Monday, April 17, 2006

Loy Krathong

We missed Songkran ( Water festival ) in Chiang Mai by a week. But they made it up to us by providing us the thrill of our very own Low Kratong. (River Floating Lantern )It's pronounced "gra-tong". Does it pacify the water spirits...and take all the wongdoings away? Mine kinda sank after two seconds I 'm allowed to be crabby some days. Better luck next year I guess.

That night was a gorgeous gorgeous warm evening. There was a slight breeze and we had lit about 30 lanterns and they studded the black night like little torches. You could almost sense a little magic lurking in the air. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Get Lost!

I 'm addicted to "Lost" the first few episodes were scary. At least I thought so. Then again serves me right for watching it alone with all the lights switched off. The bulk of season one was watched in this manner. For season two, I decided to migrate to the hall with the bigger TV for a different effect. Finally settled with watching it whilst ironing clothes. Multi-tasking is the new way to go. Combine one task ( which you HATE ) with something you enjoy and the effect is nullified. You get the job done in half the time. ( Or at least it feels that way ). I cant decide which is my favourite character. Definitely not Anna Lucia. Gosh that lady annoys me. Jack is too good to be true end that Locke spooks me out. Used to really hate Jin...but I see the softer side of him in season two so he's back in favour. I've only one more DVD left ( season two ) ......what next?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good grief!

5 steps from the Hotel entrance and I saw this mighty cute tuk tuk ( took took ) parked on the side. I was seriously tempted to take it for a spin. What stopped me was the thought of being stashed in a seedy jail away from anything decent. I would have looked uber cool riding of of them tuk tuks. Honest!

A neighbourly visit

I am almost ashamed to have to admit to not visiting Thailand until this late age. This despite it being accessible and affordable. So there it is, life's little mysteries.

We arrived right smack in the summer season and so despite it being up north, it was very very very hot.And dry.Not a bead of sweat. I ended up with a migranous headache on the right side of the head which persisted throughout dinner I fell asleep.

There are no FAT people in Thailand. What's their secret. Our local fatties could benefit from the Thai diet.

The books and mags at the airport were priced steeply. After some mental maths ( took a bit of work there...) it came out to be twice what I would have paid for the same book in KL. So you must be rich to read in Thailand. I found a bookstore tucked neatly in between a massage parlour and a gift shop , twas partially hidden by the numerous stalls selling silk scarves...Couldn't get my copy of I had to make do with the story book I'd the foresight to pack with me.

The "took-took" ride back to the hotel was sensational. Screamed part of the way as the tyres hit some bums and pot-holes. Invigorating. It even cured the migraine albeit temporarily. I want a took took for christmas please. Posted by Picasa