Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lectio Divina

Dyslexic to the core!
Dear everybody, I spent a fruitful saturday morning listening to Lectio Divina which means spiritual reading of the text. There was a bit of a jam because it rained. Added to the fact I dawdled a bit despite waking at at half six ....and so was royally late by 15 minutes and had to snook in quietly. No chance of not being noticed. Had to slither in from the front. Lessons learnt: Leave house earlier for any function when there's a drizzle.

Has anyone else noticed this?

We were all so busy dissecting Charlene Whittstock's reason for crying that we didn't take a good look at the guests. A shame. Because if you had, you would have realised earlier that Princess Alexandra 's dress was also worn by another guest at the royal wedding. Ines Dr La Fressange's daughter. I've posted the two pictures below:)

Princess Alexandra of Hanover and her mother.
Karl Lagerfield and Ines de la Fressange's daughter

Dishes at Wok Hei

This seems to be our frequent haunt. ( daily visits and we have our favorite table to the far left to get free wifi from Imperial Restaurant which is just a floor below.)The portions have gotten slightly smaller since the first time I ate here. Size of portion is inversely proportional to the size of the restaurant which has more than doubled in space. The original lot is now a link to the second phase of Plaza Damas.( Which is yet to be open to the public) And so here are dishes we usually have.

1. Sweet and Sour chicken. Done nicely. Not crispy enough for my liking but the sauce doesn't have the sugary sweet taste. Chicken pieces are bite size so it's easy to eat.

2. Buttered squid. Possibly one of the best dishes in this restaurant. One which has been consistently nice. The fine friable bits are yummy. Some days it can get pretty salty though.

3. Yau Mak. I don't know what is the orginal dialect of this dish. Sounds rude but its nice and bland.
4. Chicken cage. Very small bits of chicken accompanied by bones. So no, I'ld suggest going for the chicken fillet. You get a better deal.( no picture available despite combing through my selection of pictures from 2000)

5. There's the deep fried veg. Which we haven't ordered in a while. When done right it melts in the mouth Of late, this dish comes soggy and oily. Almost unpalatable. And we can't predict when it'll come out right. To be safe, stay away from it until they get it right (again)
4. Sizling taufu is a good dish. It literally sizzles for the first few seconds on the table. So beware don't dish the taufu directly into your mouth otherwise you'll be very sorry indeed.

6. Cantonese Fried Kuey Teow. Definitely one of my favourite. Be sure to ask for chili padi. For some odd bizarre reason they don't automatically serve you with it. They used to in the past.

7. Chicken ginger and onion set is nice to have on its own. Rice portions a bit small so if you're hungry you may want to order another vegetable dish to go along with it.(picture unavailable)

8. The egg-oh foo yong is another dish which is consistently yummy.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Look closely and you'll see gunpowder.
 We had a lovely tea midweek. Tea and scones.....scones which were nice and buttery. One of those ones you can smell the butter and imagine it getting into the system and doing a whole lot of damage. It was worth living dangerously. I may just repeat the experience, Service was slow. We were unsure who was to serve us. And after tea we waited for some movement towards us. Ended up having to walk to the till.

Here's the verdict
scones: 3 thumbs up.
Clotted cream: very expensive and I suspect not the real thing

Hello Mag and Tea!

I told you the clotted cream was err...fake

My tea was served in this:)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Swedish designs!

Green and white. A good contasrt
Rapunzel or an octopus?
More designs caught on camera two evenings back:)

Malaysian Thoracic Society Annual Congress:)

The menu

Just look at the stuff we sat through!!
We attended the MTS 2011 which was held in Kuala Lumpur this year. Much easier. No air travel needed. And I got to sleep in my own bed. Which made a great difference. Really! Had a lovely time meeting up old friends and listening to some great speakers ( local and overseas) on topics which are very relevant to work. See you in Kuching in 2012!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Seen....en route on foot to KLCC
Do a different thing a day. They say by doing this time flies slower. It most certainly did. We walked to KLCC in the midafternoon sun. But not after sloshing on some SPF 50. And this is what I saw midway. It would take a very special person to want to sit on this bull. Seriously!!!! Happy Sunday folks. More posts to come later in the day.....if I can squeeze some time on the mac.


Another drawing on moleskin app(love it)

I think I got a taste of what it's like to have auditory hallucinations and have someone talking to you at the same time. Impossible to pay attention to either one party. Here's the sad tale. I attended a talk yesterday evening. Sat at the same row as two other people who obviously were very badly brought-up. I say this because they had a conversation in a not so subtle voice whilst the talk was on-going. This was in a small-ish room. It was loud enough for the person three rows in front to throw evil glances from time to time in an attempt to make them stop. However interesting this story was, it was no excuse to ruin the speaker's message on a lovely discussion. And so here we were trying to listen to the talk and also being forced to listen to bits and pieces of a conversation we had no interest in. Absolutely painful!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weight lost programme

Since the sole fell off the shoe, I'm left with little choice but to cut down on carbs. So far ( today) no carbs were ignored on the plate for lunch and dinner. So the plan isn't going to work. What next?

