Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pippa Middleton

Picture from Vogue
Pippa got married exactly one week today. I remember getting the first glimpse of her wedding dress and thinking wow. And that feeling hasn't left. She picked the correct dress for her body type. Not many can get away with wearing capped sleeves but she did. The cut of the dress camouflage her longer torso and that corseted bodice made the dress keep its silhouette.

What I like most, is the feeling of happiness you get from looking at the pictures of the bride and groom. Love the genuine smiles and the sweet hand holding. I also like the page boys and flower girls ' outfits. Wonder how they behaved in church.

Blue lipsticks by Mac

Interesting shades of blue
 This won't be a long post. Just two pictures taken at KLCC earlier this week. Why is it when you plan just to browse that you see yourself buying more things than intended? And when you plan , things don't happen? So weird.

This is us at Mac KLCC where we were served by a lovely young man. He showed us what we could do with blue lipsticks. ( Because I asked)
Green lipstick ...over red lipstick gives you a delightful mauve
I guess if you are a lipstick woman this opens up a whole new whole of shades. Imagine drawing the lip and getting darker shades and feeling rather original and confident in the thought that you would be the only one in that shade in the room.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rattan Furniture at Ampang New Village

Unassuming shop front
We went to Ampang last weekend for a peculiar reason which I will blog about at a later date once I've put my thoughts together chronologically. In the meantime, allow me to expand on my hunt for some rattan furniture. This is shop I found which did not have a name. So I couldn't check in on the app Swarm. ( No points earned there) We were greeted with a lot of furniture arranged on both sides of the shop creating an aisle but no sign of life for the first 2 minutes in the shop.

After a bit, a man shuffled out from far deep inside and served us. He was a patient man not one of those annoyingly enthusiastic creatures who would follow you closely and expand on every single potential in store.
A potential hanging utensil for the longchamps
Now this baby is worth thinking about. Imagine all my longchamps hanging on this stand. Yeah!  But no, I didn't buy it. At RM 170 I thought it was expensive.
Two tone rattan. ( No!)
This chair was nice to nice to sit. I considered buying it but couldn't get over the two tone rattan which wasn't pleasing to my eye. I prefer all the same the chair below.
A recliner. Comes with a foot stool
I love this weave. I would like a bag in this weave. But no bags available so this recliner had that darker rattan at the sides which despite trying very hard, I found hard to accept.
Mr Dog approves of the latest purchase
And so I finally found the chair of my choice and here it is in the apartment. My Dog gets the first try on it and he appears satisfied with the feel. No complains there.
An attempt to decorate the chair

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Louis Vitton

All that posh talk re Pippa, let's move on to things you can spend money on. Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Tahitiennes Collection. Isn't this print just gorgeous? You have to be brave enough to ask the man at the counter whether you can touch and feel it. That makes the difference to whether you think this is a fake or not.

The pink crazy lines superimposed on the chequer-like blocks is both attractive and pleasing. If money weren't an issue I would take the purse and the bag...and possibly the shoes in this. 

Pippa is getting married

From USAtoday
Pippa Middleton is getting married today. We are ahead of the UK by 8 hours so I will have to be patient and wait just that bit more before ( hopefully) some pictures come trickling in on the net. Am hopeful the " Royaldishforum" won't let me down.

Pippa  is sporty person so I admire her stamina and go-get-it attitude. She is one fit lady who really enjoys sports and has a body with possibly zero useless fat on it.

Quite a bit to live up to bum-wise and possibly like what she did to her sister as bridesmaid....her 2 years old version will potentially upstage her. ( And the wedding ...unless her wedding gown is sensational).We haven't seen more than 10 pictures of Princess Charlotte since she was born, so it's only fair to assume those cameras will be clicking away when the little toddler walks down the aisle ahead of her aunt.

She's not going to like me saying this, but Meghan ( yes Harry's Meghan) and Pippa share the same colouring and at some angles can pass as sisters/twins. So I expect some comparisons in the daily mail with pictures of Meghan and Pippa side by side at some point.

The net is washed with Pippa updates. And that glasss menagerie is pretty darn impressive not to mention the portable loos with examples of what it can look like. And just last night, we have pictures of bentleys being delivered to transport. the guests for the wedding. Well well, no expense spared and a lot of thought has been going into this wedding.

