Thursday, March 18, 2010

An interesting read

The original "Parent Trap" story can be found here. Found tucked in between a pile of nancy drew books in a second hand bookstore in town. First published in Germany in 1949. And if you find the author vaguely familiar, he's the same person who wrote " Emil and the detectives" Speaking of books, allow me to deviate and announce " the TIME bookstore sale" is on currently at Plaza Damas Hartamas. Don't rush there in a hurry because the selection is a sad one. And the discount miminal. It was almost an insult to have to wade through books to find out-dated books on how to utilise your ipod fully as well as a large selection of unknown authors ...who should remain firmly unknown and should be punished for inflicting such painful ugly books for us to read. At least one table was filled with new titles. Cecelia Ahern and the shopaholic series dominated that scene. Discounts hardly worth mentioning. 

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