Monday, July 18, 2011

NIke air no more

Can't rotate picture sorry Drawn on moleskin ap :)

I attempted to do my second session of brisk walking this evening. Feeling rather smug with self, I opened the shoe cupboard and decided to use my other nike air shoe to match the blue trimmed socks. Bad idea. Exiting into the warm sunshine, I felt some sticky flapping sound and found part of the left sole had detached itself. Too lazy to return home to change, I walked on. After one lap the left sole had all but come off and the right looked very much like it was going to follow. So no major exercise was done this evening. I left trails of foam along the road and part of my sole is surely on the road leading to the car park. The shoes are now in the bin.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

How we spent Saturday afternoon

Congratulations V and H. May God bless you both!
My third trip to Puchong. First was messy with about two major mistakes leading to paying the toll twice. The second ( a trial run) was almost perfect until I decided to follow my instincts. That led to having to make a U-turn and (again!) paying the toll twice. Today I'm glad to report we made it to church in time for the wedding. ( 14 minutes early...*smug look*) The jam on the federal highway was in the opposite direction but as we entered Puchong there was a steady flow of cars...most of which were going at a good pace. The weather was nice and dry. Not related to any wedding post, but just so you know I took 2 and a quarter hours to get home from work yesterday. I arrived cold and hungry. Had a warm shower a hurried dinner and lied down directly in an attempt to rejuvenate.
( Genuine feelings and emotions were felt throughout...unlike the *ahem* more recent Monaco Royal Wedding)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Marmite sandwich

I've had marmite sandwich for lunch two days in a row now:) YUm. Of course this means getting up slightly earlier to make them ....aaargh

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tree Stuck on Barb Wire

Tree Stuck on Barb Wire, originally uploaded by .bobby.
Had a mini mishap a few hours ago. Left arm got caught in a little upturned corner of a sign ( SHARP pointy bit dangerously normal looking unless you take a closer look)which resulted in a torn sleeve and a wee fine superficial line scratch measuring 8cm. Of course it hurts like HELL now and my poor sleeve is hanging over the laundry basket to be mended.Gory thoughts: imagine if it had been my face...eye...same arm but with greater speed walking and no sleeve. Shudder Shudder...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A jog after 3 years

I decided to jog this evening. It took 30 minutes to get the equipment yes yes like shoes, socks, yoga pants, T shirt...ear phones, ipod touch ( whoops gave that away which resulted in a slight down mood) ....and I WALKED rather than jog...for 30 minutes. After which time, I came home, sait down and felt as warm as a pizza just out of a microwave for a good 15 minutes. All in all, quite a enjoyable exercise I may just repeat it some day soon

Monday, July 11, 2011


This is a new mini extension of the place where I usually do my nails. I'm stuck with this current horrid shade of green. No energy to sit through and get the nails done. Current craze is watching cartoons. Am listening to the commentary of the Princess and the Frog.  Fact: Did you know that the scenes were hand painted? And the animation took 3 years? And the last handpainted cartoon was Snow white and the seven dwarfs? 
A scene from the princess and the frog

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hot Vanilla with colourful marshmallows in them. YUm! Time for bed. My weekend was pretty good. I did a lot of things not usually done so that makes this an eventful weekend. Time for bed.....and some harvesting before:)

Nothing beats GOOD old trusty friends for directions!

SIghts of Puchong
Special thanks to YK for giving excellent instructions to get to the Catholic Church in Puchong. My nasty little mind decided to follow the sign board and go into the OPPOSITE direction before turning back retracing my steps and following the instructions to the letter. Second attempt led me straight there. Thank you thank you:)

A wedding

I attended a wedding this morning after church. Steep in different culture the ceremony was explained very nicely in an accompanying booklet. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Love ( noun,verb and everything in between)
1. holding hands, walking in the rain and not even knowing it's raining. 2: being there for each other ( no matter what) 3: that certain look. 4: trust 5: passion......
( nicked off a hallmark card so I'm going to end here...before I get sued)

( And on a slightly unrelated topic...I got us there better than any ole GARMIN or papago navigator)

Saturday, July 09, 2011


The hand belongs to the niece....the flower plucked without getting amah's permission. Tsk tsk!
I haven't switched on the telly so I don't know how the Bersih rally went today. On friday, the roads had less cars. At work, the were less people about. And as I read more and more stuff on the net on potentially what could happen the worry started creeping in slowly. So a prayer for peace in Malaysia:)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Buttered Sotong!