Good luck Pippa and James. Looking forward to a HELLO spread on the wedding.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just heavenly

Red Velvet
Just heavenly does very good butter cake. Plain butter cake with just the right amount to icing on it. For this Mother's Day, I allowed myself to be swayed by the boy at the counter and walked away with a red velvet cake instead. The oomph factor from the cake is a sad zero. But it more than made up for this by its soft velvety taste with the lovely cheesy icing.

Tonkatsu (トンカツ?)

The set menu: Fried pork fillet with loads of radish, multigrain rice and miso soup
We had tonkatsu dinner this evening. A first experience and finally I can proudly say I've eaten here. You may ask; what is tonkatsu? Well, from the name you may have guessed it's a Japanese dish. ( top marks there). It's a dish made out of deep fried breaded pork loin or fillet. It is served with shredded cabbage and originated back in the 19th century. We were served like so in a set. I hardly touched the multigrain rice choosing instead to concentrate on the healthier option of cabbage. Which I drenched in a sesame-like sauce which tasted very nice. The sauce came in a ketchup-like-squeezing bottle so I literally drowned my cabbage in sesame sauce.

I only have one decent picture to show. Too busy chatting and eating I forgot to take pictures. ( Which is a new experience for me )

Service: 7/10
Food: 7.5/10

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison @ Publika (Above Daiso)
Lot 56 & 57, Level UG,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas, KL
Tel: 03 6211 9399

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Old tiles

These tiles are similar to the ones we have in our kitchen back home
Mosaic tiles are used to portray a picture. And they are also used traditionally in kitchens and porches and bathrooms. I'm a fan of old tiles. So it was nice seeing these tiles today as I walked pass a shop to the car. I'm sure in years to come this will be considered traditional and cost a bomb. But for the moment, they're labelled old and ugly.

Dry Pan Mee

hand-made noodles.
These noodles are nice. Handmade and springy the overall experience of earring this is like eating indomee but better.

Laptop table would you buy this?

I found this table at Plaza Damas. Haven't been there in a while so it was nice to browse at shops I am unfamiliar with. I had to go there to change the battery of the autolock for the car. It misbehaved on Friday evening in the basement carpark at work and gave me a little fright. Thankfully after standing very near ( literally hugging the car, not that it would make a difference) the car unlocked and I was able to drive home safely. ( I got the battery changed for RM17.00+++ So am happy.

SF has interesting things. And my eyes caught this table. But on further inspection, I decided the legs may not be sturdy enough and the tilting of the table isn't an advantage for me. I think it should be renamed 'iPad table".

I currently use ( a birthday gift) a cushioned-laptop tray.
picture from

Quill Mall

Interesting things are found here
Quill mall is the only mall to have a big enough H&M to house a section called "H&M home". I love browsing here. You can find many cute stuff. Biggest regret was not buying the hedgehog theme mug and plate that was on sale year back. It's not obviously out of stock although I keep returning here in the hope of finding it once more.

Interesting words on a bag
RM 19.90. I bought this bag because the words and the printing quality was just what I like in a bag. Not too difficult to read and no corny words that may embarrass you when you bring this bag to meetings. So yes, why not. I haven't actually used it. Saving it for later.

They had a selection of candles for sale too. But the smells were all a bit off. Sandalword smelt like musty fungus and the cotton smell was distinctly non-cotton-like. I almost bought the sea salt candle but after the 4th sniff I decided the sea didn't project at all well.

Quill mass has an awful entry to their parking. The curves dangerously as you turn to your left to get your parking ticket. The actual parking spots itself is lovely. Brightly lit, with ample space between cars and rather large spot designated for ladies. And when you come up the escalator from the basement parking the first shop that greets you is "Kluang Station" which is a decent place to have a meal. They have large space in the middle of the shopping mall. It's a pity they didn't think having a nice entrance to the carpark was important.

Friday, May 05, 2017


I had bakso for lunch on Wednesday at work. The area called topspot was closed and they reopened recently with new folks. The menu looks nice and I chose this to try. Quite nice. Bakso is an Indonesian sounding cuisine. And after googling wikipedia tells me it's a Chinese cuisine and comes from the Tolkien words fluffy meat.  ( My meat balls weren't fluffy tho)

Kim Kia Panmee specialist.

