Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A selection of food from Alexis

Fried Mee Hoon. ( the taste is forgettable.)
Stuffed squid. It has a posh name. It took a whole 3 minutes to adjust to the rubbery texture. In fact I've just decided I don't like this very much. Probably won't order it again. Ever!

Mushrooms with balsamic vinegar. I guess this was ok.Can't think of anything else to write about it.Except maybe that I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. Disappointing. I couldn't tell you what I expected so it wasn't that it didn't live up to expectations. More that it failed to leave a nice warm feeling as I chomped my way through this. It left no feeling at all. 
Now THIS you must try. None of the soggy half crunch crap you're served in most restaurants. This is crunchy, piping hot and the stuffing is yummy.The sauce they served it with could be better. I have a personal preference for the Maggi Chilli Garlic sauce. YUM!

Burger...Alexis style. It has blue cheese in it so what's there not to like. I would have it again. In fact I nearly did last night, but I chose the steak sandwich instead. Don't ask me why. 

This is the steak sandwich. Comes with nice hefty sized wedges in a bowl. If you plan to have this, don't ask for the steak to be well done. My jaws ached when I got home and I wondered why..until now.
Very nice. I remember now, when I was eating it, I thought it was nicer than Madame Kwan's version. All pictures are taken at Alexis at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Which has since been  refurbished. Parking was next to impossible yesterday evening. I took 25 minutes ( possibly less in actual fact but oh boy it felt THAT long). to get a spot. The refurbishment includes an annexed off carpark which is where I parked. 


letti said...

after so many years abroad, the only pic that made my mouth water was the chicken rice. Man, what would I do for some nasi lemak, mamak mee goreng, roti chanai etc right now. BLEH

edina monsoon said...

Please add maggi goreng to the list:) I'm addicted and must have my fix at least 3X/week. I bet it's full of calories. How else to explain the slight tightening of the skirts. :(

yoong khean said...

im in love with Alexis's roast duck breast and the Tiramisu cake.

Shall we make Alexis as the next makan meeting place? :D

edina monsoon said...

YK: waah can can. That's a brilliant idea. So After CNY yah?