Sunday, July 29, 2012

My new bag from Longchamp!

Pure leather in a lovely blue and incredibly soft. It comes with a long strap. Infinite joy!

Where to buy a cake..

 My aim was to buy a cake for this afternoon. The purpose of the cake is to celebrate the parents' wedding anniversary. Actual date 2nd of August. So this weekend would appear to be the closest to eat a cake. I decided not to buy from cellicake at Hartamas, Going to Publika in light of the recent thefts both inside and outside the building proved too daunting even for me. So I drove on and headed to here. Now I'm not sure what exactly this place is called but I think it's called Mount Kiara something something. I remembered seeing a small bakery here and as I drove around ( in vain) looking for a legal carpark I found the shop. No space to park nearby.  This bakery is lovely, dark and cosy and it has nice invitingg atmosphere. I think its run by Koreans because the three ladies serving spoke Korean to each other. ( See!! All those Korean serials have paid off a bit)
 I couldn't decide! This was my first choice. Red Velvet cake. Doesn't it not look absolutely gorgeous?? Then I remembered( just in time ) that red velvet is my favourite cake and not the parents. So I chose something else...pistachio which came highly recommended.
 Here are some of the goodies available. Quite a good selection and a little bit different from the ones from celicake so it was a good change.
 I didn't dare take one although this sign was taped above the basket. Would you have taken one?
 One of the korean ladies ...icing the words on my cake!
 The bakery which also sells flowers in one corner. This isn't the nice side but there were people sitting to the right and I didn't dare snap away

 I spotted a red velvet cupcake but didn't buy it for some reason. Kinda regret it now.
 Weeny cupcakes for sale
 This sign was outside the shop.
 This was in front beside the entrance to the shop
Too warm to sit outside surely

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I hereby declare the retirement of my nike free run(s) as of this month. They will not be thrown out. Because they are both new and expensive. They will have a place in my cupboard and when I feel brave enough I may wear one of them for a mini jog at the risk of developing a lovely ( I'm being sarcastic) left knee swelling. In the meantime I will continue to wear and cherish my new balance running shoes which have given me the confidence to run almost on a daily basis. Nike free run you have failed me!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Byebye aching knees

I certainly hope this solves the problem of my slightly swollen knees. I've been ignoring them, mainly because I still doggedly want to run 6km every day. So I've done this, ditch the nike free run ( which gives no support) and opted for a stiffer base which hopefully will absorb the impact and take some pain off the knees. Did 6km on the treadmill with ache. But now I'm down with a cold in the head. Most annoying. So I didn't jog today and I feel like a miserable ole bat!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Topspot two nights in a row

 Apparently this is THE place to bring visitors to makan when they arrive in Kuching. How handy that it should be within walking distance from the hotel we stayed in. The first night, we had this menu;lovely soup, weird puffed up oyster omelette and delish veg.

 Just look at the CROWD!  So you can see for yourself, Malaysians adore eating. I love the atmosphere. Clean air. And there was a slight breeze so it wasn't all hot and humid.
 This was the stall we ordered from on the first night.
 If you squint, you can just about make out the words "Pullman hotel" in the background.
We ate at this stall the second night.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kek lapis

So you can so obviously guess what I bought from my trip to Kuching. Kek Lapis. They didn't have the flavour I wanted.....I bought 5 in total!! And am very pleased with this. A little note of warning...these cakes are HEAVY!

Please read the menu carefully!

Found this during my last lunch in Kuching! I had the papadome ayam penyet even thought I was tempted with item number 6 on the menu. Anyone tried it before?

Treadmill running review

The gym at Pullman Hotel, Kuching Sarawak
This year's Malaysian Thoracic Society Annual congress was held in Kuching. But this post isn't about the congress ( that will come later). It's about jogging on the treadmill. My first ever run was here, at the gym in Pullman at 6:05am. The first 4 minutes was wasted. I couldn't start the darn machine. After that minor hiccup....thankfully only witnessed by one other person, the run was uneventful.  The second day's run was better. I got on and walked and ran and felt like I was a pro. The third day...I stared at the machine for ages...only to be told *aargh* that the switch wasn't on.

I think running on the treadmill is dead boring. So I'm going to have to bring my ipad along the next time to cure the boredom. Unless you have a serious jogger beside you running and showing off their would be tempted to hit the STOP button and sit down. 6km this evening for me...on the bloody treadmill:)

Sunday, July 01, 2012


Violin 05, originally uploaded by dryodora.

I'm still trying to remember where I read this tip. That you should run your lead of a pencil near the turning point of the pegs to make it stay where you want it to.

Rainbow cake

I first saw this on a facebook post some months back and have seen it being sold at Bijou KLCC. Haven't eaten yet. But I have googled images and ( gasp) recipes for baking it. I've not baked in years. Not since the obligatory practice session during the period leading up to my domestic science exams. ( shudder)