This dish is lovely. The teeny strands are sweet/salty/crunchy and goes well with rice and a little bit of chillie. I'm hungry just typing this down. Not much hope of heading out tomorrow because all main roads in the city centre will be closed. Boohoohoohoohoohoo! No buttered sotong. Bread and peanut butter for breakfast...packed subway sandwich for lunch and glutinous rice( found one packet one week old but gastroenteroically sound) for dinner. Meals settled for tomorrow. And 4 DVDs to amuse self. Have a happy Friday folks:)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

DUsty shops

If you do not hoover on a regular basis, please do so. On Sunday I developed some wheals, a slight tightening of the chest and a generalised itch after visiting the third shop of the day. ( And after trying on ONE baju) I still managed ( despite the uncomfortable urge to scratch every 3.4 seconds) to buy a dress. A lovely lovely dress which I intend to wear for a wedding in two weeks.  With age, comes not only wrinkles and crows feet...but hypersensitivity to *swoon* shopping and DUST

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Which one do you like?

I've only just realised these are the colours of the traffic light:) I read somewhere ( I forget where now so don't ask me ) that orange is an energizing colour. I once tied my hair up with a bright orange elastic band on a Monday to give me energy. It didn't quite give me to boost like Popeye's spinach but psychologically I got through the day with a bit more pep than usual. The power of suggestion.

I shall be wearing orange tomorrow ( if I can find the energy to iron the outfit before 7am)

This post is for Anna

Came across this interesting shop selling fabrics and other stuff. Closed on Sunday unfortunately so I could only press my nose on the glass to look pass my own reflection. Hope the CCTV doesn't show me as a potential thief. This post is specially for Anna.....( only cos it's fabric from Sweden)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Magazines galore and a funny restaurant

 Went a little overboard and got 4 magazines just now. Don't go all self righteous on me, you would be tempted too had you been in my place, surrounded by all THESE. *wave hands in air*
This was a weird restaurant. Here are the seats. And the food was served in miniature toilet bowls. *puke* We ate somewhere else.

New place to eat

 We had breakfast here. It's new. And the rain had just stop. So gloriously cool with the fan blowing in the right direction. Nasi Lemak laden with carbs but we worked it off by walking about after. There were some camera folks about. Possibly shooting a scene from a Malay Drama later in the morning. No sign of the actors/actresses.
 Proof that it rained just before breakfast.
Taken while waiting for the transection of money for purchases for the garden. ( Not mine I have no green fingers/toes or thumbs) Have a good Sunday afternoon everyone. I'm going to lie down now. That walk-a-bout took a lot more energy than I thought. Poof am I unfit!

Food for today

Sashimi Salad
 I had a semi-productive afternoon. Will blog about that soon. In the meantime, we had a japanese dinner. ( non-radioactive I hope). Pasta Zamai where fusion lives. It was crowded. So I KNOW the radioactive scare is definitely a thing of the past.  The sashimi was fresh. No layer of slime you find sometimes is the not-so-fresh version some places try to palm off as super-fresh. It came with sesame sauce. You can just about make out the sauce in the picture above. Sauce wasn't nice.
Japanese Pizza ( tasty tasty tasty)
 The pizza is definitely worth having again. The crispy crust complemented the topping like shoe and socks. ( Hmm now why did I pick that analogy) Like like like. This saying it three times is a spill-over from playing "fashion story" and "farm story" concurrently. I must wean self off that soon.
Hamburger Pasta ( double yum)
 This was nice. The burger piece of meat was tender and slightly burnt on the outside. Which is how I like it. The sauce was not overpowering. Nothing like ragu/prego version I used to whip out for meals in the dark ages.
Found while waiting at the counter to pay. ( bleah!)
And this *wave hands* I cannot understand. Neither the name, the pastry and certainly not that price stated. Good grief....Happy Sunday folks. I've just realised it's past midnight. Sleepy-time.

Saturday, July 02, 2011


procrastination, originally uploaded by denn.

HAHAHA a very interesting picture:) Right, I shall stop procrastinating right NOW ( errr I mean after hitting the send button) and do my paperwork so I can enjoy the rest of the Saturday. Byebye for no...and hello work *puke*

Friday, July 01, 2011


spoon with pieces of fresh fruit, originally uploaded by KrisThePhotographer.

Here's the conversation this evening around 4:15pm
Self: Okay I'm heading home early. Bye bye
Friend number 1: What about me? ( yes we have needy friends)
friend number 2: WAAAAh don't  Louvre me alone
( slight pause in the conversation .....)
( After a good 30 seconds, the THREE of us burst out cackling like some unleashed banshees)