Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What cake is this?

I don't think it was green tea cake although the colour would make this very likely. It didn't taste of green tea. The chocolate bit was exactly that and it was nice and gooey. I only had the one piece. The candy  bit stuck at an angle on top of it looks weird. I removed it by offering it to the 5 year old kid who sat next to me. No relation whatsoever but she looked like she wanted it.( And she did take it cheerfully with little persuasion). The rest of the weeny cake went into my tummy. It was drowned with some bubbly stuff *wink*

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Brilliant lighting.....
I don't like macaroons. They are certainly pretty but deceivingly tasty-looking. Let me just tell you what it tastes like, a puffed up biscuit and the texture is rather like biting into a soggy biscuit. The sweetness is barely bearable ( laugh) but after one weeny macaroon you'ld be a very brave person to eat another within the next 30 minutes. I cannot think of a situation where macaroons would be useful. So no, gimme a decent piece of cake anytime and you can keep them macaroons to yourself:)

Empire Shopping Centre

Red velvet cake, which was nice.
 It's exciting to do different things sometimes. Today is a good example. We went to Empire Shopping Centre in Subang Jaya. The drive along the federal highway was smooth thankfully because we started out super early. Had coffee and cake at this lovely shop( I forgot the name already) but the toffee nut latte is certainly worth coming back for. Red velvet review: pretty okay. The icing was just a little too sweet for me. But the fluffiness of the cake was just about right. So yes I may well have this cake again.
Gorgeous intricate design
 Don't you think the leave design on this coffee froth is lovely?
Grandma's cake.(YUM)
 Not too sweet. And above all else, it tasted fresh.  Fluffy too!
Longest slide!
I saw this and went WOW! It's a pity it's for kids. Less than 10 seconds from top to bottom. So maybe I'll go there in pigtails and see whether they'll let me have a go
Kimchi Soup
 This lady was lovely. Here she is at the Korean fair dishing out kimchi soup for us. Not spicy enough for my liking. Expiry date on packet was June 2011. So I passed on it.
Two lovely people who posed so willingly for  a shot
Finally, this is the restaurant just beside the korean food fest and these are the two lovely people who posed for me. We were short of time so I'll have to save this for another day. I'm coming back for a meal here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

THANK you Anna:)

Woohoo look what a lovely surprise I got

Yay....new book to read

And another.....!
You know, I'm pretty sure now that God has blessed me by surrounding me with nice people. I got a parcel last week ( sent to my parents' home address didn't get it until this week when they visited) from Anna in Sweden. ( Her blog address  is on my blog roll feel free to visit) I would have THANKED Anna straight away the minute I got a call from mum to say I have a parcel from Sweden but I wanted to open the parcel myself and take some shots and blog about it.

And so here is my blog one week late. Anna and I met on another friend's blog and graduated to become less anonymous by being facebook friends some time last year. She's sent me two delicious books written by Swedish authors. ( I'll read them both at Easter....am giving up books for Lent..oh boy it's a bit of an adjustment) I've posted pictures of the two books.

And this blog is specially to say I feel very touched by this gift. Thank you Anna!!!!

Earlier today...

I went up a level on Smurf Village

I spotted this rather interesting top. But decided at that last minute that it was rather too adventurous for my liking

3 dresses. Two made my hips look HUGE and the third looked like a glamorous house dress

I'm giving up books and magazines for Lent. And TIMES decides to have a SALE. *duh* 
IT's 10:41pm on a Sunday. My headache is gone cured by spending money this evening. The air condition is switched on FULL BLAST and it's a cooling 21 degrees currently. ( The temp outside is NOT 21 degrees)  Showered and am in my jammies. Things to do....download scrabble on my dad's ipad so we can have a match on our respective gadgets. No pass n play any more:) Yay

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yes you can add milk

Found this today while doing my groceries. And instructions say you can add milk. ( I forgot to buy milk) So am drinking it  plain this evening. 6/10 cos I burnt my tongue

Currently reading this

25 hours in a day

Malaysian Time ( late for lecture!)
If you are offended by the term "Malaysian Time" please take a step back. Realise this, that we're sometimes very accepting of never being on time. If you make somebody else wait for you, the message is this, that your time is more important than that person's. I've been guilty of this many times but am now making a conscious effort to allocate time travelling to any place so I arrive ON TIME. Can you imagine how much time will be saved if everybody does this? *swoon* An ideal world indeed!

