE pimples sprouting on my chin. Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Market Hall review

Scallops anyone?
We had lunch at the top floor of pavilion just beside some restaurant called grandma-something I forget now. I've also forgotten the name of the restaurant we ate in but I'm 80% sure it's called Market hall.
Aglio Olio with white wine
 The food like the name of the restaurant is forgettable. I'm judging unfairly as just the day before we had the most gorgeous tasty olio ever. With that, this had a slim chance of pleasing us. The portion was adequate. Service was good and they went through the motions of actually saying the correct script.
Coffee in a glass cup and saucer
We had coffee there mainly because we wee too lazy to walk out and look for decent coffee. I have no complains re coffee. Nice and aromatic.

I forgot to mention, the breadsticks were yummy!

All I want for Christmas is a....

This  can be found at Parkson KLCC near the kitchen mixer and tableclothes!
Kitty-cat doorstopper!!!!!!!

Sephora ( again..)

Something interesting from "Soap and glory"
 You cannot stay away for long. And so there we were, making our way to Sephora ( in the rain...yes it started to drizzle and no we had no umbrella with us). Like the last two visits, the atmosphere was charged with women with an intent to try and buy. You can tell the good deals from the empty pots left or the 1/8 full bottle of hand cream. Some testers were missing. Those MUST be the ones to get. I bought a whole mini basket full of soap and glory stuff plus some other delectables from other unheard of brands. And I finally found the version of versace perfume I liked from the last visit. Perfume purchase saved for 2012. Today was strictly frivolous shopping.
Black tea mask for the brave
I found this in the shelf after my third round. Cost quite a bit. I wonder if I were to use wet grounded tea would the effect be "perfect" too.
Something like ShueUmura's oil cleanser
I don't use mascara so this wasn't on the much buy list. But looking at the tester bottle you can gauge for yourself whether it'll be worth buying!

And here;s the main reason why my blog entry is Sephora based....THERE's a SECOND branch in KLCC. Fancy that!!!!!!  But we still prefer the orginal Sephora because of the great crowds of women of various ages and sizes all like-minded. Bonding session at sephora can only be experienced at Sephora opposite Pavillion.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The insurmountable??

Picture from musicroom
Exams give me a headache. And I strongly suspect gives my teacher a bigger headache. I'm hoping to brush up ( a great deal) before I decide!

Obsessed with Emma

picture from theAtlantic
I've been listening ( not reading mind) to Emma for the last week. Audio books, they make your car trips so much more enjoyable. I'm almost over my obsession with Emma. What next Sense and Sensibility!

A new branch of Secret Recipe

Durian cake!

Secret recipe at Hartamas Shopping Centre

Chicken chop and rice

Sorry for not posting more. Been under-the-weather and this flu kinda sucked all the energy out of my body for a while. It's back but I still feel woosy if I think about work :)

Friday, November 18, 2011


image from immunoblogulin
I now must confess to be in the possession of one very leaky nose. How I shall be rid of this I cannot tell. But certainly a certain wariness has entered the spirit of things, the absence of easy breathing can be felt every hour of every day. Help!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Car show at Matrade

Oh dear...I appear to find the Mazda wanting in something at least! 

Lovely to have a carshow near home. Matrade is 10 minutes from home. And the big rain earlier in the afternoon made us go there later. So less crowd and more breathing space. Unlike the VW carshow ( see earlier blog post ) with long queues and LOCKED cars...this was lovely. No fuss....and you could sit , sneer, pose inside pose outside the cars...and get your moneys worth. RM5 per entry. Tolerable!

Also seen in the picture above...my army green Longchamp!

Saturday evening activity includes...

Can you spot my violin???
 We walked a lot on Saturday. Looking for a hall at PWTC. Due to the furniture expo the normal ( shorter) route was off limits. We walked through beds, floors, mattresses, taps, blinds...and people to cross the river to get to the hall. Tiring. No picture of self. I decided against inflicting a sweaty red-faced flat hair-do on you all. ( considerate..that's what I am)
Last minute practice
WNN and AJ came to the "performance"....they were my proxy parents. Made my day...and made the event so much more enjoyable.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Jeans, originally uploaded by chris8800.

Bought a new pair of jeans...JETblack! Pretty tight fit. Never trust a perky salesgirl...they're overly optimistic. She promises it will stretch ....but until that happens we're looking at maybe wearing these jeans only during sessions where I remain upright.

Time to read....

I love books!, originally uploaded by NYC nikonian007.

Reading maketh a full man ( woman in my case) ,conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.

Sir Francis Bacon

On a totally different note, anyone else saw that interview of Duchess Katherine during her visit to UNICEF? Go google and watch...and then we'll discuss

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


This is an old picture taken 6 months ago. Now explain this if you dare, why is it a messy bed in Ikea looks nice and cosy, but a messy bed at home looks uninviting and off-putting?? Happy Toosday everybody. I was a little doped out this morning due to a certain leaky nose of mine.( Most annoying)  It's a 4-day week:)

Monday, November 07, 2011

It's Japanese Fever at the Pavillion

 Lovely figurines seen at the window. And they're eating yummy sushi.
 Walking along the little stalls almost makes you feel like you're in some street in Tokyo!
And it's aptly named....Tokyo Street! Clever

Second visit to Sephora....more treasures uncovered

Picture turned out nicer than expected....lighting was to my "benefit"
 Sephora! Music to the ears. Our second visit uncovered more treasures. The walk there was brisk I'm afraid we jay-walked ( hey hey along with the rest of the crowd) across Jalan Bukit Bintang. And because Malaysians love heading out to the shops at any opportunity, we had to wade through a little bit of crowd. And so here are two of the many pictures I took. I've chosen these for different reasons. Benefit has lovely packaging. It really does. Their lippy is great but I'm afraid I've shyed away from most of their other tempting products.
GOOD Grief!!! I wonder who needs this kinda concealer!
Wooo! Look what I found. Industrial strength concealer. WHOA! I betcha these can smoothen out just any old crater out there. Try it? Nah! I imagine one would need a shovel to remove this at the end of the day. Again....too much trouble. My blemished face and I will just have to learn to face the world unaided.

Got a hair cut

Finally got around to having a hair trim. The sides were curling ( not in an endearing manner) out and I'm not sure whether any of you have this experience but hair growing out tends to follow its own rhythm leaving you with many many bad-hair-days.

An unfortunate thing to happen

Scalded left hand two weeks back during removal of instant noodles from microwave oven. A slight jerking movement caused a mini tsunami of piping hot noodles to overflow from bowl to hand. The heat caused a yelp and a further tilt...which brought piping hot gravy onto hand to add to the unpleasantness. The hand is absolutely fine after a immediate rush to the tap to bring down the temp pronto followed by an icebag for the next hour or so. It hurt like a billy-oh that evening. But THERE is no scar:)

The noodles above was cooked by AJ....and brought to room with one hand. Some people (roll eyes) they're brilliant with hot piping noodles.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Still traumatised

Picture taken from melissa and dough wooden sushi
I'm still traumatised by the disastrous sushi Saturday night. What saddens the heart, is the lost of yet another "usual" haunt and the hunt for a new place to frequent.

Currently reading....

Just started reading this.....my third Henry book. If anyone out there wants to try her books...I vote you buy " The birthday Party" Loved that a lot. Am currently at page 3.4.....doesn't quite have the same charismatic pull but I'm keeping an open mind.