Sunday, August 31, 2008

I need to ventilate...

My lungs are choked with smoke. I was surrounded by smoke during breakfast this morning. There was seriously no place in the restaurant not occupied by a SMOKER.
And so this morning, I'm ranting and raving about smokers in general and smokers at THAT mamak stall in particular. At this very moment, I have very little, in fact NO SYMPATHY for COPD sufferers who chain-smoke their way to death...bringing US along with them. It's not the actual smoke that I'm bothered about..but the wheeze which follows the immediate exposure.
And so to those who smoked around me today...I hope you rot. Or at least have some form of scare so you'll kick this disgusting habit. I'm back home in my smoke-free zone...taking deep breaths..while waiting for the tighteness to dissipate.
Smokers..please be considerate to those around you. Some of us really can't be surrounded by smoke. Never mind the higher risk of cancer...I'm more concerned with more immediate side effects.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Book Sale !!!

For the folks out there who read ...TIME is having a warehouse sale at Plaza Damas..and no they're not paying me to say this on the blog. ( If only ). I found a knock knock joke book. *laugh* Here's a sample.......
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Atomic who?
I got atomic ache

The picture was taken with a weird head isn't usually that shape.

Friday, August 22, 2008

You know you're old when...

You know you're old when everybody else in the "waiting room" is as relax and calm as you are agitated and nervy. Also if you happen to be the tallest structure in the room. ( Even more significant if you happen to stand at 5 feet nothing in your stockinged feet.) Welcome to the ABRSM exam center for the greater part of Klang valley...IMPIANA hotel near KLCC. The lift will bring you to level two...where there is this long corridoor with doors on either side...and makeshift counters outside these doors with the signs indication venue number. As you walk down hear various tempos and pieces being played. And seated outside these rooms..are solemn looking kids waiting their turns. I'll spare the details of the exam. Suffice to say, it was an experience I didn't enjoy too much ...but which I think was useful. *fingers crossed* I hope I pass.

The West Wing!

"Actor Martin Sheen has registered as an arts student at the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway, taking classes in English Literature, Philosophy and Oceanography." Fancy that? So Sheen and I would have at least this in common...UCG. West Wing is such a great serial I wonder why everyone isn't hooked on it like I am.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

D DAY!!!

If I could SOUND as good as I look..tomorrow's exam would be breeze!!!

New books....

On the pretext of looking for Impiana Hotel ( the venue for the dreaded exam tomorrow ) I got into the car..and drove to town. Naturally, ( you would agree ) it seemed natural after locating the place for the journey to proceed to KLCC and onto a spot of shopping. There were throngs of people lurking...the same people who have very little understanding of body buffer zone, adults pushing buggies ( with no kid in it ) and kids running about the place with no leash.
I'm a great fan of Ms very excited to find this two new titles in Kinokuniya. Starbook is a gamble. The book called out to me ( sisn't quite shout out to me...BUY me Buy me ) as I walked past it tothe magazine section. The reviews were so good, I couldn't resist. This weekend will be a reading-laden one.
( There's a void to be filled since I completed the last DVD of West Wing Seventh season.) BOOhoohoo

Review as promised

Certain paragraphs in Petite Anglaise reads like my diary....the honesty beams through the words. Petite is potrayed as a not-so-nice person ( she admits it as well ) in the first half...and in the latter part, she acknowledges her weaknesses. It's a change from the other work of fiction where the main character is either very very evil...or very very good. Instead we have a human very real main character..with faults and warts and all. So yes I enjoyed reading Petite Anglaise very much. ( I was afraid I wouldn't..after all the hype I was pleasantly surprised.).My mother has her hands on the book now. I just got off the phone with her...she seemed eager to continue I got booted off line.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Thank you Hamdi!

The week has been filled with loads of legwork and quite a bit of brain work as well. The internet service at work stinks. ( It's slow and you may attach ONE file per email only.) I fail to see the rationale behind this but I'm sure there's a reason for eveything.
For comic relief...these are the following things done...
1) Petite Anglaise ....reading very slowly to savour the book for as long as possible. I'm almost finished. Boohoo.
2) My friend and I hooked up for a photo shoot. Long overdue....comments welcome.
3) Listening to music CDs for inspiration. I've moved on from Mozart to....eeerm...Vivaldi.
4) I'll be giving a review of Petite Anglaise when I'm done. Which will be midweek I think. So many deadlines...and ignoring them doesn't make it go away. DAMMM