Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wonky internet

I wonder whether we are the only ones saddled with a temperamental internet connection service in the entire Klang Valley. This is me, at the end of a frustrating day where all attempts to log on and enter data on the RDC were foiled by the page doing a standstill after logging on and fishing out the file. How annoying is that? Very ...that's the answer. So no, it was not a productive day at all. I did little work. And this was no fault of mine. Plans for today include, making a list of alternative things to do should the internet ( very likely ) connection cease to function completely. ( There is no sound-proof room at lugging the violin to work and squeezing in a spot of practise ..sadly is not a feasible alternative to work.) Oh well, looks like I'll have to sit down and tidy up the mess in the room and prepare some lecture slides.

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