Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Relieves tired aching feet

Relieves tired aching feet, originally uploaded by Krista76.

My feet hurt from all the standing up and walking today. No sitting from 10:00am to 5:00pm. I now can empathise with the sales girls at the department stores who serve daily. Aaaargh

Must buy..must read!

Finished this book during the weekend. 10/10
Currently reading this....10/10 so far ( midway thru)
Joanna Trollope. Thank you for writing these books. The first, made me initially sympathise with the mother-in-law ...and then I got angry at her..and at the end I finally understood her need to be wanted.  The emotions were like a SINE wave...up and down and I enjoyed it very much. Am midway through "the other family" and yes....savouring every page. A reward after the end of a working day;)


Revamping needed for shelf
It's Toosday! And I hope I have some energy left at the end of today to squeeze in some violin practice:) Happy Tuesday everybody

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cheese baked rice

Cheese Baked rice( odd but nice)

Indian version of Hercule Poirot( odd but nice)

Desperate violin practise session

Violin on ottoman on a Sunday afternoon
I have the best violin teacher. She tolerates my lack of practice and encourages us to improve with various tactics. This is her latest; mini concert of all her students on a Sunday afternoon. These pictures ( above and below) were taken during the panic-laden practise session just before leaving home for the concert. The parents were banned from the concert. So was WNN.
Vivace by Teleman( fast and furious)
A great great relief when it was over. I botched up the ending and really played a mediocre rendition of teleman had he been alive, he would have keeled over at bar 4-5. But what this mini concert has achieved is my sudden need to improve fast. So kudos to my violin teacher who organized this and got us to be excited in music all over again.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday update

 I had breakfast at Oldtown Coffee. Last time I was there I still had my ipod touch. ( before I lost it to some undeserving thief at work, may his/her toes ROT) The free wifi meant I stayed long after my meal was finished. 8/10 for the noodles. The coffee was too sweet.
  The pirates of the caribbean is the latest buzz movie-wise. There were props for folks to take pictures at the shopping mall. Loads of people. Everyone seems to own a funky gadget very few SLRs. Majority of people used their phones.
 Isn't this a nice chair? Spotted it at this new shop selling ( wait for it ...) pancakes of all things! I thought the decor didn't suit the product they were selling.
 We had dinner at a Thai restaurant. These are the parents. Both behind the huge menus.
I got this book. My 3rd this week. Which is ridiculous considering the last 2 books are unfinished and left half open on the table. My attention span is bad the last week. Hope it gets better this week. Trollope writes well and I'm looking forward to this book quite a bit.

Anyway this is my Sunday update. Time for bed....and there's work tomorrow. (Bleah)

Friday, May 20, 2011


This evening's dessert!
Two good friends decided to give us a treat. And altogether we had a gathering of 8 people who thoroughly enjoyed the food, the dessert and the company. G10 met G11 and loads of posing with and without food in various permutations were done.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A reminder

Sadness, originally uploaded by nantel.
Life is fragile and precious! Sometimes we take our days for granted and plan our life for moments ahead and forget what is around us. The here and now.I'll take this moment to be thankful for wonderful parents, good sibling, good health, good friends, decent working colleagues, a stable job, a car that works, a place to call home, enough money to splurge on silly things and not worry about the dent on the bank account, the ability to appreciate these good things which surround me daily.

Happy Wednesday everybody. Today I am reminded of our own mortality and the precious life with which we are each blessed with.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nyonya food

 The dinner was a belated celebration for Mother's day. There was  a nyonya restaurant at One Utama in the past but this is new I think. The lighting was crap. The service was slow but oh oh the food was yummy. So despite the initial promise never to return ( done on an empty stomach whilst waiting for food to arrive) when we tucked into the spread we changed our minds.
 Chicken Pongteh which was nice:) I loved the potatoes.
Chinese tea. ( nothing special but I got bored waiting for the food)

Fried tauhu. Well worth having. Very tasty

Beef noodles. The gravy was thick and tasty 

Sorry...this WAS the nyonya platter before I demolished it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two pictures

Laundry nice and clean but err some folding and/or ironing needed.

Ipad and below it a WHOLE book on pleural disease by Light. ( same person as LIGHT's criteria)

June 14th

My fingers stretching painfully
This is the violin exam date. If you've ever failed exams, you will empathise with the feeling of dread and nagging worry as this date gets nearer and nearer. The exact comments from the examiner got lost in the post. ( a good thing otherwise I shan't be able to face my teacher ) I have only my own version of what went wrong. Top of the list was lack of practice. Everything else stems from this so it's not much point expanding on this rather distasteful subject. ( not least because it highlights my negative traits) How I have attempted to rectify this:
1. My violin is no longer in its case but out of it for easy access. It is ( even as I type) sitting on my ottoman together with the bow.
2. The violin and ottoman are placed strategically in the study beside my imac and macbook. This way, surfing the net and playing the violin can be done alternatively leading to more hours on the violin.
3. I practise SLOWLY with enphasis on hitting the right note for ALL notes.
4. I practice regularly (most days) rather than in spurts.
5. I don't hate scales any more.

Happy Saturday everybody. It's a month to my violin exam. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Exam Headache!

 One part of the exam is over:) What a relief! Return to some semblance of normality by the end of the week. Then of course we have the start of the new semester very soon:p

Sunday, May 08, 2011

A new book ( third one in 7 days)

Look what I bought this afternoon before lunch!!!!I love brookefield's style of writing, simple words and the theme is usually ( like this book) family life. I must confess to rushing through her last book spoiling any joy I could have gotten. Mistake won't be repeated with this book. I shall pace myself and savor each paragraph. A short note that tomorrow will be the start of the masters in medicine exam. A harrowing experience best not to be repeated. My good luck wishes to everyone sitting for the exams in whatever form ; clinical, viva, thesis presentation etc.

I almost forgot. Happy mother's day! My celebration will be postponed to next week. Too many things happening this weekend.

Friday, May 06, 2011

A week without blogging

I've been busy and will continue to be so until mid May. But while I'm resting for a breather let me just say I've started my obsession with  D E Stevenson's books by re-reading " Mrs Tim of the Regiment." It is just as good reading or maybe ( in some bits) better reading it the second time. My awful habit of rushing through a book especially towards the end ( rather like sprinting to the finish line.....I know....pointless and spoils the fun of reading but there it is) sometimes leaves me missing the interesting bits. The other updates will now be in point form

1. I have ( since my last blog entry) developed two pimples on my chin. One of which was (until yesterday evening) bigger than the other. I hate them both and am wishing it both away. So far, the wishing hasn't done any good. It remains and in fact as threatened to spread to other bits of the face. It's of the pustular version so you can imagine what I look like.

2. I'm exhausted. And as a result the violin practice has been shelved which means my progress over Easter has now been reversed. Boohoo!

3. I do not have an ipad2. My next MAC purchase will more likely be an Iphone. ( Since iphone has come to celcom...or rather celcom has come to iphone) It will be black. White looks nice but I think black is slightly nicer

4. My hair has grown because I have no time to drive to the shop and sit down for half a morning for a trim. Some mornings the hair turns outwards like a duck's behind and despite furiously brushing it the curve outwards remain. It as annoying.

5. I want more hours to sleep. I firmly believe the two pimples are a direct result of sleep deprivation. Some people get dark rings around the eyes. I get dark rings and pimples.

6. I managed to watch Kate and William getting married live on youtube. I missed their first kiss because I was correcting some papers. *bleah*