Thursday, February 18, 2010

Henrietta's War

This is my third book in the Bloomsbury Group series. The first being Miss Hargreaves and the second Mrs Tim of the Regiment. Henrietta's war is a series of letters written by Henrietta who is a doctor's wife. ( It is not one of those doctor books like AJ Cronin or James Heriott) She writes about her village and the invasion ( or what they see as an invasion ) of Londoners who turn up their noses at the villagers and how they cope with the war. There is a underlying tone of sadness that her children are away from her but oh boy, it is a good book. It chronicles the daily doings in the village with a generous helping of light hearted humour in the shape of Lady B. ( And Hitler gets a mention every once in a while too) Borders seems to be the only decent bookstore in town which has most of the books in this series. 


Kimberly said...

I just finished "Henrietta's War" as well. Henrietta wasn't my favorite character, but I did really enjoy reading about life in Britian during WWII.

edina monsoon said...

Thanks for dropping by. Yes life during the war must have been different. It reminds me of the long standing Australian sitcom " The Sullivans" which had a background of the war in their daily lives.