Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rain rain go away

We were home for the weekend to attend a wedding. After which time, it drizzled. Here is a picture of the parents. The one rushing to the car to avoid the hair getting wet...and the slightly slower other half with obvious drops of rain on the camera bag. It POURED and thundered the minute we arrived home. And I got a minizap from the lightning when I held the umbrella up from car to gate.


This may happen to you too. Our attempt at getting the banana tart out of the aluminium foil it came in.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Carbonated water

Picture taken from livestrong.com
Hooked on this for the moment. Infusing carbon dioxide into water gives it a rather odd taste and gulping this down takes a bit of effort. You'll hate it at first but it'll grow on you after a bit. I wonder tho...those one pass more gas ...*ponder*

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mind the Gap

And it started oh-so-well!! I had a lovely lead with the letter "J" you can just about see the word at the bottom of the scrabble screen. After which, it went downhill steadily and ending with the "GAP" between winner (meh) and loser. Boohoohoohoohoo. NO names were changed in the picture....as a true sign of humility and humbleness (Grin widely)

Monday, September 19, 2011

The weekend for longchamp spotting

It would appear that I give in too easily sometimes. How else can I explain the fact away....that I spent Sunday afternoon at ( hold your breath and wait for it ) Petaling Street. That's right. The DAD watched a program on tv on the best hokkien mee evah! Situated in front of some building. 3 generations of cooks. And the opening hours was impressive. That program must have had some sublimimal pull because despite not actually remembering the name of the shop, nor the exact location....the DAD persevered and the we eventually sat down at a restaurant which sold hokkien mee. The hokkien mee was mediocre. So it would appear, the DAD has succeeded in leading us to places with crowds in a futile attempt to get the goods. ( read car show trip please and then sympathize with me)

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let me get on with the ROWS of fake longchamp bags I saw. Some of them had some neat stitching but the giveaway is the feel of the canvas. Fake canvas feels smoother, looks shinier and folds in a rather undefined manner.

Those interested to know...the fake ones cost RM 30....and as we walked away, the price came down to RM 25:) I didn't stay on the bargain. My original la pliage and I moved decidedly towards the direction of the carpark and home.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday walk

The red colour caught my eye. Passed this during the post-breakfast walk before having coffee. Happy Sunday everybody. It'll be a Looooong time before we have a long weekend again.

Longchamp replicas

The handles are similar to the original 
Woohoo, look what I found after breakfast this am. some bags reminiscent of a certain more expensive brand. The handles are remarkably similar. Stitching was a little less fine and the printed picture spoiled any chance of it looking posh. Oh dear ....
The original Longchamp makeup clutch 
The real thing, perfect pencil case material. My next purchase.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smurf Village update

Not my village...I'm currently at Level 30
Uploaded the new update which was released in November. I've yet to find Marco smurf and the night scene makes it difficult to locate my butterflies to beep their XP. Harvesting takes just that bit longer too. Of course you can over rule this day/night theme but I won't.Is it just me or do you find the start up slower?

Booksale time!

 Did you know that Georgette Heyer also wrote whodunnits and not just soppy romantic novels? And look at the price of these books. Just RM20....very cheap. I found these yesterday evening at Plaza Damas. The sad thing is, I have them all already...and I didn't buy it for RM20. Booo
This is another series which is not readily available. Last seen at Kinokuniya and it was priced at RM35.80. Here it is at ( guess guess ) RM20.

Modalu bags

While we're on the theme of bags this morning, Allow me to share with you what you may want to buy to look hip and young. I can't say I'm immediately attracted to these but when seen on a certain almost-royal-lady you must agree it looks rather nice. So nice she has it in a few colours. Here are the pictures to prove it. ( The bag comes in black crocodile,oak crocodile, black leatherm brown leather, tan leather, shark and red leather)

How let's just see what so special about this bag.
1. Handles look solid. I suspect the shoulder strap isn't. Just a hunch
2.It can fit the ipad/laptop  and others. After all, its a portfolio bag its meant to.
3. It looks super cool

Pippa Middleton Modalu bags

Would you be seen with this?

This is not a Longchamp La pliage ( obviously) neither is it a Modalu ( Seen enough times on Pippa middleton to be renamed after her...such is the price of fame). It is a shopping bag by Harrods. Let's have a show of hands ( don't be bashful) those of us who own such a bag!! I must confess to almost owning one. Possible ones to tempt me would be:

1.Knightsbridge Map Shopper ( Medium tote) and the a matching mug please
The mug is lovely! 
Bought this fake version in HK for mum
2. And I would also add this to the possible must-haves from the tote-bag range. I had a bag like this ( similar only in material, given to me by my granny many years ago which I used diligently day in and day out. It came with a pencil case and some pencils.
A delicate cream colour and neat lines. Perfect for violin class

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

These macaroons, they are everywhere...

