Monday, March 08, 2010

How was your weekend?

Picture is of Ah Tuan Ee restaurant at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara which is where we were on Sunday. Along with us, were possibly about 75% of the folks from klang valley. The lure = Ikea sale. We saw folks with them push trolleys which are flat piled with odd looking boxes smugly pushing thier wares to their cars. The loading and unloading area ( I always confuse the two ) had a trail of cars. And more importantly, we drove about quite a bit before we found a parking spot tucked in a little nook just beside a pillar. What did we buy? Nothing from Ikea. The apartment already has more than it's fair share of furniture. Tucking in more would seem unkind. I borrowed a chair from home recently having found it the perfect chair for violin practice.  It's got arm rest just the right when your arms get tired after a bit of scales you may ( it's wrong I know ) rest them temporarily. I'm very happy with the chair. And mum is very happy she has more space at home. She tried in vain to off load a table to me as well. 

What I did do, was to test my dad's new camera. Pssst...I don't care much for it. The G10 still wins hands down. 


yoong khean said...

what camera did your dad buy? eheh

edina monsoon said...

A VERY good question. I have no idea except to say it was slightly bulkier than the G10. The zoom wasn't as good. And I had some trouble getting used to the knobs. So I returned it to him at the end of the day. Will ask...and let you know