Sunday, February 07, 2010

The last weekend before Chinese New Year

It's nearly 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. I'm rather pleased with myself, having woken up early, gone for Mass and completed some errands with some gorgeous buys thrown in for good measure. Here's a list of things I bought

1. La Mer Eye balm
3. A hair clip from Axeezz in the shape of a treble cleft.
4. Inner wear ( from the vouchers gained from purchasing item number one)
5. Four books from Borders
  • The Brontes Went To Woolworths
  • Henrietta's War
  • Fun and Games at Malory Towers
  • Goodbye Malory Towers
6. Three books from MPH Midvalley
  • Secrets at Malory Towers
  • New Term at Malory Towers
  • Winter term at Malory Towers
Kek Lapis the ones tightly wrapped in plastic and a box of pineapple tarts for Thursday's bible class at St John's. ( yes my turn to get the grub...and I hope there aren't too many diabetics in the group) Now wouldn't you agree this has been a very productive Sunday for me so far? I am currently taking a well earned rest at home with the air conditioned switched on. 

* picture taken this morning at the Gardens while waiting for Borders to open their doors to the public.


hazyr said...

Happy Chinese New Year in advance.. Hope you'll get a good rest in between eating marathon and visiting friends and families! ;)

edina monsoon said...

Thank you thank you. Will be off for the whole week. Whoopee! I will be resting and practising the violin. Exam tak lama lagi...aduh