Harrods has jump on the macaroon-bandwagon 
Spotted at a respiratory conference....2 macaroons(bleah) in a rather cute box(yay) 
Spotted at Ikano...en route to eat Steam boat!
I cannot think of anything nice to say about these so best to say nothing at all:)


Ikea's inspiration to mankind 
There are many ways of leaving the duvet and pillows when you get up. And today, I have decided to have the oh-so-slightly messy( but artistic) look. Good morning everybody! I've done the following so far
1. collected my "likes" on fashion story
2. harvested my corn in farm story
3. harvested radishes in Smurf Village
4. Served some cake in something like bakery story ( but it isn't)
5.Played WORDs
6. Brush teeth
7. Got the laundry in. ( Dry as keropok )
8. Had breakfast.

Time for work. Although I feel as if I deserve a break already and its hardly even half seven.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Patience is a virtue

Add caption
 We decided to go to the motorshow. And I use the word "we" loosely. As us womenfolk very rarely choose cars over shoes and jewellery you can pretty much guess who we have to blame for this trip.It started out well, us in high spirits. And the mini traffic as we turned into the Bukit Jalil Stadium was a moving one. Parking was ample and very little people at the carpark giving the impression that the visit would be hassle free. ( if only we knew then what we know NOW)
 The walk towards the white domes positioned just beside the main stadium was nice. Weather turned nice and cool. As we turned the corner we then saw the queue which was very long and snaked around the slight curve of the carpark.
 Of course we joined the queue and walked 3 steps and waited and this cycle was repeated throughout the 45 minutes we were outside. It drizzled. And the mother was terrified the hair would get wet. After a bit of grumbling we found a box for her which she hoisted over her hair and all was at peace.
 We eventually got into one of the white domes. A mad rush to get our LEFT hands stamped like so. And then off we went.
To be greeted with yet ANOTHER queue. At which point, the mother ( who's hair remained relatively dry despite the rain) moaned a little. And I must admit I joined in too. 1.5 hours and still no sight of any car. We eventually saw some cars. An eventful way to spend Sunday afternoon. We drove back in our VERY own VW. Meh!!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Good news!

Taken on the day of the music exam...a few hours before 
The most scary sign of the day

I took the grade 6 exam a year ago and failed. That dented the musical spirit for a few months. But I didn't factor in my teacher being a determined sweet soul who soldiered on and despite failing to dissuade me to repeat this potentially traumatic ( for both her and self) experience, went on to give me extra classes and schedule classes to suit my erratic work schedule. The exam itself had some excruciating flashbacks which made me nervous. I had a jolly time trying to calm the nerves and the first few bars of the first song was played while on auto mode.  This despite being more prepared technically this time around. Nerves I tell you.....are nasty things!!!!!

So a big thank you and I'm very glad not to have disappointed her this year. Grade 6 violin exam passed second attempt:)

Monday, September 05, 2011

You can never have enough kebayas...

Mum in action....
 Explain to me why this is so: When you head out with the intention of buying a certain something, there is a high chance you'ld browse from shop to shop and return home tired and empty-handed. But when you head into a shop and say " I'm not buying anything..I'm browsing", everything seems to look good and when you try it on it first perfectly.Why why why why?
Enough of looking...lemme try it on for size
Guess who walked out of the shop with not ONE but two tops? ( Not me!)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Dahi jendul and new clips

It serves me absolutely right for making fun of the niece for her wide forehead, because I have now proof ( sadly ) that I too am in possession of just a forehead like hers. Picture taken to showcase the lovely brand new hair clips I bought this morning. Aren't they just gorgeous? As for the forehead , I shall have to allow the fringe to cover it in an alluring manner.

Cooking your own dinner

I had steam boat for dinner today. I do not like cooking and I find it offensive that I should pay for cooking my own meal. So no I didn't enjoy dinner. There was some sweat involved and I think I ate a raw fishball or two. The crab stick disintegrated in my bowl due to overestimation of expected cooking time. Like I said ...a lot of hard work.

Who are ' highly people"??

This is a notebook which you can purchase for under RM20. The inside features different themes with some boxes and lines you can write different things in. And you have little poems in small faint letterings for inspiration. Are you "highly" enough for this book I wonder...


A friend's mum gave me these flowers to bring home. There's something about flowers which automatically make the place nicer. If you peek nearer you can just about make out the beads of water. Hope they don't die off just yet.

The weekend before the long Raya break

Just so you know where I was
Spent many hours on Saturday listening to various levels of music. These kids....they're brilliant. And it was inspiring. I came home and played my violin with more emotion and my class on Sunday was better. The teacher said I played with more feeling. ( rather than everything piano ....I had from forte and fortissimo in the song) And I have decided to LIKE "Air in G" after all. Only because the slow bits allowed me to vibrato just about every note! 

The duet  session for kids
Some small kids playing a lovely duet. Don't you just love the little pom poms on their heads?
Datin Dr Siti Hasmah 
Guest of honour sits in front. We got seats in the row behind.
Look carefully for the angry birds!
This mini orchestra played the theme song from "Angry Birds". Enjoyed that a lot.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Would love to hear from anyone else who has tried this shampoo. Totally 100% organic and minimal froth but it promises to do its job ie strip the excess oil off the scalp hence leaving scalp oil-free, clog-free and healthy. These adverts, they promise just about anything short of a new hairstyle right out of a bottle. But because I am THAT sort of gullible person I shall indeed live dangerously and try it this evening. Wish me luck!