Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who is Pamela Cox??

This is the cover of my version of Malory Towers by E. Blyton. ( Circa 1986) Darrell Rivers, Sally Hope, Gwendoline, those names ring any bells yet? A week ago, I found a continuation of Malory Towers written by Pamela Cox. And this morning, I am reading my final book ( in my stash ) by Cox. I feel I now am in a position to say, these Cox-Blyton books are just as good as the original ones. Cox weaves in characters from the original series and brings them back to the school. This time, the series revolves around Darrell's little sister Felicity. The verdict is a resounding YES to whether these books are worth buying. 


verity said...

I've read these - they were quite entertaining, but for me didn't quite live up to Blyton - probably mainly because I was reading them for the first time as an adult when they are really aimed at younger readers. But good fun

edina monsoon said...

I bought this thinking" wouldn't be nice surely". But I enjoyed the way Cox had a little mystery in each book and she would reveal it only at the end. That ke:)pt me reading on.