This week has been busy recruiting patients. A measely 2 managed to be randomized. ( Out of the 20+ case notes we screened...and 10+ patients we called) Certainly a learning experience in patience and perseverance. And then the week ends with this gift which has left a warm glow in my heart. Thank you and I wish you good luck in your exams next week!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Eyelashes anyone?

I don't much fancy looking like a cow ( with nice lashes ) :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How hard did you work today?

I think my number would be a 16...although it felt like a 20

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Watermelon toes

My toe:)
I tried a different shop. And this is the result. Watermelon theme toenails. The colours are brilliant. the actual pedicure itself was just a little bit less satisfying compared to the my usual haunt. Why the change? Because I've pressed my nose against the glass of this shop often enough, admiring the lovely designs they have. The grass is always greener on the other side. True! As it turns out, they stock more green colours here:) I love my melon toenails.

For those who want a little something different..

Found by chance this morning during grocery shopping spree. Is it nice? Hmmm first mug made this pm. Pretty nice. I wonder whether it would be nice with milk. Decisions! Decisions!

A calm and green view

The view from the room in Shangrila Putra Jaya
Green is calming. I wonder whether my productivity rate would increase exponentially if this was my view every evening when I return home?

Ready for some music?

Cello resting before being played
I performed for the first time ( okay just realised this is the third time... but first time in a group) last friday evening. It was for charity. No they didn't pay us to stop playing. Some wine was served which was helpful. I was surrounded by very talented muscially inspiring young ( and I DO mean young ) individuals who played the violin, cello, saxophone, keyboard,guitar and flute. The first song was scary but after that, it became enjoyable. We ended with the "can can" song which we played FASTER and LOUDER with the crowd egging us on by clapping enthusiastically. Musician without Borders!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nice things...err almost

A quiet Sunday....

Why is it ( rule of shopping like murphy's law) that when you're actively looking for an outfit you cannot find one that's suitable? I am just after going through my closet with a fine tooth comb in a sorry attempt to find a totally black outfit. The result...one black dress thoroughly suitable except....I must have been slightly drunk when I bought it. It clings at the wrong places. Then I proceeded to try my OLD dark blue skirts in the hope of palming it off as black. NO such luck. When themed with the black comfy T shirt I like...the faded dark blue skirt....looked decidedly BLUE rather than black. When I switched cupboards I finally found something!!! An old dress I bought a few years back. Never worn. Still fits ( just about) and looks pretty decent. So the moral of the story is this....buy loads and keep. You never know when you might need a dress. 
This was taken before I got CREAMED by Adda:(
On a different note I have to sadly admit that I have been thoroughly and consistently creamed by Adda during our scrabble mini tournaments. ( Usually done at the nearby mamak stall) The Mamaks sometimes ( during a lull in business) stand behind us and silently watch. A bit unnerving at times but generally they leave us pretty much alone. We can go on forever. I am a bad loser and an even worse winner. I think Adda gets a kick out of me MOANING away when I get creamed. 

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Reading material FOUND by chance

Can't rotate picture. Chest radiograph is the piece of interest

Look at how much this sold for

Charcoal chicken

What I had for dinner....a week ago
Feeling a little bit like the chicken in the picture this week. It's been busy. The to-do-list is still THAT long and absolutely refuses to be trimmed despite all my best efforts. I'm onto my second Penelope Lively book today. Yes despite moaning about work I've squeezed a little bit of "me" time and managed to successfully finish a paperback without rushing. The last three chapters were read this morning and that caused a bit of a  whopping headache. I've only just gotten rid of the headache. It took ONE panadol, a mug of coffee and a cold wet head of hair to sort this out. 
( update on smurf village: 5 more smurfberries to getting a smurfette....4% more to reaching level 22)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

THESE rather prosperous looking fuji apples are guaranteed to keep a mini hospital away from you. Compare to the normal sized oranges to the left of the picture. It's the first day of March...should I say rabbit rabbit? See here