Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Deadly santan rice

It all started when we decided to have a get-to-gather to celebrate surviving the blasted exams. Something akin to modern day holochaust. Being typically Asian in attitude and outlook towards having a good time, we spent an appropriate time obsessing over what to eat.

It is difficult when more than three heads are present to agree on anything. So I must say, when the menu was finally sorted, I suddenly realise the party was actually going to happen.

I contributed minimally to the process apart from providing the venue and cushions to lie on post-meal. Some credit to me please. Even if you're not prepared relax, the inevitable happens. Laden with both gossip and food, we spent a fruitful saturday afternoon positioned in front of the telly, in a horizontal position. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Is this good?

This is my latest purchase. Bought at a whim, whilst waiting for dinner.

So good we can hardly speak.


I didn't make the name up, it is really G-U-O-M-A-N. The correct title should read "Guoman Resort Port Dickson" which is where I spent the weekend.You have to wade through the weekend traffic to get to PD. We left at a respectable time of 1:30pm breaking for light lunch before resuming the journey. The roads have changed somewhat from two years ago, which is the approximate time I was last there. We missed the turn off and joyfully drove on we left civilisation behind, the nagging suspicion of having made a mistake egged us on to rethink the next plan of action. 5 minutes into the debate....a decision was made. And so, we turned around and made our way back to somewhere midway from where we thought the mistake arose from.

Guoman is supposedly second on the list of top 5 resorts to visit in PD. As we drove in and left the main road behind us, the view of the golf course which greeted us was a very pleasant . My room was lovely. I would post pictures if it weren't for the AWFUL fact I left the camera behind. Murphy's law:(

I have never made any secret of being sentimental, and I certainly am not going to start now. Dear me...such memories this town inspires in me. I spent 5 years of living here.Went to Kindergarten here before we uprooted for the great Malaysian Outback. It occured to me,that memories are lovely things to have. It is howevere alarming to realise, how underdevelop PD is to Seremban. The town had a has-been air about it. Well, that's the trick of fate and there's no escaping that fact. Progress doesn't come to all towns in Malaysia.

The picture above was pinched off the net:)

Friday, February 17, 2006


Some things make you happy. Nine out of ten women use shopping as a coping mechanism. The one who does not, would be the insane one. You come across one every now and again. Today , I went shopping:) A breath of fresh air, to blow away the cobwebs of the purse. ( A figure of speech as the old purse has never not been if ) I must have looked like I'd fallen in love with the bar of soap I purchased....on the way out...a voice piped out " Enjoy your soap miss". For those of you curious creatures out there...I DID indeed enjoy the soap. The bath was a prolonged affair as a result and I came out smelling delicately of vanilla. N-I-C-E!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A glimpse of the future

Is it true our personalities are fixed by 25? Is there a chance we can become monsters even after this? What dictates how we mould ourselves? Is it our peers, our subordinates or our superiors?? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day:)

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. Happy Valentine's day

Janos Arnay Posted by Picasa

Unroyal Christmas card 2005

This was the card Prince Charles used for his Christmas card last year. Tasteful? I'm not sure I agree. Theoretically, Camilla's children are not royal. Do they then deserve a place in the "royal" postcard? Or is this a family christmas be sent to family and close friends? Mother and daughter certainly share the same taste in hats. That contraption above Camilla's head has been widely critised so I won't bother with any here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Denmark Celebrates:)

Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John has eight godparents. The aussies are MAD with joy. And so her royal duty has been fulfilled. Now Mary needs to find a niche for herself in Denmark. The golden period where NO one criticises her will be over soon. As it is, comparisons between Alexandra and Mary have been made...the Danes appreciate hard work.

I think it's a shame Princess Alexandra had to sit apart from her sons...relegated to the fringes of royalty. If memory serves correct, it wasn't her infidelity splashed across the papers. *ahem*

The final season....

I cannot decide which of the four is my favourite. But should we have to pick at all? Isnt the purpose of watching TV to be transported to a make-believe world forget the humdrum dreary world we live in?

Human nature is a funny thing. We nearly always ( subconciously naturally...)pick the character we most identify with. Turns out we don't have to pick and stick to one. I have rotated through the four characters above. Isn't this the secret to a succesful sitcom?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hugh Laurie

Facts about Hugh Laurie.

1. I like him. Not because of "house" . He's acted as Bertie Wooster before. And I had them DVDs for christmas last year. ( He teamed up with Stephen Fry...absolute genius of a combination if I may say so )

2.He's British. So how come he's cultivated an american accent and does it flawlessly?. Can't answer that one.

3.His father, William George Ranald Mundell Laurie, won the olympic Gold medal in rowing.

4.In the Blackadder series..he teamed up with Rowan Atkinson. ( My brother adores blackadder)

5. He once dated Emma Thomson. And it is she who introduced him to Fry.Obviously they're not an item anymore. ( Emma and Hugh )

6.The role he plays ....cantankarous doctor who trusts no one doesn't do him justice, IMHO!

7. He achieved a third class degree in Anthropology and Archaelogy from Selwyn College, Cambridge.

8. He stands 6 feet 2 and a half inches tall.

9.Full name James hugh Calum Laurie. I wonder why nobody calls him James laurie.....

10. He's happily married with three children.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Would you like some paiti?

This is a very different dish. How do you eat it? First you use that shiny spoon ,scoop some chill sauce onto the top. Put as much as you want, the choice is all yours. Open the mouth and pop it in if your brave...or take tiny morsels. Whatever way it's bound to taste like a bit of heaven. On a cautionary note, I should add it can get messy. Posted by Picasa

Borders at the Curve

The original Borders at Berjaya Time Square didn't excite me half as much as this branch at the Curve. Smaller...therefore cosier. The feng shui was correct cos I got good vibes walking into it. The glass walls helped. I'll be visiting this joint again soon. Posted by Picasa

Cancerous meal?

Old habits die hard. This is far better than mere sardines...teamed with a bowl of steaming's a perfect breakfast. A seed of doubt re healthiness on meal has been sown. I wonder whether there is any truth in THIS tasty dace causing cancer if ingested in moderate amounts. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

KUaci isn't for the faint hearted

It's still UNtouched. And today is the 5th day of CNY. I'm thinking people value their teeth more these days. Used to enjoy eating kuaci.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reunion Dinner

Good food puts everyone in a good food. This is the feast we had for CNY eve. Today is Tuesday and since coming home, I've learnt a few things about self. Number one, I am a DVD addict, For the first three days back home, I holed myself in the room and watched "House" on my laptop. 22 episodes and 6 DVDs later, I reappeared and joined the real world. Now there's the whole series of "little britain" to watch. I never thought I would joined the realms of DVD addicts....but like I keep saying, we learn something new every day.