Seating arrangement along the 5 foot way (Malaysian-style)
 I had Loh Mee during the long weekend. At Kim Kia Panmee specialist shop in Taman Batu. It's a nice airy shop and if you come early you get to park pretty near. It's surrounded by other stalls like the bak kut teh shop diagonally opposite and a wanton noodle shop as well as another makan stall.
Tables in front of other shops too. 
 I prefer sitting inside the shop because you get the fan. So these seats are for those who came late, or want to smoke. ( Smoking is bad for health! And causes my asthma to act up)
The condiments available
 Spot the vinegar which you need to make your loh mee taste just right. Yum.
Loh Mee 
 From the blurry shot of the background devoid of humans, you can tell we were early getting here.
A close up.
I enjoyed this very much. It came pipping hot and with a green chilli paste. I wish I had a bowl right now as I'm blogging. ( growl of the tummy)

Kim Kia Pan Mee Specialist

No.15, Jalan A, Taman Batu
Off Jalan Kuching, 52000 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 8am to 3pm ,closed on Mondays

Lexis Suites Penang

This complimentary drink  was refreshing
Lexis Suites is located in Bayan Lepas, surrounded by rather old shop houses and a few wooden houses and factories. So the general feel is that of a less-posh area. The actual hotel did not look enticing from the outside but our taxi driver told us we would love the place and not want to go out to town. He was right.

You can see from the reflection, what the surrounding area looks like.
 What the hotel lacks in location and facade, it more than made up with the large room fitting in two king sized beds with space to spare and a large dressing area with a separate toilet and bathroom fitted with both a shower and a lovely deep bathtub with legs.
The two king size beds. ( Tacky colours but it looks better in reality)

The dressing area which extends to the balcony

Shower and bath

Bathtub, with the blinds down

The pool
 The bathroom had a glass wall with blinds which when pulled up gives you a view of the pool in your balcony. That's right, each room comes with its own pool and mini sauna room.
The view 
Definitely one of the biggest hotel rooms I've stayed in. This was one of those times where nobody was pushed to go out to town to shop. We were eager to head back to the rooms for a mini dip. No time limit restraining us from dipping past midnight. What a life!!

The view in the morning.
 There isn't much of a beach beside the hotel. But I don't think anyone complained about that. The pool was enough for us.

And here I am taking a final dip in the bath before getting dressed for the second and last day of the talk. Bye bye Penang, I enjoyed this trip very much.


What greets you when you exit the ERL station 
 For a moment I thought I was exiting the MRT at orchard station in Singapore. What a sight! Shopping and with time to spare ( for once I was early at the airport. factoring in the fact I'm a stranger to KLiA2) I browsed at the two shops which I saw first. And I found a lovely top at H+M. Light blue polka dotted with ruffles at the shoulders. I know it sounds awful. But it isn't. Trust me.
Uniqlo is everywhere
 I took a bit longer in H+M thanks for the top I mentioned earlier with loads of standing in the fitting room wondering whether it was a trick that I look good in that top. Yes mirrors are designed to make you look thinner. I decided after 2-3 minutes of preening that I would not buy the top. Self Control! Plus I really wanted to travel light.
An interesting way of spelling cuisine
 Yahoo, I found a shop which sells rice with petai. Seriously I think more people should take to petai. I'm eating here the next opportunity.

Buying meds before boarding. A good idea
 This was one of the last shops before crossing over to the other side. And look at the number of people buying stuff. This really works as a shopping mall as well. A good idea to send off relatives from KLiA2 rather than KLiA1.
Welcome to KLiA2.
 I wanted to pose with this. But a selfie won't fit me and the sign in one frame. So that plan was shelved.
Large space
Then started the walk towards where I was heading. A bit scary to feel this lost in Malaysia.

Mamak at KLia2

Can you spot the sign?
 I felt a bit like a tourist on Saturday morning when I arrived from KL Sentral via the ERL and got off at the last stop i.e. KLia2. The exit was grand, and you see Uniqlo and H and M right in front of you pass the autogate. Felt a bit like being abroad. Many people exiting together with me and almost all walking purposefully to wherever they were heading. I had to stop and ask the information centre where to go. I tried on two tops and nearly bought one. And then proceeded to walk about looking for the loo and taking many pictures along the way as I quietly oohed and aaahed my way through the crowd.

I spotted this funny sign. And then I walked back a few steps to check whether this was actually true. And it was.
In case you think that was a gimmick, there really is a mama stall upstairs.
Above W H Smith is indeed a mama stall. How cute! This part of the airport looks fresh and welcoming