Sunday, February 21, 2010

A sore arm

I decided against hoovering. A layer of dust can only be satisfactorily removed by wiping with one of those super absorbent clothes ( the ones used to dry the car after a wash ) done on your knees and seeing the goo as you wash it off at the sink. There is now, a hint of ajax wash lingering in the air. That and the fact I'm all cleaned as well makes me happy.

Things I've learnt during the chinese new year break.
1. If you have an old broom, it defeats the purpose of cleaning by doing exactly the opposite.
2. Melt-in-your mouth Kuih Bangkit is hard to make.
3. One small bottle of colouring is enough to make THAT shade of blood red so desired in red velvet.
4. Buttermilk is made with milk and lime/cider, the chemical reaction does something to it. Curdle it I think.
5. Finding those special eggs on hatclings needs perseverance and a WHOLE lot of luck.
6. If you do nothing else the whole day, the maximum eggs you may collect is 500+ before the wrist hurst and you get sick of it.
7. If ( like me ) you get stuck in the kitchen for a good one and a half hours ( as a way of avoiding guests) you can be very productive and clean table tops, cupboards and fridge doors.
8. That blasted machine called the metronome is no longer my enemy. By keeping time, I have improved my intonation somewhat.
9. Watching youtube videos of the vibrato is informative. I can now do a vibrato. And it doesn't sound like a constipated cat any more.
10. The best weddings to attend are the Malay ones. The other races have this disgusting habit of making you wait up to an hour for your food. ( Malaysian time stinks )

picture from Holiday and seasons

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