Friday, January 22, 2010

Out for lunch on Friday:)

I had an interesting lunch this afternoon at Ibunda ( which means mum in old classic Malay language...correct me if I am wrong). Ibunda is an interesting restaurant. It has some of the features you expect from an old bungalow like high ceilings and really old fashion tiles on the floor.As you walk up the stairs you can a sense that this was once a grand house, occupied possibly by a wealthy family and with a few generations living in the one house. The floors creak as you walk on them, which is nice. Please understand that I am not saying creaky floors are lovely. The creak just adds authenticity to the old-ness of the building. The picture is the drink we were served during lunch. Most of us left it after three to four small sips. I suspect the tadpole lookalike swimming in a sea of red wasn't too appealing. 


syukur said...

was the food good ?
i dun like creaky sound from the floor... reminded me of landslide or any natural disaster ..ha ha

edina monsoon said...

HAHAHHA creaky...= old building full of history. The food WAS good.