Saturday, January 30, 2010

Must watch

Meryl Streep is a good good actress. But I like the future son-in-law best; Harley. A mother of three has been divorced for ten years.  The children are all grown up. Throw in an architect aka Steve Martin and yes things get complicated when the ex-husband falls for the ex-wife who is curious to know whether things are left unsaid. The architect also falls for the same woman. 


Anna, Fair and True said...

So many posts lately, I can't keep up! I want to see this film too!

edina monsoon said...

anna: yes I saw the number of post for last month a whopping 43!!! I suspect because my wii fii works now. So I can blog from any part of the apartment rather than just the study. You're doing great with the iphone tho... ( green green with envy)